New Hampshire Online Sports Betting

New Hampshire Gambling Laws

In direct opposition to the state motto of ‘Live Free or Die’, New Hampshire bans most casino games, although charity casino games exist at most of the state’s casinos. The great news is that New Hampshire has legal online and land-based sports wagering for the state’s many sports betting enthusiasts. New Hampshire allows for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), online horse racing betting and interestingly, the sale of online lottery tickets in what was the first state lottery introduced in the United States.

Land-based casino gambling is almost non-existent in New Hampshire. A few de facto casinos are given permission to operate in so long as they donate part of their proceeds to charity. High-limit Las Vegas style action is generally not available and traditional commercial casinos are not present today in New Hampshire today

Legality of Sports Betting VS Gambling

New Hampshire offers its visitors and residents legal online and bricks-and-mortar sports betting, DFS competitions, horse racing betting (online and land-based), a state lottery (again, land-based plus online), poker (online and live), limited land-based casinos and charitable gambling.

Sports & Gambling TypeLegal Land-BasedLegal Online
Sports BettingYesYes
Limited Casino GamesYesNo
Fantasy Sports (DFS)N/AYes
Horse RacingYesYes
Charitable GamblingYesNo

New Hampshire Sports Betting Tax Rates

A flat gambling tax of 10% on all winnings has been effective in New Hampshire since 2010.

Large gambling wins over $600 in the state of New Hampshire may possibly attract an additional Federal Tax.

Contact your tax attorney to assess your potential Federal tax liability if you have a big win in New Hampshire.

Sports betting Age VS Gambling Age in New Hampshire

New Hampshire adopts a 21 years-of-age age limit on legal horse racing betting and casino play, whilst all other forms of legal gambling have an 18 years-of-age legal limit.

Sports & Gambling Type Age
Sports Betting18
Horse Racing21
Charitable Gambling18

Betting on Sports in New Hampshire

In addition to up to a potential 16 cities where physical sportsbooks are permitted to operate in New Hampshire, DraftKings has been appointed to offer the state’s only licensed and regulated online sportsbook. Operators of other NJ online sports betting sites have yet received the go ahead to operate in the Granite State. DraftKings are also appointed manage all of New Hampshire’s bricks-and-mortar sportsbooks.

New Hampshire Online Sports Betting Laws

Sports betting at physical sportsbooks came to New Hampshire in July 2019 and the state’s online sportsbook operations began in early 2020. The introduction of both sports wagering forms followed the approval of bill HB 480 by the state’s lawmakers and Governor Sununu signing the bill into law in June 2019.

Specifically, New Hampshire online sports betting law includes;

  • Establishing a minimum age of 18 to wager on sports
  • Sets a maximum of up to 10 retail sportsbooks
  • Up to five online betting sites
  • Operators will be chosen through a competitive bidding process (DraftKings won the first license).
  • Professional and college sports betting allowed
  • No wagers on New Hampshire’s college teams or matches they are involved in.
  • Operators are not required to purchase official league data
  • The establishment a new Council for Responsible Gambling
  • Online betting operators must offer self-exclusion programs
  • Online operators must allow customers to set daily, weekly and monthly wager limits
  • Sports betting accounts may be funded with cash, cash equivalent, PayPal, debit card, bank transfer, promotional funds and “any other means approved by the executive director”
  • Tax revenue raised by operators is earmarked for the Education Fund.

Online Fantasy Sports in New Hampshire

From its inception until the present day, Daily Fantasy Sports betting has long been exempted from US federal legislation as it is deemed to be a contest of skill, rather than one of random chance.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are permitted in New Hampshire even though the legal status of the games has never been affirmed in the positive by any state legislation. There is currently no legal impediment to DFS players who want to take part in contests in New Hampshire, despite there being no law administering this betting type on the books all major DFS operators all accept players from New Hampshire.

eSports Online Betting Laws

In 2018, the U.S. Federal Supreme Court decided it was up to the states to determine their own legal status of gambling, changing the landscape of gambling and sports betting across the United States

While eSports are not specifically included in New Hampshire’s sports wagering laws, they are not specifically disallowed either. The inclusion of eNASCAR betting recently into the New Hampshire suite of sports betting options shows other eSports wagering choices may also soon be added to the selection.

The eSports Betting Phenomenon

In a very short period of time, eSports has efficiently and effectively transformed highest-level of video game play into a full-time professional sport. The best players have already signed multi-million-dollar contracts with huge budget professional teams. Rather than being an individual sport, eSports are mostly played in the team format in tournament play. However, the top individual eSports athletes have developed massive followings worldwide and their contrasting styles of play are loved by their fans the world over.

The electronic games themselves are roughly equivalent to different sports types. For example, in eSports, the games Overwatch, League of Legends and Dota 2 are equivalent to, say, NBA, NFL and MLB. eSports is the overall concept, while the different electronic game types are equivalent to the different types of sports.

Betting on eSports is now big business. Global sportsbooks offer a range of betting markets across all the major eSports tournaments and formats, and the worldwide amounts bet on eSports are growing prodigiously each year.

eSports is the highest-level competition in gaming today, with millions of fanatical fans across the globe, and the best players in the world taking part and this year the revenue of the industry is expected to top the $100 billion mark.

Check out your favorite New Hampshire sportsbook for potential eSports betting options today.

Horse Racing in New Hampshire

Horse racing betting is legal in all its forms (off-track betting, course/track side and online betting) for all residents of the state of New Hampshire over the age of 21. While the state’s tracks all closed down for good in 2012, it is still possible to wager on simulcast races from the tracks and play bingo and other style charity gambling games.

Trackside Betting

New Hampshire is home to several former live racing venues that still accept wagers on simulcast horse races.

Off Track Betting (OTB) in New Hampshire

The former live racing venues in New Hampshire effectively function in New Hampshire as the states’ official OTB agencies.

Online Horse Racing in New Hampshire

All major horse racing online betting sites all accept customers over the age of 21 from New Hampshire and offer wagering on races throughout the U.S.A, and horse race betting on a global scale on races all around the world are all currently available.

Visit our page on New Hampshire’s online gambling laws for more information on the states online casinos.