Online Casino Gambling in Virginia


Online sports betting began in Virginia in January 2021 and land-based sports betting is expected to become available when the first land-based casinos open their doors (expected in the summer of 2023). It is widely believed that online casinos could also be available to residents of the state of Virginia for a simultaneous land-based/online casino launch, although that is yet to be confirmed.

Horse racing is legal in Virginia (albeit with no tracks in operation), however, off-track and online betting is offered.

A popular state lottery, home poker games and some limited charitable gaming options round out the available legal options in Virginia.

Virginia Casino Gambling

There are no commercial or tribal casinos in Virginia, however, after becoming legal in 2020 following the state’s residents vote for casino gambling in a statewide referendum alongside the Presidential election, four legal casinos are slated to open in Virginia, with the first coming in the summer of 2023.

Online Casinos in Virginia

While the legalization of land-based casinos is encouraging, Virginian lawmakers have little history in attempting to legalize different types of online gambling, other than successful adoption of online sports betting.

Bills H1584, HB 1700, and S 1195 were passed in 2011 by the Virginia State Legislature. These bills made it illegal to operate or play at an online gambling site based offered in the state by redefining illegal gambling to include internet gambling.

For the time being, however, Virginians can place bets online for sports betting, horse and greyhound racing or online DFS competitions. Games of Skill are also exempt from Virginia’s strict gambling laws under section § 18.2-333 of the State Statutes.

Poker in Virginia

Home ‘Social’ games are tolerated in the state of Virginia, under the State Statute §18.2-334 as long as the operator of the game doesn’t turn a profit, and that the private residence is not commonly used for the social games.

Poker Rooms

Previous moves (including Senate Bill 1400 in 2017) to classify Poker as a game of skill in the State of Virginia, and thereby be exempt from illegal gambling laws have previously proved unsuccessful until the safe passage of the referendum to introduce land-based casino gaming.

That being the case, Live Poker is not currently approved as legal gambling in Virginia and no legal opportunities exist to play for real money, but that should change when the first legal casino in Virginia opens in 2023.

Online Poker Laws

Online Poker is not a legal option in the state of Virginia. See above section – ‘Online Casinos in Virginia’ for further clarification.

History of Online & Land-Based Gambling in Virginia

1610; First anti-gambling laws adopted in Virginia.

1612; America’s first lottery “The Great Virginia Lottery’ held.

1744; Gambling banned in Virginia’s public areas.

1752; America’s first ever thoroughbred horse race held in Virginia.

1960; Illegal Gambling first introduced into the State Code of Law.

1987; Virginia State Lottery begins with proceeds diverted to the State Education System from the year 2000 onwards.

1994; Charitable Gambling Laws enacted as the practice becomes legal in Virginia.

2011; Online gambling made illegal in Virginia with Bills H1584, HB 1700, and S 1195 passing the Virginian State Legislature.

2012; Bill to introduce historic racing in Virginia fails.

2014; State Legislators in Virginia introduced unsuccessful bill SB 19 to legalize casino gambling.

2014; Virginia’s sole Horse Racing track closes.

2016; By passing the State’s Fantasy Contests Act into law, DFS is legalized in Virginia.

2017; Senate Bill 1400 (attempting to have Poker recognized as a game of skill, and therefore not considered gambling) fails to pass the State Legislature.

April 2020: Virginia lawmakers allow for legal online sports betting by passing SB 384 into law.

November 2020: Virginians vote to allow for legal brick-and-mortar casino gaming in a statewide referendum.

January 2021 – Legal online Virginia Sports Betting begins.

Summer 2023 – Virginia’s first casinos are expected to open their doors for business.

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