Online Casino Gambling in Montana


Montana has some of the nation’s most-liberal laws on charity and social gambling, and the state offers tribal casinos, horse racing betting, sports betting and a state-lottery. Moreover, 1400 licensed “operators” (bars and other licensed premises) are authorized to offer up to 20 video poker machines anywhere alcohol is served. Montana happily issues licenses to those wishing to host social or home poker games.

Meanwhile, horse racing, gambling in casinos, a unique state-specific Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) competition, a great state lottery, charitable gaming, the aforementioned video poker options, and poker rooms in the state’s casinos form the Montana Gaming Industry.

Montana Casino Gambling

Depending on your definition of a casino, Montana has either 14 Tribal Casinos, or those 14 casinos PLUS literally hundreds of other places to gamble that can be loosely termed casinos.

Virtually any place that serves alcohol by the glass will have video lottery machines that have video poker and keno. Licensed bars may have up to 20 video lottery machines. Larger taverns have can also offer their patrons race books and a poker table. As previously mentioned, there are 14 Native American Montana casinos within the state borders. The only major difference between taverns and Indian casinos are that tribes may have more than 20 machines and certain slot machines are allowed are allowed in the Tribal Casinos.

Overall, the Tribal Casinos offer Montana’s residents and visitors more than 5000 slots throughout the state and just a handful of table games.

Online Casinos in Montana

Montana is one of only a handful of states to specifically prohibit online casino play like that offered on NJ online gambling sites, by enacting state law making the practice illegal.

Online casino laws were updated in Montana in 2005 and the phrase “internet gambling” in section 23-5-112 of the Montana Code specifically notes that it is illegal to run an online casino in the state.

Moreover, Section 23-5-802 of the Montana Code states that “it is unlawful to wager on a fantasy sports league by telephone or internet.”

Our advice to gamblers Montana is straightforward;

We advise Montana’s Online players to stick to the legal online horse-racing betting options ONLY and abstain from playing ANY online casinos (either U.S. and/or off-shore online casinos) until state legalization of online casinos takes place.

Poker in Montana

Home ‘social’ poker games are permitted in Montana as long as the organizer, host or proprietor is not profiting from the game.

Video Poker is widespread throughout Montana and more than 1400 licensed “operators” (bars and other licensed premises) are authorized to offer up to 20 video poker machines anywhere alcohol is served. Tribal Casinos can offer more than 20 video poker machines to their patrons if they wish.

Poker Rooms

Live Poker is available in Montana, with just a few tables available at some of state’s Tribal Casinos and a few licensed card rooms. Under Montana Law, all forms of Poker available (Omaha, No-Limit Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Stud, Sit-n-go, Five Card Draw among others) are subject to a maximum $2 bet and a $800 payout.

Online Poker Laws

Online Poker is strictly prohibited under section 23-5-112 of the Montana Code. Please see above section ‘Online Casinos in Montana’ for a detailed explanation.

History of Online & Land-Based Gambling in Montana

1889; Montana’s First Constitution decidedly anti-gambling due to the many illegal lotteries in the ‘Wild West’.

1937; The Hickery Act allows individual counties in Montana to rule on table games.

1945-50; Slot Machines legal in Montana.

1950; Montana’s voters reject legalizing gambling.

1973; Charitable Gambling legalized in Montana.

1985; Video Poker Legalized in Montana.

1987; State Lottery begins in Montana.

1994; Montana’s first Tribal Casinos open their doors.

2008; Online Gambling made illegal under section 23-5-112 of the Montana Code.

2016; DFS legalization bill Senate Bill 25 rejected by state legislators.

2020: Online sports betting (if player is physically located at a sports betting retail location) begins With Sports Bet Montana.

2021: Micro Sports Betting Markets Introduced.

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