NBA Finals Betting Guide for 2024

Locating the best NBA Finals betting sites is no slam dunk – there are so many options – what’s good? And what is not? Relax. We have you covered. The table below lists only the safest and most reputable betting sites for the NBA Finals.

Legal Betting Sites

Betting Site
Bet Now
Second Chance Bonus Bet Worth Up to $500
Bet $5, get $200 & 20%
200% Deposit Match up to $500 & $100 in Bonus Bets
$100 bonus bet/No Sweat Bet
PointsBet A Fanatics Experience $1000 in Second Chance Bets

We put the betting sites through a set of rigorous review criteria to ensure they are in fact the best options for wagering on the NBA Finals. For the range of selection criteria, please check our sportsbook review page and click on “review” for specific information on each sportsbook brand.

Dating back to 1947, the NBA Finals are one of America’s greatest sporting traditions and an annual betting bonanza.

With an intense interest in NBA Finals betting, bettors simply have too many choices to try and keep track of all the NBA Finals betting sites and which sites have the best combination of service and odds.

As NBA Finals betting experts ourselves, our team of sportsbook review specialists keeps track of which online sportsbooks will get you first-rate NBA Finals odds and handle your sports wagering in a secure and professional manner.

What are the NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals are the culmination of the National Basketball Association (NBA) season each year. Following the regular season, Play-In Tournament, and playoffs, the final two teams remaining – the respective Eastern and Western conference champions -- play a best-of-seven game series to determine the NBA champion.

The team with home-court advantage (determined by the best regular season record of the two teams) hosts the first two games and the fifth and seventh of the series, while their opponents host games three, four, and six.

How to Bet on NBA Finals

If you are just getting started with betting on the NBA Finals or a seasoned bettor there’s a general step-by-step process for bettors to follow to place your NBA Finals wagers:

  1. Our tip is to join more than one of the recommended NBA Finals betting sites listed above. The best NBA Finals winner odds or NBA Finals futures odds are accessed through a selection of different online sportsbooks. By signing up with a range of NBA Finals betting sites, you will give yourself the best chance to have the largest possible payouts. Choose from the list of recommended online sportsbooks above that have all passed our rigorous online sportsbook review process.
  2. Having selected several sportsbooks from the list above, navigate to their respective ‘Basketball betting’ sections (which also might be broken down further to ‘NBA’ or NBA Finals’ sections). This is usually along the left-hand side of the screen. Examine the NBA Finals Odds whether it be futures betting, match betting, parlays, prop bets etc., to discover the best types and the best value (For beginners – an explanation of different bet types, please consult the ‘Popular Types of NBA Finals Bets’ section below. Odds are also explained in our odds guide).
  3. Choose the type of wager you’d like to place;

    Match Betting (point spreads, money lines etc.)
    NBA Finals prop bets
    Futures Betting (e.g. NBA Finals winner etc.)
    Parlay Betting
    Other Bet Types

  4. Set your preferred betting amount, which should be a figure that you can afford to lose. Keep in mind your NBA Finals betting should be considered an entertainment expense, and never a primary source of income.
  5. After joining several NBA Finals betting sites and selecting a bet type and amount, you’ll need to deposit money into your online sportsbook accounts. In most cases, you will qualify you for a sign-up bonus (a first deposit match or risk-free first bet are the most common bonuses and promotions). Be certain to read the terms and conditions of the offer. Once registered and deposited using one of the convenient payment methods available, it’s time to get your wager placed and lock in the best possible betting odds to maximize your profits.
  6. Sportsbooks set odds for the NBA Finals winner as soon as the previous season ends, constantly updating them until the series ends. Just check out one of the sportsbooks “future bets” section and you can bet on the NBA Finals long before they start.

Popular Types of NBA Finals Bets

Unlike college basketball betting, NBA Finals betting sites have a wide selection of bet types, including props (short for proposition bets). Let’s examine some of the most popular.

