PA’s Barstool Sportsbook to Launch Nationwide in 2021

Sports bettors in Pennsylvania were the first in the nation to enjoy Barstool Sportsbook and are quickly turning it into a roaring success story, as the sportsbook beat all opening weekend records recently in the Keystone State. The Barstool Sportsbook App enjoyed as many as 21 000 downloads a day since its debut weekend in September, has to date launched solely in Pennsylvania, with plans to expand to Michigan next month pending breaching that state’s final legislative hurdles.

On the back of that success at home here in Pennsylvania, the Penn National partnered company is looking to launch in every single legal sports betting state in 2021.

The Barstool Sportsbook Expansion Announcement

In a recent Fox Business interview, Penn National Gaming Chief Executive Officer Jay Snowden announced the Barstool plans to spread the wings of the Barstool Sportsbook app to every state where sports betting is legal by the end of 2021, including many states yet to formally launch.

“As you get into 2021, I think you should expect for us to be in every state that’s legal, where we operate and can launch by the end of 2021,” Snowden said. “We’ll be in well over a dozen states by the end of the calendar year.” He excited explained.

Why Barstool is set to explode Nationwide

Barstool Sportsbook has plenty of ammunition at its disposal to become a leader in whichever state market it chooses to do business in.

The Penn National partnership is crucial to that success with the PA company bringing a wealth of sports betting industry know-how to Barstool, while Barstool itself has a readily established customer base and national profile that traditional sportsbooks can only dream of.

Barstool’s brand awareness and following is just as passionate as it is numerous — numbering 8.8 million alone on Instagram, approximately 5 million on Facebook, and another 2.5 million on Twitter. The Barstool Sports News App throws in another 66 to 90 million users (depending whose statistics you prefer to believe, either are huge numbers) to that mix.

The enormous majority of those followers are young males, a demographic open and enthusiastic about sports betting or, according to the marketing gurus, could become enthusiastic about sports betting with little more required than a gentle nudge to translate them into full-time sports bettors and regular sportsbook users. Barstool is not averse to doing things differently, in fact, they love to cast themselves as the rebels in a pack of traditional sportsbooks. It’s a disruptor mentality that sells itself to the young male demographic who lap up the message of the Barstool profile.

The Barstool Sportsbook ‘Bad Boy Image’

Barstool will never be everyone’s cup of tea and there will even be a number of sportsbook users who will always refuse to use the Barstool product. However, the backlash appears set to have the opposite effect on Barstool users than the intended one, as industry expert Chris Grove of Eilers & Krejic Gaming explains;

“That backlash is a piece of weight on the scale. On the other side is the culture and the community that actually draws strength from that backlash. It’s an interesting dynamic.

The people that don’t like Barstool create an ‘other’ and help to define the Barstool community and give it an identity, and strengthen it in some way. Penn’s hope is that the force of that culture, the fact that fans of the brand draw some part of their identity from the brand, will keep people engaged, even in the absence of traditional re-engagement tactics like aggressive marketing spend.”

Barstool Sportsbook coming soon to dominate in a legal sportsbook state near you.