New York State Approves Limited Casino Sports Betting

New York State Approves Limited Casino Sports Betting

The governing body’s approval has set the wheels-in-motion for the casinos on the pathway to having sports-betting licenses rubber-stamped sometime this summer, and to be ready for a full-scale launch just in time for the biggest sports wagering period of the year when the NFL season proper begins in September.

With the commission’s approval, the new regulations now need to be published in the New York State Register. Once published, the commission would then have to approve the licenses for each casino accordingly.

When can you wager on sports in New York State?

The sports books – betting lounges in existing land-based casinos – are all currently under construction. As we have discussed, the regulations have been approved.

Ready yourselves for the next step in the process.

Sometime this summer, if you reside in, or are visiting the Empire State of New York, you should be able to put your money down on the outcomes and action on football (college and NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA, Men’s World Championships), hockey (NHL), auto racing (NASCAR, Formula 1 and Indy Cars), soccer (MLS and European Football) and other major sports like UFC, MMA, PGA Golf and Tennis.

NY beats 36 other states to the Legalized Sports Betting Punch

With the rules for sports betting established, the State of New York has become only the 14th state to legalize some form of sports betting. Thirteen other U.S. states have already done so since a May 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992 (PASPA), a federal law that had effectively limited sports books to only four states that previously introduced some form of sports betting prior to that year.

Most industry experts are suggesting that New York State sports books should be up and running by August 1, a conservative estimate ahead of the upcoming NFL and college football seasons.

The rules approved at the state gaming commission’s recent New York City meeting will place some limits on the Empire State’s sports bettors;

  • New York State’s players will only be able to place wagers in person in the sports lounges at the state’s four new commercial (non-Tribal) casinos, or potentially at the region’s seven full-service Tribal casinos.
  • Just as the law requires on sports bettors in neighboring New Jersey, sports bettors are also prohibited from placing wagers on New York college teams, or on collegiate events taking place within the Empire State lines.

Last-ditch attempt to get NY Online Sports Betting approved in the summer of 2019

New York State lawmakers are still working on some bills to revise the rules and make the State’s sports betting more user friendly and more manageable.

Most significantly, State Legislators are working round-the-clock to agree to a proposal to allow online sports betting through smartphones, mobile devices or home computers. However, the clock is winding down to get that law approved in 2019. The online sports betting provision must be approved by June 19, when the 2019 State Legislature session ends for the year, and then gain approval from Governor Andrew Cuomo (who has previously voiced his opposition to online sports betting).

Miss the date this summer, and New York may well have to wait until January 2020 for online sports betting. However, with Pennsylvania recently allowing the practice, seasoned observers are counting on state rivalries to provide a positive outcome for New York’s sports betting industry.