USA's Top NFL Betting Sites

When it comes to betting on the NFL, USALegalBetting offers you everything you need to know for finding the best sports betting sites for betting on NFL Football in the US including NFL predictions and which Sportsbooks are offering the best odds.

How to Choose the best Sports Betting Sites for the NFL?

Before you can place your first bet you have to choose which online sportsbook is right for you. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing where to bet on NFL games.

We take a number of factors into account when selecting the best sportsbooks for betting on the NFL.

Odds – all things considered the odds are the most important factor when deciding where to place your bet, but they are not the only factor you need to consider

Betting Markets – it is not enough that the bookmaker of your choice has just your favorite betting market, they should have a wide selection of markets available., giving you the widest selection of options available to you.

Bonuses and Promotions – many sportsbooks offer promotions that basically give you free money that can be used to place more bets on the NFL and the more bets you have out there the better your chances of making some money are.

Legality – Before you can bet on the NFL you must make sure online sports gambling is legal in your state.

Top NFL Bookmakers

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NFL Betting Markets

  • Money line – A straightforward bet on your NFL pick to win or lose any single NFL game.
  • Points Spread – Point spread betting is possibly the most popular method NFL betting. For example, if you are wagering on the Colts vs the Patriots, this scenario could possibly result in the online sportsbook giving the Colts a head start (+6.5) or handicapping the Patriots (-6.5) to even the betting market.
  • Totals or Over/Under – Bet on whether the combined point totals of the two NFL teams competing in a single NFL match are over or under the number offered by the NFL betting site. For example, Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs at Over 45.5/Under 45.5. If you think the two teams will combine to score 46 points or more, you’d bet the over. If you expect them to score less than 45 points, you would bet on the under.
  • First Points – (team or player)– Place a wager on which team or player will score the first points of any NFL game.
  • First touchdown – (team or player)– Place a wager on which team or player will score the first touchdown of any NFL game.

NFL Betting Specials

To add another dimension to your online gaming experience, a selection of special betting markets reflecting the dynamic characteristics of the NFL are available;

  • NFL Parlay Betting – are an accumulated number of bets taken over a selection of NFL games. Odds accumulate just like compound interest with each successful leg of the parlay delivering huge wins if all legs of the bet end up being successful.
  • NFL In-play Live Betting – Bet on NFL matches live as they are played at adjusting odds in real time.
  • NFL Prop BetsProp bets (abbreviation for proposition bets) are usually wagers on how a certain player will perform, or what will happen at a certain point in a game. A sportsbook can sometimes offer hundreds of props on a single NFL game. For example, betting on whether Tom Brady has more passing yards than Aaron Rodgers this week, or if the coin toss in the Super Bowl will be heads or tails. The possibilities are endless.
  • Super Bowl MVP – Bet on which player you believe will be voted as the best and most valuable player of the NFL’s showpiece event, the Super Bowl.
  • NFL Season Win totals – Bet over or under a certain number of wins in the regular season for any given team. For example, odds makers may set the season win total for Atlanta at 12. If you think the Falcons will win more than 12 games this season, you would bet the over, less than 12 games, you would bet the under. These bets are usually only available before the season starts, however, sometimes you may find updated win totals around the half point of the NFL season with quality betting sites.
  • NFL Defensive Rookie Betting – Bet on which player you believe will be the best performing defensive rookie in the regular season.
  • NFL Offensive Rookie Betting – Bet on which player you believe will be the best performing offensive rookie in the regular season.
  • NFL Rushing Yards Leader – Bet on which player you believe will have the most total rushing yards throughout the NFL regular season.
  • NFL Conference Championship – Bet on which team will win their respective conference, AFC or NFC.
  • Super Bowl Outrights– The winner of the AFC plays the winner of the western NFC in the biggest day on the U.S sporting calendar for fans and gamblers alike, on either last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of February each year. Pick and bet on the winner and tell your buddies all about it!

NFL Fixture Schedule & Dates

  • The NFL 256 game regular season comprises all of the 32 teams playing 16 regular season matches from early September until late December each year.
  • The NFL playoffs features 12 teams, with 6 teams from each of the AFC and NFC Conferences usually played in the first 3 weeks of January each year.
  • In late January, the AFC & NFC championship games are played to decide which teams will progress to the Super Bowl.
  • The big dance, the Super Bowl, is the crowning glory of the NFL season and the biggest day on the American sporting calendar, pitting the AFC champs against the NFC winners on the second Sunday of February.

NFL betting FAQs

Where Can I find Predictions of NFL Games offers predictions of all the top NFL Games for the regular season and playoff games

Which Best Bookmakers for the NFL?

USALegalBetting’s recommended NFL betting sites are the best sites available today, reviewed by our unbiased team of sportsbook auditors for your NFL betting peace of mind.

Can I place wagers on an NFL game after kick-off?

Our recommended NFL betting sites offer live in-play NFL betting featuring odds re-set in real time.

Is betting on the NFL legal in the USA?

Betting on the NFL is completely legal in all states that have legalized sports betting.

Can I use multiple online sportsbooks to bet on NFL games?

We recommend using more than one bookmaker to make sure you are getting the best odds