PlayPause Responsible Gaming Technology coming to PA

Geoprotection technology company Geocomply has announced the launch of its PlayPause multi-state responsible gambling tool using its unique tracing technology, to coincide with the recent Responsible Gaming Education Week. And the good news is that Pennsylvania will be one of the first states to benefit from the cutting-edge technology that should significantly strengthen the effectiveness of the online sports wagering industry’s responsible gaming programs.

Elizabeth Lanza, Director of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s Compulsive and Problem Gambling Department welcomed the news of the PlayPause launch;

“Pennsylvania is pleased to be at the forefront of a new responsible gaming tool, designed to strengthen consumer protection and take self-exclusion programs in a new direction.”

PlayPause to be free to PA Online Sportsbooks & Casinos

PlayPause will be made available free of charge to online sports betting and online casino operators through a brand-new not-for-profit company, ‘Conscious Gaming’.
Geocomply chairman and co-founder, Anna Sainsbury said in announcing the new product;

“At Geocomply, we’re always looking for ways to leverage technology in a meaningful and responsible way. PlayPause is not only an important compliance tool, but a way we can unite the industry and regulators to deepen their shared commitment to responsible gaming and consumer protection.”

The PlayPause tool by Geocomply will:

  • Expand the extent of the self-exclusion bubble. Online casino players and online bettors will be protected as they move from state-to-state. In essence, their requested protection will be able to move with them.
  • With the technology, online bettors can now self-exclude across multiple states thereby preventing the possibility of simply crossing a state line to place their wagers.
  • Operators will be able to bolster their responsible gaming programs and make decisions based on data that their bettors and players have self-excluded in one state and will be protected if looking to place wagers in another.
  • Disentangle administration of competing numerous and separate state-operated self-exclusion databases and streamline the process to work more efficiently.
  • Simplify compliance obligations for online sportsbooks and online casinos by managing their responsible gaming and geolocation tools from the same technology platform.

National plaudits for PlayPause ahead of Launch

Keith Whyte, the National Council on Problem Gambling’s Executive Director applauds the Play Pause move from Geocomply;

“Creating a multi-state self-exclusion tool has long been a goal of all stakeholders that are committed to responsible gaming. The NCPG applauds the creation of PlayPause – this is a prime example of how technology and innovation can be leveraged to advance consumer protection and foster a more effective responsible gaming framework across the gambling and sports betting industries.”

Easy for Online Sportsbooks & Casinos = Better Service For You

With the introduction of this ground breaking responsible gaming technology, the PlayPause breakthrough is direct evidence of the Geocomply’s engagement in supplying customer-focused ingenious market-leading solutions to streamline compliance within the requirements of conflicting state government approaches and their customized regulatory requirements.

By choosing to adopt the brand new PlayPause technology alongside their existing Geocomply geolocation compliance tools, online sportsbooks across Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States are now able to significantly streamline their compliance obligations in whatever jurisdiction they choose to do business by implementing both their responsible gaming and geolocation platforms from the same back office.

Omer Sattar, Executive Vice-President and co-founder and EVP at Sightline Payments, online sportsbook and casino payments digital commerce platform rounded out the industry conversation;

“This is a key step to advance all stakeholders’ interest in strengthening consumer protection and providing safeguards to ensure that all gaming products are enjoyed in a responsible way.”