Wyoming Online Sports Betting


The State of Wyoming has a relatively minor gambling industry; however, the state’s gambling laws aren’t all that restrictive on its residents. Rather than restrictive laws, Wyoming’s lack of gaming options is due its comparatively small population across its quite large state area. Land-based gambling options are limited to two racetracks, three tribal casinos, some limited charitable gaming options, a state lottery and social games played with friends.

Given its decentralized population, online gambling in Wyoming is an attractive option for state’s residents and the state legislated to allow online sports betting NJ style when Governor Mark Gordon signed HB 133 in April 2021. The first bets were taken in September 2021, but online poker and online casino play is not permitted. However, the state of Wyoming does allow for online horse racing betting and Daily Fantasy Sports.

Legality of Sports Betting VS Gambling

Wyoming has several types of gaming on offer that include a state lottery, DFS, horse racing betting (trackside, OTB and online), tribal casinos, and charitable gambling options.

Sports & Gambling TypeLegal Land-BasedLegal Online
Sports BettingYesYes
Fantasy Sports (DFS)N/AYes
Horse RacingYesYes
Charitable GamblingYesNo

Wyoming Sports Betting Tax Rates

There is no state tax on gambling winnings in the State of Wyoming.

However, gambling wins over a $600 amount in Wyoming may possibly attract an additional Federal Tax.

We recommend contacting your tax attorney to assess your potential Federal tax liability if you have a big win in the state of Wyoming.

Sports betting Age VS Gambling Age in Wyoming

Wyoming maintains an easy to manage 18-years-of-age age limit on all its legal forms of gambling across the board

Sports & Gambling Type Age
Sports Betting18
Horse Racing18
Charitable Gambling18

Betting on Sports in Wyoming

Somewhat unexpected by sports betting industry experts and analysts, Wyoming was able to pass a bill to approve sports betting in person and online during the 2021 legislative session. The bill was passed in March and signed in April, opening the door for sports betting to begin in September. The laws complemented the existing rules on the books about Daily Fantasy Sports, which has been legalized in Wyoming for awhile now. Moreover, Wyoming was the first state to legalize betting with Crypto.

Wyoming Online Sports Betting Laws

Under the newly signed sports betting legalization bill, HB 133, the Wyoming Gaming Commission would look to impose a 10% tax on legalized sports wagering and protect state-wide online sports betting within state lines protected by geolocation technology.

It has already been set in stone by legislators in Wyoming that they state will operate and license a total of five online sportsbooks. Other features already known of the state’s nascent sports betting industry include;

  • $100 000 sportsbook operator application fee.
  • $50 000 annual renewal fee after the first five years.
  • Sports betting age limit of 18 years of age, unlike the 21 years age limit of most states.
  • Wagering on both in-state and out-of-state college sports events; but no prop bets on college sports

Online Fantasy Sports in Wyoming

DFS operators offer their competitions legally in 41 states, despite only 19 states having statutes that formally legalize it. All of this takes places in an environment whereby Federal lawmakers have determined that DFS competitions are contests of skill and not gambling at all.

DFS sites operate freely in Wyoming despite the state’s lawmakers never getting around to ruling on the activity through the State Legislature. DFS operators have been actively accepting players from Wyoming for many years now without inference from state authorities, and that freedom has continued to this day.

eSports Online Betting Laws

Sports betting legalization in Wyoming will eventually facilitate eSports betting in the State. Players will be able to win wagers in exciting new ways through never-before-seen betting markets that will create a brand-new revenue stream for the Wyoming State Government.

eSports – What is it?

eSports are tournaments where the pro ‘e-athletes’ as they’re known – play competitive multiplayer video games. Emerging from the underground LAN parties of the early 21stcentury, eSports have gone global with improvements in online streaming services and the role of international sportsbooks for betting purposes.

Popular games are Call of Duty, Rocket League and CS;GO among others. Tournaments draw huge crowds and the prizes continue to get richer.

With big prize money-on-offer, sports-bettors are close-at-hand. International bookmakers now set betting markets on most of the competitive eSports events.

Watch for eSports – available soon at a long-awaited legal Wyoming sportsbook.

Horse Racing in Wyoming

Horse Racing wagering was made legal throughout the state in 2011, and its operation is overseen by the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission. One major racetrack sits on the border with Utah, and a large percentage of customers come from this Mormon state with no form of legal gambling. A few off-track betting facilities are also available, allowing customers to wager on both horse and dog racing.

In addition to live racing, off-track betting and online horse racing betting, Wyoming added another option for horse racing enthusiasts in 2013 with the passing of HB 25 through the State Legislature and into law. Known as “historic horse racing,” the machines call for the player to predict the winner from a previously run horse race, however, only a few scant details are provided prior to the start of the race. The historic racing machines (resembling slots machines) are located at bars and other locations throughout Wyoming.

Trackside Betting

Wyoming operates a sole permanent racetrack, and two semi-permanent racetracks that all operate with full live and simulcast betting options available.

Off Track Betting (OTB) in Wyoming

OTB Betting is permitted in Wyoming at a network of several OTB locations, and taverns, bars and other licensed premises may also apply to accept bets from their clientele on live simulcast races.

Online Horse Racing in Wyoming

Horse Racing Betting websites are legal in Wyoming. The sites are all 100% legal, licensed and authorized under the State’s Statutes to take bets online for horse racing without any fear of breaking the Cowboy State’s interpretation of the State Law that online gambling is illegal.

Online wagering is fully available on thoroughbred racing in the U.S. and all major horse racing venues worldwide directly on Wyomingite’s tablets, phones, other mobile devices or home computers. Top-notch horse racing websites are easy to use, simple to navigate, and use little data.

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