The World Series Betting Guide for 2023

The MLB World Series is baseball’s biggest event. Being a monster betting event, making a sound decision on the best World Series betting sites in New Jersey can be confusing.

We cut through-the-spin to recommend only top-quality sites in the below table that have passed our expert’s sportsbooks reviews.

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The biggest event on the MLB annual calendar is October’s World Series. The series’ history is the stuff of American folklore.

With a plethora of World Series betting sites in NJ, choosing the best betting apps can be dizzying with the amount of choice. Discovering which site offers the best World Series betting odds or World Series prop bets can confound even experienced bettors.

We do the hard work and research for you, eliminating the bogus NJ World Series betting sites and recommending only the very best online sportsbooks for your World Series baseball 2021 convenience and enjoyment.

What is the World Series?

The World Series is the annual championship series of the 30 professional Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that are located across the United States and Canada, contested between the two respective champion teams of the American League and the National League, that make up the MLB.
The MLB World Series follows the end of the playoffs, the postseason tournament that follows the 162-game regular season.

The MLB World Series’ format is a best-of-seven games playoff, with the first team to win four games declared the winner.

The team with home-field advantage (best regular season record) hosts the first two games and the final two games of the series, while their opponents host game three, four and five.

How to bet on the MLB World Series 2021 in New Jersey

Newcomers to World Series betting and even experienced experts looking to get the best World Series betting odds go through the same step-by-step process in order to get their World Series Betting underway:

1. You’ll want to begin by signing up to several of the recommended NJ World Series betting sites listed above to enjoy the variety and best current MLB odds to win World Series. Different betting sites may have better World Series Odds depending the market type you are looking for. Later in this betting guide we will examine the different betting market types available.

2. From one of the World Series Betting sites you’ve joined, head to the ‘Baseball betting’ section or it may be named ‘MLB’ or ‘World Series betting’. Examine the different betting odds and markets available, such as money lines, point spreads, parlays, MLB World Series futures, MLB World Series MVP odds etc.

Examine which betting markets appear to give the greatest returns on your betting investment. For newcomers to how odds work, please check our odds guide.

3. Determine a betting amount that you can afford to bet and potentially lose. Our tip – consider your MLB World Series betting an entertainment expense, not as a secondary income stream.

4. Having made the above choices and decisions on your World Series best bets, you’ll need to deposit money into your accounts. NJ World Series betting sites all offer easy and secure payment methods. Just follow the prompts by clicking ‘deposit’ and you’re good to go to get the best World Series betting line.

5. The sooner you place your wagers, the better. The closer you get to the World Series itself, the more the World Series Betting odds fluctuate and the usually they fluctuate in favor of the World Series sites.

Bet Smart – bet early.

Popular Types of World Series Bets

There are many different types of bets available on the MLB World Series. Like many team sport championships, you can bet on the team that will ultimately win the World Series on the futures betting markets, on each game individually or even props;

  • Money line – Place a wager on which team will win each individual game. No margin of victory to concern yourself with, just a straightforward win or loss wager.
  • Runline Betting – Similar to a point spread in the NFL or NBA. The World Series Betting site adjust the line for the underdog to receive an advantage. The underdog receives +1.5 runs and the favorite is handicapped 1.5 runs.
    For example, in a Braves vs Yankees World Series matchup with the Braves as favorites, Atlanta must win by two or more runs or New York must either win or not lose by more than one run to win you wager.
  • Future bets – Straightforward wagering using money line (win/lose) odds placed on which team you believe will win the World Series. The sooner you place the wager (the further out from the World Series), the better the odds you will receive.
  • Total Runs (over/under) betting – Simply wager over or under the sportsbook’s selected number of runs for the match. For instance, if the total for Red Sox vs Mets match is set at 10.5 runs and the final score of the game is 6-4 (a combined score of 10 runs), it means those betting ‘under’ would have won. Had the final score been 6-5 (11 runs), the over would be the winner.
  • Prop bets – There are enormous possibilities for MLB World Series prop bets. From World Series First Home Run Scorer, number of strikeouts in the World Series, most series RBI’s or the MLB World Series MVP odds, the list of prop bets is endless.

Betting Option to Avoid

The riskiest bet type of all those offered at World Series betting sites in NJ is parlay betting. Given their accumulative nature, parlay wagers are difficult to win, and therefore avoided by newcomers unless a parlay promo is on offer.

Parlay bets usually are a set of 3-or-more wagers – each separate wager in a parlay wager is known as a ‘leg’ – taken over a selection of World Series games in this case, or multiple in-game wagers offered in any one of the 7 World Series games (a ‘Same Game Parlay’).

With every leg win in the parlay bet, the winning odds accumulate, BUT, if only one leg of your parlay bet happens to lose, the entire parlay wager is lost.

For beginners looking to extend their experience in parlay wagering, be on the lookout with NJ World Series betting sites for parlay promos which will pay out your win even if you happen to lose one leg of your World Series parlay wager.
See ‘MLB World Series bonuses and promotions’ section below for more details.

