Pennsylvania Online Casinos Smash Records in February 2020

Pennsylvania Online Casinos smash records in February 2020

Online casino revenue in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania carried on with its amazing growth trend of double-digit percentage jumps month-on-month in February 2020, according to statistics prepared by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).

Breaking down PA’s record online gaming numbers

In staggering numbers reported in February of 2020, revenue from Pennsylvania’s online casinos increased by an astonishing 39.6% over January 2020, which in itself was up a monster 31.4% compared to December 2019.

The overall gross revenue from online slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and other online casino games this February totaled almost $19.5 million. The PGCB monthly report saw the revenue break down amount to just over $9.6 million for online slots, come in around $8 million from online casino table games. Online poker, with only the one licensed PA operator, brought in a cool $1.8 million.

Another highlight in the PA numbers were the total bets placed since online gambling went live in the state hitting an enormous $2.4 billion. Online Casino table games and online slots each crossed the $1 billion mark in the same month in February 2020, with the table games comprising 55% of total online casino wagers to date in the Keystone State.

Future numbers in coming months will also illustrate the importance of online gaming in the Pennsylvania economy, in terms of jobs and tax revenue for social and health services, especially since Pennsylvanians have now been ordered to stay healthy and stay home. Just how long closures will last is yet unclear, but what is clear is that the online gaming sector will help Pennsylvania come out the other side in good shape.

FanDuel leading the way in PA

 Already the clear market leader in online sports betting in the Keystone State, FanDuel was the standout in online casino numbers in PA in February. It is clear that the crossover marketing and convenience of having FanDuel Sportsbook, Online Casino and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is breaking through with Pennsylvania’s bettors.

After a much-celebrated launch on January 24 in collaboration with the Valley Forge Casino, FanDuel bounced out of the online casino blocks totaling $94 million in wagers in a mere 8 days to close out the month.

That kind of growth has continued in February with FanDuel leading the way followed by Sugarhouse also performing solidly in clear second place. Even more incredible for FanDuel is that has recorded such a great result in its first full month (clearly first) despite having one of the smallest online casino game libraries.

Other star performer was Parx online casino, up 43% for the month, primarily driven up by a whopping 61% revenue increase on the online casino’s slots.

Pennsylvania Up – New Jersey Down

What comes as interesting news in the wake of the incredible Pennsylvanian numbers, is that for the same month, neighboring New Jersey had a slight decrease in its revenue numbers.

New Jersey’s online casinos and poker sites took in a combined $52 million in February 2020, a slight decrease from January 2020’s record $55 million revenue result in the Garden State. That said, New Jersey was also up year-on-year from by almost 64% compared to February 2019.

While it might just be a blip for New Jersey, who is say that it is not a flattening out and spreading the online casino business more evenly among the Mid-Atlantic states. Or is Pennsylvania the sleeping giant that many gaming industry experts have been saying it is all along?

Whichever way you look it, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are leading the way for the rest of the online casino gaming nation to follow.