NJ Visa Sportsbooks are ubiquitous in the Garden State as every online sportsbook offers the use of Visa Card in some form.  Sports betting sites that accept Visa all offer Visa deposits and some of NJ’s Visa sportsbooks even employ the use of your Visa Card for sports wagering winnings payouts.  Visa Credit & Debit Cards are the most universally available and common in the online sports wagering industry today. Check out the most up-to-date list of available Visa Sportsbooks in NJ

New Jersey Online Sportsbook Accepts Visa
888Sport Visa Accepted
SugarHouse Visa Accepted
Unibet Visa Accepted
Ocean Online Sportsbook Visa Accepted
FanDuel Visa Accepted
BetMGM Visa Accepted
Caesars Visa Accepted
Borgata Visa Accepted
DraftKings Visa Accepted
Fox Bet Visa Accepted
PointsBet Visa Accepted
William Hill Visa Accepted
TheScore Bet Visa Accepted
Hard Rock Visa Accepted
Resorts Online Sportsbook Visa Accepted
BetAmerica Visa Accepted
Golden Nugget Visa Accepted
Bet365 Visa Accepted
Bally’s Visa Accepted
Harrah’s Visa Accepted
CG Technology Visa Accepted


What is Visa?

Visa is a widely-known brand and the most common online sportsbook payment method across the world including here at NJ Visa Sportsbooks.

The widespread use of sports betting sites that accept Visa in the Garden State is hardly surprising as it is an American-based company.

Visa-branded credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and even Visa gift cards are all readily available from New Jersey’s banks and credit agencies. As such, the state’s online sports bettors all have ready-made access for application to the most widely accepted sportsbook payment method globally. Some sportsbooks even offer their own branded Visa Cards for instant access to your winnings that can either be conveniently used to access cash from ATMs or spend at your local and online stores, or even use your winnings to pay for goods and services when you visit other countries.

Given its popularity and easy global access, Visa also offers you flexible payment plans. Pay your account in full every month and don’t pay interest, or minimize your interest payments by paying more than the minimum monthly installments on your monthly account. Flexibility is the key and visa sportsbooks in NJ are happy to provide the service.

Visa Safety & Security

Visa Cards provide a range of security features to your payments at NJ’s Visa sportsbooks resulting in safe and secure payment solutions. Visa cards usually require inputting a unique 3 number pin code for any online purchases. Further security offerings like a code is sent by text message to confirm your payment make Visa online payments even more secure. Online sportsbooks deposits are simply not possible without access to the registered phone for the SMS codes or the unique 3-digit card identifier code.

What’s more, Visa doesn’t hold the owner of a card accountable for any unauthorized transactions in case of a card being stolen or lost. In this scenario, the funds are usually returned without question, however, check the terms and conditions of your Visa Card provider.

The best way for the ultimate Visa Card transaction security is to connect the card to a cell phone. Notifications are then provided for every Visa transaction, retail or online, and mobile banking apps can assist you in tracking transactions instantly and watching your Visa card balance.

Sometimes, as an extra layer of security, Visa offers tokenization for safer online payments. The Visa user can use a unique token that represents the card, rather than enter the actual card information on the online sportsbook. The unique digital token cannot be reused and no other personal information is shared with NJ Visa Sportsbooks.

How to make a Visa Deposit

Click on your favorite online sportsbook, log-in to your sports wagering account and navigate through to the banking section, and select ‘Visa’ as your payment deposit option.

  • Choose your deposit amount
  • Select the ‘Next’ button and follow the instructions on screen
  • Enter the card details. The details can be found on the card or your digital token if using one. Deposits are usually a minimum of $10 at most online sportsbooks (some are $20, but check for details), and generally, no fees are charged by the sportsbook.
  • Confirm the payment.
  • For additional security, Visa cardholders may need to enter a unique code for each transaction that is most often sent by text message or by email.

Visa Deposit Time

Visa Sportsbooks in NJ all offer instant Visa card deposit processing times. Once the online sportsbook confirms your payment, you’re all set to begin placing your winning sports wagers.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Visa

Not all sports betting sites that accept Visa for deposits may accept Visa for withdrawals as well. Check with your online sportsbook for details. Where you can, it is usually only possible to withdraw to a Visa card if the name and personal details match the ones used for the original online sportsbook deposit. If you used your Visa card to deposit, you may possibly be able to use it to withdraw using the following steps;

  • Choose Visa as your online sportsbook withdrawal option.
  • Select ‘Withdrawal’
  • Add your Visa Card details and choose the amount you would like to withdraw.
  • Hit ‘Continue’.
  • Check your withdrawal details and click on ‘Submit’ or ‘Withdraw’ depending on your online sportsbooks’ set-up.

Visa Withdrawal Time

Most Visa card withdrawals are usually processed by your online sportsbook within one business day. However, it may take some extra days for the bank to approve the payment and release the funds to your account.  Usually, withdrawals are completed within a maximum of five business days.

Visa Customer Service

Check with you Visa Card’s issuing bank or credit agency customer service support line in the first instance, not the online sportsbook.

If you are unsure of where or how to contact, please consult the U.S. Visa Card assistance center if you are unsure:

  • Visa Card Phone Support Line: 1-800-396 9665

Advantages of using Visa

NJ Visa Sportsbooks offer range of advantages to become your online sportsbook of choice;

  • Visa is accepted everywhere for online sportsbook transactions.
  • Instant online sportsbook deposit confirmations – no waiting to place your sports wagers.
  • High level of security for sports betting sites that accept Visa.
  • Visa Card Deposits are usually fee-free.
  • Visa is familiar to most online sports bettors and most players will have access to a Visa Card.

Disadvantages of using Visa

  • Withdrawals are not as quick as other online sportsbook payout methods.
  • Visa Card Users are required to enter card details on online sportsbooks.

Transfer methods into your Visa Account

E-Transfer Funds from your bank account In-person transfer of funds from your bank account Recurring Direct Deposit into your Visa account
Visa Accepted Visa Accepted Visa Accepted


Visa Online Sportsbooks Payment Method FAQs

  • Is Visa the Best Option for Payments to NJ's Online Sportsbooks

    Visa is probably the most popular online payment option for online sports betting in NJ and is accepted by all of New Jersey’s online sportsbooks. Card Holder Rewards vary between the credit agencies and banks such as credit limits, loyalty points etc.

  • Can I also use Visa when depositing at a New Jersey Online Sportsbook?

    Yes. All of New Jersey’s online sportsbooks accept Visa as a payment option.

  • Are my Details Safe When Depositing with Visa?

    Yes. Visa offers extensive fraud protection and can stop payments and freeze your account if you suspect someone has fraudulently accessed your Visa Card. Only placing your sports wagers on licensed and regulated NJ Visa Sportsbooks (see above) is key to your safety and security.

  • Will I Need to Pay Fees When Depositing to NJ Visa Sportsbooks?

    Usually, no. However, any fees that you usually pay when using your Visa Card may apply, check with your bank or other card issuer. Most Visa Sportsbooks in NJ will not charge you extra for depositing by Visa Card.

  • Do Most of NJ's Sports Betting Sites Accept Visa

    Yes, all of NJ's Sports Betting Sites Accept Visa for Deposits and Withdrawals