Live World Series Betting

Live betting on MLB baseball has grown in popularity in recent years where real-time odds updates, in-game odds re-set after each innings etc. provide you with flexible and realistic betting experiences online.

During the World Series, many sportsbooks offer more live in-play options than usual with updated money lines, run lines, live in-game props (usually on every batter on each team’s line-up), and totals (over/unders) throughout the games.

Many sportsbooks now off a ‘cash out’ option to combine with your live betting to opt out of your bet if you wish to collect your win early, or alternatively, lessen your losses early if your wager may become a losing one.
Stay up-to-date with the live betting action conveniently anywhere/anytime, as all quality World Series betting sites in NJ offer live betting on the World Series through their mobile betting apps.

Who is the favorite to win the World Series

Wondering who will win World Series glory in 2021 and what are the New Jersey odds for the World Series?

Consider the following when placing your early futures wager on the favorite teams at the best World Series betting odds available this year (odds subject- to-change);

Los Angeles Dodgers

FanDuel – +350
Borgata – +350
The defending World Series champs, the Dodgers are pure class with a great pitching rotation now deepened by the resigning of Blake Treinen and supported by extreme power hitting.

New York Yankees

FanDuel –  +550
Borgata – +550
Given their deep pockets, the New York Yankees are never far from favoritism to take the World Series. While question marks surround their pitching depth, the power hitting trio of Aaron Judge, Luke Voit and Giancarlo Stanton will score enough runs to defeat most opposition.

San Diego Padres

FanDuel –  +800
Borgata – +800
The Padres have given their pitching staff an enormous boost by recruiting the man who kept the Tampa Bay Rays deep in the World Series picture in 2020, starter Blake Snell. In the NL, it is always about pitching and left-hander Matt Strahm has been retained. A top defensive outfit.

Chicago White Sox

FanDuel –  +850
Borgata – +850
After showing a lot of promise with a good, young hustling team in 2020, the White Sox have recruited quality with power-hitter Adam Eaton coming in from Washington and star pitcher Lance Lynn from Texas.

Atlanta Braves

FanDuel –  +1000
Borgata – +1000
One of MLB’s most fearsome hitting line-ups is led by young stars Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies. The hitters will need help from the young pitchers who are now supported by having veteran Charlie Morton to guide them through the hard times.

New York Mets

FanDuel –  +1000
Borgata – +1000
With a new owner loading up on established stars like Lindor and Carrasco, the Mets have been the biggest movers in the World Series betting markets and are now at their best odds to win the World Series in years. With Carrasco’s recruitment, the Mets arguably now boast the NL’s best pitching rotation.

MLB World Series betting bonuses and promotions

Come September or October 2021, NJ World Series betting sites will release a range of betting promotions.

Of course, the sportsbooks will come up with some new deals to back up long-term annual favorites like;

  • World Series Odds Boosters
  • World Series Free Bets
  • Daily Profit Boosts on all World Series bets on Log-in
  • World Series extra-innings money-back
  • World Series In-Game Prop Parlay Specials – ALL money returned if you lose only 1-leg of your in-game prop parlay wager of 3 legs or more.
  • World Series Parlay Insurance – Get $25 Money Back if you lose only 1-leg of a 4+-leg multi-World Series-game parlay bet.

Tips and strategies for World Series betting in NJ

There is no single secret to developing a successful World Series Betting Strategy. However, there are a number of World Series betting tips that you can follow to give yourself the best possible chance to came out as a World Series betting winner;

  • When money line betting, study the starting pitchers match-up.
  • For futures wagering, bet on deep rosters that have the quality to cover injuries and absences during the 162-match regular season.
  • The World Series is almost always close. Look for teams with base stealing experts to break open tight matches.
  • Deep pitching rosters usually win World Series titles.
  • Bet with your brain, not your heart. Following your personal bias is doomed.
  • Bet early to get the best odds available.
  • Stay informed – Follow online sportsbooks and our very own World Series betting predictions articles and betting news covering the best bets.
  • Bet only with money you can afford to lose – do that and your betting decisions will be lean and wise.

Statistics and useful general information

World Series Winners Last 10 years

  • 2021 – Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2019 – Washington Nationals
  • 2018 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2017 – Houston Astros
  • 2016 – Chicago Cubs
  • 2015 – Kansas City Royals
  • 2014 – San Francisco Giants
  • 2013 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2012 – San Francisco Giants

Most World Series Wins

  • 40 – New York Yankees
  • 19 – St Louis Cardinals
  • 14 – Philadelphia/Oakland Athletics
  • 13 – Boston Red Sox

World Series Biggest Underdog Victory

With only 15 games left in 2011 regular season, the St Louis Cardinals were +99900 to win the World Series.

Going 11-4 in their last 15 games, the Cardinals clawed their way into the NL Wild Card spot and went on to win the World Series over the Texas Rangers.

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