Gambling in Hawaii


Gambling Laws in Hawaii are relatively strict, prohibiting wagering on horse-or-dog-races and gambling in casinos of any kind. Only Utah has gambling laws as strict as Hawaii and no sports betting, no casinos, no lottery, nor online casinos exist.

In good news, gambling in Hawaii does on-the-other-hand allow for legal social poker home games as long as no-one profits (even from selling beverages or food).

Hawaii Casino Gambling

As for casinos, there is not a single land-based casino in the island state of Hawaii, nor is gambling on cruise ships out of Hawaii legal either for the time being.

Other than certain forms of “social gambling” in which the house takes no profit either directly or indirectly through fees, food sales, entertainment charges, etc., to operate an illegal casino comes with strict laws and state enforcement.

It is worthwhile-to-note that in Hawaii, it is also considered a crime to participate in casino gambling as a player. Section §712-1223 of the Hawaiian State Statute considers it a misdemeanor offense for a person to knowingly participate in any casino gambling activity. Possible punitive punishment for a casino gambling misdemeanor in the state of Hawaii is up to a maximum of 1 year in jail and fines to a maximum of $2000.

Online Casinos in Hawaii

Online Casino betting at online establishments like those among the best online casinos in NJ, is also illegal in the Aloha State. It is illegal for ‘anyone to accept or place wagers or host poker or other casino games over the internet for residents.’

Poker in Hawaii

Live Poker can’t be enjoyed legally in Hawaii for the purposes of gambling for real money.

Poker Rooms

While Poker Rooms and legal casinos are definitely not part of the Island State’s attractions, Hawaii’s residents and visitors can take part in social ‘home’ poker games as long as no-one is making a financial benefit (by gambling, charging entrance fees, or selling drinks and food) by hosting the games.

Online Poker Laws

Online Poker is a still unavailable for Hawaii’s online players at this time. For an in-depth explanation on the legal status of all online gambling in Hawaii, please refer to the above section on ‘Online Casinos in Hawaii’.

History of Online & Land-Based Gambling in Hawaii

1883-1914; Horse Racing at Kapioloania Park Racetrack.

1939; Horse Racing at Oahu Jockey Club.

1939-1949; Horse Racing at Kailua Racetrack.

1959; Legal attempts to revive Horse Racing fail.

2011; Poker rejected as a Game of Skill in Hawaii.

2013; Online Casino and Lottery introduction bill fails to pass State Legislature (SB 768)

2016; DFS outlawed in Hawaii, as considered ‘gambling’ by the state’s legislators.

2017; Online Casino and Lottery introduction bill fails to pass State Legislature (Senate Bill 677)

2017; DFS re-legalization bill (Bill SB 204) was introduced to the Hawaiian Senate, however, it failed to pass.

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