  • Moneyline – No winning point margin to select, simply choose which team will win any NBA Finals games or the entire series.
  • Future bets – Pick the NBA Finals Winner, the NBA MVP, or Rookie of the Year.
  • Point Spreads – Point spreads are the sportsbooks way of balancing the odds and setting a total for how many points they expect the favorite to win. The favorite has to ‘cover’ the spread for your bet on them to be successful. For example, if you are betting on the Lakers vs. the Nets. this may involve giving L.A. a head start (+4.5) or handicapping the Nets (-4.5). If you take the Lakers, you only win the bet if they win by five points or more. Even if the Nets lose, as long as it's by four points or less, you can still win your bet on the Nets.
  • Total points (over/under) – Wager on the combined point totals of the NBA Finals teams competing in a game to be ‘over or under’ the points total set by the sportsbook. For example, betting on the Nets and Lakers scoring over or under a combined 141 points.
  • Prop bets – NBA Finals prop bets are too many to list. They can vary from the NBA Finals MVP, the stat totals for a team or player, or even futures on whether the NBA Finals Champion will be from the Eastern or Western Conference.
  • In-play Live Betting – Place live bets on NBA Finals games based on odds continually adjusted throughout the game.

Betting options beginners should avoid

Parlay bets are best avoided by newcomers; however, many NBA Finals betting sites have begun offering special promotions to lessen the risk for beginners.

Parlay bets are a collection of 3-or-more wagers – each separate bet in a parlay wager is known as a ‘leg’, placed over several NBA Finals games, or multiple in-game bets placed in one of the seven NBA Final games (Same Game Parlay).

With each leg won in the parlay wager, the winning odds accumulate. However, should one leg of your parlay wager happen to lose, the bet is an overall loss.

For newcomers looking to experience parlay betting, many NBA Finals betting sites have promotions to pay out your parlay wager should one leg of the bet lose.

Consult ‘NBA Finals betting bonuses and promotions’ section below for further details.

Live Betting

Fans of the NBA and live in-play betting will love NBA Finals time.

NBA Finals live betting allows you to place your bets as the action plays out on the court, with the odds updated in real-time as the game unfolds.

In-play live betting usually offers the same bets seen in regular betting, and they are offered on mobile betting apps to allow players bet live anytime/anywhere. Many sportsbooks also allow for a ‘cash out’ option when live betting, to opt out of your wager if it looks like you are losing at any point of the match. This also allows you to take your win early to eliminate the risk of a heatbreaking loss.

Using cash-out and in-play live betting action in combination can help minimize your losses and maximize your wins at home or on the go.

Who is the Favorite to Win the NBA Finals?

Looking for NBA Finals betting tips? NBA Finals predictions? Who will win the NBA Finals, the best odds to win the NBA Finals or even the best possible NBA Finals underdogs? Let’s examine the main contenders for the title and their NBA Finals betting odds as of this writing;

Denver Nuggets

Odds to win the NBA Finals
DraftKings: +475
FanDuel: +470

Former MVP Nikola Jokic was able to lead the Nuggets to their first-ever NBA Championship last season. Denver managed to build a championship team almost exclusively through the draft and will be returning most of their roster next season. While the NBA landscape will change during the offseason, bookmakers clearly like their chances to repeat as Champions this upcoming season.

Milwaukee Bucks

Odds to win the NBA Finals
DraftKings: +750
FanDuel: +550

The Bucks finished with the NBA's best record last season but were eliminated by the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs. The team is still led by former MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, but Khris Middleton and Brooks Lopez are free agents. Milwaukee must decide whether to re-sign the two stars or rebuild the roster through free agency. Either way, Giannis makes the Bucks a contender for the NBA Finals.

Boston Celtics

Odds to win the NBA Finals
DraftKings: +475
FanDuel: +460

The Celtics were defeated in the Eastern Conference Finals and have already begun to rebuild their roster. The team traded away Marcus Smart for Kristaps Porzingis, adding another All-Star caliber player to their starting rotation. Boston is expected to keep making moves, but bookmakers view them as the early favorite to become NBA Champions.

LA Lakers

Odds to win the NBA Finals
DraftKings: +1200
FanDuel: +1500

The Lakers failed to live up to lofty expectations during the regular season but surprised many by making a run to the Western Conference Finals. LA will be looking to add another star alongside Lebron James and Anthony Davis this summer, making them an intriguing bet during the offseason.

Golden State Warriors

Odds to win the NBA Finals
DraftKings: +1300
FanDuel: +1200

The Warriors are another team that made a splash in the offseason by trading for Chris Paul. The team gave up a young star in Jordan Poole, meaning they are dedicated to winning in the short term. Paul is an excellent fit alongside Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, but now the team must decide whether to bring Draymond Green back or look for other options.

