Can the Steelers Win the Super Bowl in 2021? Odds & More

Two games ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the favorite sports franchise in Pennsylvania, were sitting pretty at 11-0, contemplating the possibilities of one of the rarest things in professional sports, a perfect NFL regular reason. However, with back-to-back losses to Washington and the Bills, the Steelers are once again looking like mere mortals, not the gods who ran rough shod over all comers across the first ten weeks of the NFL season.

Now, Pittsburgh sit nervously at 11-2 and in real danger of not even winning the AFC North which seemed unthinkable just 3 short weeks ago. The flipside is of course, that the Steelers now offer a little more betting value when it comes to taking out Super LV.

Yes, the Steelers maybe a little out of sync and depending too much on short passing and defense while missing a quality running game. The fact remains this Steelers team did not get to 11-2 by accident and they still have the depth and quality to go all the way and win the Big Dance in February 2021.

What are the Steelers Super Bowl LV winning odds?

FanDuel Sportsbook  currently has the Pittsburgh Steelers at +1300 odds currently level with the Bills (+1300), and behind the Rams (+1000), the Saints (+700), the Packers (+700) and the defending Kansas City Chiefs (+195) to win Super Bowl LV in February.

Meanwhile, at SugarHouse Sportsbook, the following odds are available for futures Super Bowl LV betting;

  • Kansas City Chiefs (+180)
  • Green Bay Packers (+650)
  • New Orleans Saints (+700)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+1100)
  • Buffalo Bills (+1200) and;
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+1300)

Whichever way you look out at it, those numbers have flipped a little in the last two weeks on the back of the Steelers last 2 results. Two weeks ago, the Steelers were at +500.

Why the Steelers are still good Super Bowl betting value

Of course, there are concerns in Pittsburgh over the lack of a quality running game and Ben Roethlisberger battling knee injuries and is needing to throw the football far too much for a 37-year-old that has come off of recent elbow surgery.

While he is throwing the ball a lot more, Roethlisberger’s productivity as a passer is waning across his last four starts. He is completing 65.3% of his passes with a 90.3 quarterback rating at an average of 5.97 yards per attempt. Before that, Roethlisberger had a 101.8 quarterback rating averaging 7.34 yards per attempt and completing 68% of his passes.

However, there are silver linings. Given there is now little chance of securing a first-round playoffs bye, the Steelers can afford to rest some of their stars and still make it through to playoff football.

Whatever the result of the Bengals game and without fans in the stadiums throughout the playoffs, home field advantage is not what it is usually is at this time of year.

Resting many starters for half of the Indianapolis Colts game and all of the Cleveland Browns game may result in Steelers losses and move Pittsburgh down the AFC leader boards.

However, the Steelers could be a better playoff team well rested and healthy playing away, rather than playing burnt out at home. A rest could do them all the world of good. A well-rested Pittsburgh Steelers team could be a dangerous floater in the playoffs that no other team will relish in meeting.

However, there is confidence around for the Steelers.

BetMGM sportsbook, expected to launch in Pennsylvania any day now, right now in neighboring New Jersey has the Steelers at +600 to win the AFC with only the Chiefs ahead of them at -125, while you’ll receive odds of +1100 for The Steelers to win Super Bowl LV with BetMGM.