Like Utah, Hawaii and Alaska, gambling in Vermont is subject to some of the strictest gambling laws in the United States. For example, Vermont State Statutes don’t allow for casinos of-any-kind.

The Vermont State Lottery sells scratch-off tickets, lotto tickets and offers video monitors in convenience stores. Horse racing is legal in Vermont with no tracks-in-operation; however, off-track betting occasionally takes place in taverns and is fully offered as an online option.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) competitions for real money are also available for residents and visitors to Vermont.

Vermont Casino Gambling

There are no commercial or tribal casinos in Vermont, however, there has been a precedent for the state’s lawmakers to legalize land-based casinos.

In 2013, State Legislators introduced H.93 to legalize one land-based casino in the Green Mountain State. Had it passed the State House vote, H.93 would have granted the Lottery Commission the authority to issue just one license. If approved, the licensing fee would have been $5 million straight into the state’s consolidated revenue stream.

Despite the bill being defeated, there is some solace in knowing that there has been previous taste-for-change in the State Legislature before that may resurface.

Online Casinos in Vermont

In addition to the above-mentioned attempt to legalize land-based casinos, Vermont also has some history in attempting to legalize different types of online gambling.

In the Green Mountain State in 2013, Bill H-0781 was proposed for the purpose of providing additional funding for the operations of the Vermont State Government. Part of the bill was an order that the Vermont Lottery Commission fall in line with some of the neighboring states and at least study the option of selling lottery tickets online.

Again, the bill was not successful in gaining enough votes to pass into law in Vermont. However, it is evidence enough that the state has some inclination and the existing democratic process to facilitate change for the acceptance of online gaming.

For the time being at least, online players in Vermont are recommended to participate in LEGAL real money online betting games ONLY (i.e. Currently DFS and Horse and Greyhound Racing). Online players in the Green Mountain State should refrain from participating in play in ANY online casinos (either U.S. based online casinos like NJ online gambling sites or off-shore sites) until state legislators decide on a pathway of legalization for online casinos in Vermont.

Poker in Vermont

While home games are tolerated in the state of Vermont, they are not strictly speaking within the boundaries of the law.

For information on how to play poker legally in Vermont, please see below in the ‘Poker Rooms’ section.

Poker Rooms

The only form of Live Poker possible for play in the State of Vermont is by charitable gambling. There are a number of set rules (types of charity organizations allowed, prize limits, pay limits for workers etc.) for charitable gaming in the Green Mountain State and they are set out as law under State Statute § 2143.

Online Poker Laws

Online Poker is not a legal option in the state of Vermont. See above section – ‘Online Casinos in Vermont’ for further clarification.

  • Limited casino gambling in Vermont could produce benefits such as stopping residents from going to other jurisdictions to play and keep much needed money in the Vermont economy.
  • The Vermont state budget could provide more money by taxing gambling and funding important state issues like education funding, aged care, fire departments and other key goodwill causes.
  • Gambling can bring extra economic benefits to Vermont as the state is geographically positioned to draw millions of additional tourism dollars through the activity.
  • When different forms of betting are legalized in Vermont it should assist in developing other sectors of the young and expanding gambling industry. For example, if gamblers head to a legal Vermont Tribal Casino to place a legal bet on the New England Patriots, they might stick around to have a meal, a few drinks and may even place a legal bet on the horses or legally play some poker.

History of Online & Land-Based Gambling in Vermont

1963-77; Horse Racing betting available at Green Mountain Race Track until greyhounds took over at the facility.

1977-95; Legal greyhound racing at Green Mountain Race Track.

1978; Vermont State Lottery begins. In 1985, the state joined New Hampshire and Maine to form the first joint state U.S. lottery.

2011 to Present; Ongoing annual legislative attempts to bring one legal commercial casino to Vermont.

2017; By passing bill S.136 into law, DFS is legalized in Vermont.

2020: Sports betting bill S 59 resubmitted for debate into Vermont State Legislature. Consideration is ongoing.

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