Top US Baseball Betting Sites

Baseball is the great American summer pastime as anyone who has ever heard the crack of bat meeting ball and crushing it over the home run fence can attest to. With the Baseball’s major league, the MLB covering a 162-game season, betting on baseball is the ultimate betting sport with a variety of bets available. With so many baseball betting options around, the range can be confusing and its difficult to choose the best baseball betting sites. USA Legal Betting provides all the information you’ll ever need on selecting one of the best betting on baseball strategies, including selecting quality baseball betting sites, to receiving baseball betting tips and answering your questions on ‘how does baseball betting work’?

Top US Betting Sites


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How to Find the Best US Baseball Betting Sites?

Baseball is arguably the sport with the most statistics and combines different player and team categories. We examine all the best baseball betting sites, numbers and baseball statistics breaking it all down to maximize your leisure time and baseball betting profits across several distinct criteria;

Selection of Betting Opportunities

Naturally, we only recommend baseball betting sites with the most betting opportunities across a wide range of leagues (MLB, Japan National League etc.) and international competitions (Baseball World Cup, Olympics etc.).

Statistics Support

As Baseball is a sport driven by statistics, we look for online baseball betting sites with most diverse range of betting markets and cover all the great categories like Most Season Home Runs, Lowest regular season ERA, most AL or NL hits, Most Pitching Wins etc. Endless betting opportunities exist for betting on baseball and we want you to have the chance to bet on them all.

Bookmakers with Free Daily Picks and Tips

The best baseball betting sites send you free daily baseball betting predictions, picks and tips for your betting convenience and potentially maximizing profit.

Best Baseball Odds

More than most sports, baseball is prone to upset winners. Consequently, we recommend the betting sites with the best history of good odds for underdog teams.

Baseball Betting Advice Blogs and Articles

Use our sites offering regular weekly betting advice blog articles in order to assist in building a sound and sustainable baseball betting strategy.

Betting Markets 

  • Money line bet – An easily understood win or loss wager on any stand-alone baseball match at odds set by the betting site. If your team wins, you win money too.
  • Run Line Bet – Run Line Betting is quite like a point spread in football or basketball. The betting site sets the run line so the underdog will receive an advantage in the match. The underdog receives +1.5 runs start and the favorite gets a -1.5 runs penalty. Using an example of the New York Yankees (favorites) and the Baltimore Orioles (underdogs), New York must win by two or more runs or the Orioles must either win or not lose by more than one run.
  • Over/Under Betting – Wager on whether the combined run totals of the two combatants competing in a baseball match are either over or under the runs total set by the baseball betting site.
  • First Home Run Bet (player or team) – Wager on which player or team will hit the first home run of a baseball match.
  • Number of Strikeouts Bet – If you believe you know exactly how many strikeouts a starting pitcher will potentially throw in a baseball match, bet on your prediction and count your cash when it wins.

Popular Baseball Leagues

Baseball leagues across the globe offer a range of exciting betting markets reflecting the sport’s unique and dynamic appeal;

  • MLB Regular Season Betting – With each of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) 30 professional teams playing 162 regular season matches, North America’s MLB offers a wonderful selection of superb betting opportunities.
  • Japanese Professional League Betting (Nippon Professional League) – Widely considered to be the world’s second-best professional league, the Japanese League offers a good range of money line betting possibilities.
  • Minor League Baseball Betting – Full of young up-and-comers first making their way in the game through to old MLB pros returning from injury, the U.S. Minor Leagues are the stepping-stone to the MLB.
  • NCAA Baseball Betting – Wager on the top collegiate baseball players and teams, with the top players looking to be drafted to the MLB.
  • Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) Betting – The KBO League, originally called the Korea Baseball Championship, is the highest-level league of baseball in South Korea and offers dynamic betting markets.

Best Baseball Tournaments & Events Betting

  • Summer Olympics Gold Medal Betting – Every 4 years, wager on which of the best national baseball teams in the world will take out the prestigious Olympic Hockey Gold Medal.
  • WBSC Premier12 Betting – Bet on which national team will take out the title featuring the twelve best-ranked national baseball teams in the world.
  • World Series Betting – The MLB showpiece event, the World Series, is the culmination of the MLB season and the 7-game series offers a multitude of superb betting opportunities.
  • MLB All Star Game Betting – The MLB hosts an annual mid-season weekend celebration of baseball featuring a match between the best players in the league (as voted by the fans).
  • Home Run Derby Betting – Bet on which all star player wins the annual MLB Home Run Derby customarily held the day before the MLB All-Star Game each July.

Betting Strategy for US Online Sportsbooks

Once you become acquainted with the basics of baseball betting and have enjoyed a few wins, you’ll always want to get the best possible odds for every single baseball wager you place. To ensure you always get the best odds from the multitude of betting options on offer, USALegalBetting’s best possible baseball betting strategy is to;

Join a collection of online baseball betting sites to make certain you’ll always get the best betting odds for your chosen baseball matches.

With baseball (as with the majority of sports), give yourself the maximum opportunity to win as much money as possible, by perusing more than one betting site to get the best odds you possibly can.

Baseball Betting FAQs

Which are the best available online betting sites available for baseball?

See USALegalBetting’s list of expertly reviewed baseball betting sites to always receive the best service, predictions odds, picks and tips.

What kind of wagers can I make on Baseball?

There are an enormous number of possible baseball bet types, ranging from straightforward money line bets on the winner of a game, most home runs, hits, walks, runs, strikeouts etc. through to parlay bets potentially delivering giant wins through accumulated bets on a range of selected matches. You can also bet live on baseball, in addition to superb baseball prop betting opportunities.

Can I bet on a baseball match after the first pitch?

Yes. USALegalBetting’s recommended baseball betting sites all offer live in-play baseball betting opportunities with betting odds recalculated in real time.

Can I bet on baseball matches on my cell phone?

Yes, you can. Baseball betting sportsbooks all offer betting odds available from your phone and other mobile devices in addition to PCs and laptops.

Which are the most successful pro baseball team?

MLB’s New York Yankees are the most successful baseball team in pro baseball history with 27 wins in the World Series, the MLB Championship series.