Unibet launches Philadelphia Eagles themed Casino Games

Unibet is one of the most popular online casino and sports wagering brands in Pennsylvania, and clearly, they have achieved that loyal following by not being afraid of innovation and doing things just a little differently.

In that vein, Unibet has created an industry first by launching the first ever professional sports themed online casino in the U.S. It’s an innovation made possible by the sports gaming company expanding its partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team to include not only the Unibet sportsbook, but also the company’s Pennsylvania online casino brand.

Directly after expanding the partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles to both include both the Unibet Online Casino and the Unibet Sportsbook, the European gaming giant provided the Keystone State of Pennsylvania it’s unique Blackjack game, the first time a casino game is licensed with a professional sports team theme in the United States. The “Eagles Blackjack” game has been made available on the Unibet Online Casino mobile app and the online casino site for customers physically located in the Keystone State.

However, if that wasn’t enough there’s a Philadelphia Eagles online slots game – “Eagles Online Slot” – coming too, to be launched later in the year.

The Eagles & Unibet thrilled with the Ground-Breaking New Product

The Eagles’ Blackjack online casino game is already live in the Unibet Online Casino in the Keystone State and has been met with a plethora of excellent game reviews from fascinated sports and casino fans alike.

The blackjack game boasts Eagles-themed cards, an Eagles-themed table, and the font in the game is specifically designed to match that on the Eagles jerseys. For a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan (and there are plenty of them), it’s like they have died and gone to heaven.

Of course, it’s all taking place in the Unibet Online Casino, which shares the same platform as the Unibet sportsbook. You are just a click away from the convenience of being able to wager your Eagles Blackjack winnings directly on The Philadelphia Eagles next NFL game (or vice versa), as the two sites share the same bankroll.

“The partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles is truly special and this is a great testimony of how two perfectly aligned organizations can deliver fantastic innovative products for their fans and customers. I am extremely proud of the work done by both teams to release the first ever professional themed sports casino game in the United States, and this is just the beginning”, Manuel Stan, Senior Vice President of Kindred US (Unibet’s parent company and software provider) announced in a news release.

Catherine Carlson, Senior Vice President, Revenue and Strategy, Philadelphia Eagles also spoke glowingly of the innovative cross-over hybrid gaming product;

“We are excited to collaborate with a forward-thinking partner like Unibet whose innovation continues to create new and exciting online opportunities for our fans,” “As the online gaming industry continues to emerge and expand in the marketplace, our partnership with Unibet takes us to a whole new level and allows us to be on the forefront of industry firsts, such as being featured in the country’s first professional sports-themed casino game.”

What the Unibet Pro Sports Theme Games mean for the future

Looking ahead, we should reasonably expect to see many more partnerships going ahead between professional sports teams and dual-branded sportsbook/online casino companies. With sports betting now legal in Pennsylvania, stakeholders in both professional sports and gaming companies have understood and acted quickly, recognizing the importance of an integrated multi-media approach.

These types of agreements have a range of possible positive benefits that scope from increasing the bottom line of both partners, increasing fan engagement and information sharing with friends, family and work colleagues, and expanding betting activity and underlining higher revenues.

Watch this space for surely more of these game selections to be released in the Keystone State soon.