Popular Sportsbook Payment Methods

The USA’s online bookmakers offer all the popular sportsbook deposit methods and online sportsbook payment methods to assist you an with easier sportsbook banking experience. We’ve checked which sports betting payment methods are the most common in the US (including sports betting sites that accept debit cards) and compiled a list of the most popular options and their merits and drawbacks. 

Online sportsbooks are always on the lookout to make your sports wagering easier and more of a breeze. Making payments and securing your sports betting winnings has never been easier, and whichever way you prefer to pay is available on one of the USA’s legal sportsbooks, including sports betting sites that accept debit cards. All of your preferred sportsbook payment methods can be found listed below.

Paypal LogoPayPal

Becoming as common as sports betting sites that accept debit cards, PayPal online sportsbooks are now widely accepted in the country for all your sportsbook deposit methods. PayPal is synonymous with web-wallet security and offering user-friendly processing. Almost all new sportsbooks include PayPal in their mix, and existing online sportsbooks are adding it to their options.

Mastercard betting sitesMastercard

Wherever you’ll find US sports betting sites that accept debit cards, Mastercard will be included as a payment option and, occasionally, a withdrawal option. Your Mastercard will usually link your sportsbook payments to a rewards program, and most importantly, it is accepted almost everywhere you’ll place online sports wagers.


Visa Card payments, another common feature of sports betting sites that accept debit cards, are available at all major online sportsbooks operating in the United States. Like your Mastercard, Visa Cards are available in credit and debit card formats. You'll also find that some of the US sportsbooks will pay out your winnings to Visa card.

Skrill LogoSkrill

Not as common as sports betting sites that accept debit cards, Skrill offers secure, trustworthy web-wallet payment and pay-out services for sports bettors who choose to link the web-wallet to their bank account. While still not as common as PayPal, Skrill is becoming more popular among US sportsbooks as a digital measure.

Ach betting sitesACH Payments

Just like sports betting sites that accept debit cards, ACH payments are widely accepted among online sportsbooks and are one of the most convenient banking methods. A form of e-check, an ACH payment requires a valid checking account and strict ID checks to verify the payment’s account and routing identifiers.

Bank Transfer LogoBank Transfer

Unlike the ubiquitous nature of sports betting sites that accept debit cards, Bank Transfers are now less common than they once were due to modern web-based options. However, bank transfers are still a very popular method to transfer larger dollar amounts as a deposit or withdrawal to or from online sportsbook accounts. 

PayNearMe Betting SitesPayNearMe

Built-for-purpose technology, PayNearMe is designed for US online sports bettors who prefer in-person deposits under $500. Available everywhere, just like sports betting sites that accept debit cards, players show their payment barcode (printed or on their cell phone) to a participating 7-Eleven or CVS cashier, and pay the deposit amount in-person.

Play+ betting sitesPlay+

Not as widespread as sports betting sites that accept debit cards, Play+ provides a quick-and-easy way to deposit at US online sportsbooks wherever your Discover Card is accepted. A pre-paid card, simply charge your Play+ with the desired amount and lodge your deposit (Instant approvals – Prepaid – No credit-checks) with your favorite online sportsbook.

 Cash at the gateCash At Cage

Despite being instant and without limits, this method can be an inconvenient option for bettors in the current online sportsbook landscape. However, if you happen to be near a physical sportsbook (or within a casino), you can always use the cashier's cage. You will be able to transfer money instantly whether you use cash, check, or plastic.

Crypto Betting SitesCrytpo

Crypto has long been accepted as a payment method for offshore sportsbooks. Betting sites can accept Crypto in Wyoming and North Carolina, however none of the sportsbooks in those states currently accept cyrpto as a payment method. Players can use Crypto to make secure and anonymous deposits, which are processed immediately. This method also helps avoid banking fees and restrictions that come with other payment options. Expect Crypto to become more commonplace in legal sports betting over the next few years.

Venmo Betting SitesVenmo

Venmo has become one of the most popular peer-to-peer e-wallets over the last decade, but they are quickly becoming a popular choice among sports bettors. Venmo's platform is easy to use, making it simple to manage your sportsbook account. Their industry-leading security means you know your money will be safe, letting you focus on trying to win more. One common reason bettors are using Venmo is that it acts as a buffer between your bank account and the sportsbook, making it easier to manage your money and adhere to a budget.