Phoenix Suns

Odds to win the NBA Finals
DraftKings: +700
FanDuel: +650

The Suns made the first blockbuster trade of the offseason by acquiring Bradley Beal from the Wizards. He will join Kevin Durant and Devin Booker to make an incredible trip of stars. However, Phoenix desperately needs depth, so expect to see them make more moves this summer.

NBA Finals Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Come June, the best betting apps will release a selection of betting bonuses, promotions, and NBA Finals betting news.

NBA Finals betting sites will no doubt add a range of new deals in 2024 to back up annual betting favorites like;

  • NBA Finals Odds Boosters
  • Profit Boosts each day on all NBA Finals matches on your daily log-ons
  • NBA Finals money-back on games going to overtime.
  • Risk-Free Bet Refunds
  • NBA Finals In-Game Prop Parlay Specials – Bet refunds if losing only 1-leg of your in-game prop parlay wager of 3+legs.
  • NBA Finals Parlay Insurance – Get $25 to 50 Money Back if you lose only 1-leg of a 4+-leg multi-game parlay bet on NBA Finals games.

Important note: To view all available bonuses and promotions, NBA Finals betting enthusiasts must register with the respective sportsbooks to view all available promo deals.

Tips and Strategies for NBA Finals Betting

Consider altering your approach from betting on the NBA regular season to betting on the NBA Finals. That’s because these are the same two teams going at it over a brutal seven-game series.

Being flexible as the NBA season moves on is key. Maintaining your regular betting practices is unlikely to evolve into a successful NBA Finals betting strategy:

  • Staying alert for injury updates becomes vital. As the top two teams make it through to the NBA Finals, every small personnel change is focused upon by NBA Finals betting sites.
  • With fewer games, the lines tighten. Your research and the accuracy of the betting information you consume will be vital to your betting success.
  • Remain informed. Read our weekly predictions throughout the NBA season and NBA Final betting tips at playoffs time.
  • Persist with objectivity. Examine game data without bias. Betting with your heart instead of your head is a recipe for failure.
  • Versatility, bench depth, and experience at the NBA Finals level are key.
  • If you are placing an NBA Finals futures wager, the sooner you bet before the NBA Finals roll around will ensure the best odds available.
  • Allocate an NBA Finals Betting Bankroll, and don’t break it. Bet only with money you can afford to lose, and you will have a more enjoyable and profitable betting experience.

NBA Finals Fast Facts

Winners Last 10 years

  • 2023 – Denver Nuggets
  • 2022 – Golden State Warriors
  • 2021 – Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2020 – Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2019 – Toronto Raptors
  • 2018 – Golden State Warriors
  • 2017 – Golden State Warriors
  • 2016 – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2015 – Golden State Warriors
  • 2014 – San Antonio Spurs

Most NBA Finals Wins

  • 17 – Los Angeles Lakers
  • 17 – Boston Celtics
  • 7 – Golden State Warriors
  • 6 – Chicago Bulls
  • 5 – San Antonio Spurs

NBA Finals Biggest Underdog Victory

Entering the 2004 season, the Detroit Pistons were listed as +1500 to win the NBA title. When they reached the finals, few expected them to topple Kobe Bryant and the Lakers and the Lakers were +500 to win. However, Rip Hamilton had a big series, and the Lakers had no answer as the Pistons pulled a 4-1 series upset.

NBA Finals FAQs

Who won the NBA Finals last season?

The Denver Nuggets cruised to their first-ever NBA Championship, defeating the Miami Heat 4-1 in the Finals. Denver did not need to play in a game seven throughout the run, as their overwhelming talent was too much for other teams to contain.

How many teams have never won the NBA Finals?

There are 11 active NBA teams who have not won the NBA Finals: Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, LA Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder, and New Orleans Pelicans.

What is the easiest bet to make on the NBA Finals?

The easiest bet to make is a series bet, which is where you simply pick the team you think will win the NBA Finals.

What’s the most common NBA Finals match-up?

Incredibly, the Lakers and Celtics have met in the NBA Finals 12 times. The Celtics lead the all-time series in the finals 9-3. The Lakers franchise (Minneapolis and Los Angeles) have also played the Syracuse Nationals/Philadelphia 76ers six times in the NBA Finals. The Lakers won five of those.

Who has been named NBA Finals MVP the most times?

  • 6 – Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls)
  • 4 – LeBron James (Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Lakers)
  • 3 – Magic Johnson (LA Lakers)
  • 3 – Shaquille O’Neal (LA Lakers)
  • 3 --Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs)