Accepted everywhere in the NJ online sports wagering market, PayNearMe is a sportsbook payment service, combining the benefit of playing in cash with the convenience of an electronic transfer. To make a PayNearMe transfer, Paynearme Online Sportsbooks supply their bettors with a barcode used to make a payment at a local 7-11 or CVS in NJ. Paynearme can be paid with credit/debit cards, bank accounts & Apple Pay, or cash payments for bettors using PayNearMe to wager at these NJ online sportsbooks

Paynearme Accepted Sports Betting Sites in NJ

New Jersey Online Sportsbook Accepts PayNearMe
888Sport Visa Accepted
SugarHouse Visa Accepted
Unibet Visa Accepted
Ocean Online Sportsbook Visa Accepted
FanDuel Visa Accepted
BetMGM Visa Accepted
Caesars Visa Accepted
Borgata Visa Accepted
DraftKings Visa Accepted
Fox Bet Visa Accepted
PointsBet Visa Accepted
William Hill Visa Accepted
TheScore Bet Visa Accepted
Hard Rock Visa Accepted
Resorts Online Sportsbook Visa Accepted
BetAmerica Visa Accepted
Golden Nugget Visa Accepted
Bet365 Visa Accepted
Bally’s Visa Accepted
Harrah’s Visa Accepted
CG Technology Visa Accepted

What is a PayNearMe?

PayNearMe is a flexible payment system that allows you wager at Paynearme Online Sportsbooks by paying cash for your online sports betting transactions that would usually require a credit card, web-wallet payment or debit card payment. The PayNearMe cash payment system will permit you to make both online and offline payments safely and securely without being required to share your bank account or credit card details online

To make an online sportsbook payment, you will be required to select the PayNearMe option to secure a PayNearMe barcoded Payslip or card. Following that, you will need to take your barcoded payslip or PayNearMe card to one of the Paynearme locations (a 7-11 or CVS in New Jersey) and hand over the cash plus the card or Payslip to the cashier to process your transaction.

The teller will then scan your card or PayNearMe payslip that automatically informs the online sportsbook that your transaction has been finalized.

You will receive a receipt as proof of your payment just as you would for any other payment at a CVS or 7-11. Your payment is instant and you will be able to begin to place wagers at NJ PayNearMe Online Bookmakers immediately, even before leaving the store. The excellent PayNearMe App assists you to conveniently manage your balance.

PayNearMe Safety & Security

PayNearMe offers excellent security for those New Jersey Sports Bettors concerned about making online card payments or bank transfers, or those that prefer to use cash to fund their online wagers and prefer not to share their payment details on the web. If you want to independently take charge of your own financial management, security and safety by paying for sports wagering as you go at your local store, then Paynearme is for you.

Certified as compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (a set of security standards ensuring that companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information in a secure environment), PayNearMe also uses bank-grade digital encryption as additional layer of security and real-time account validations.

How to make a PayNearMe Deposit

It’s an uncomplicated task to easily make a real money deposit at NJ PayNearMe Online Bookmakers;

Log-in to one of Paynearme Online Sportsbooks and;

  • Navigate to the cashier section of your online sportsbook account and choose ‘deposit’ and select ‘PayNearMe’ as your deposit method
  • Select the amount you want to deposit, enter it and then retrieve your PayNearMe barcode conforming to any minimum deposit amount set by the online sportsbook.
  • Head a local store (7-11 or CVS) that is one of the registered Paynearme locations.
  • Finalize your PayNearMe transaction by scanning the barcode and paying at the counter, as you would for any product purchased in-store.
  • Your funds will be available for online sports betting immediately, before you have left the store.

PayNearMe Deposit Time

Once you have paid at your local 7-11 or CVS in New Jersey, your online sportsbook deposit is processed instantly and you can begin to place your online sports wagers immediately.

How to make a PayNearMe Withdrawal

  • PayNearMe is a deposit only system.
  • You may not withdraw your winnings using PayNearMe.
  • If you deposited into your online sportsbook using PayNearMe, you can easily arrange for a withdrawal using a bank transfer, web-wallet or credit card. Check with your Paynearme Online Sportsbooks for details.

PayNearMe Customer Service

Contact PayNearMe with any inquiries between the hours of 9am to 5pm for best and quickest resolutions to any issues or problems.

  • Email address[email protected]
  • Phone1 888 633 9912
  • Intuitive FAQs section that answers most questionsYes

Advantages of using PayNearMe

  • Total security – Your details are never shared with Paynearme Online Sportsbooks
  • Opening a bank account or applying for credit card is not required for online sports wagering.
  • Complete Bankroll Control.
  • Modest fees (most PayNearMe transactions are in the $1.99 to $3.99 range)
  • A PayNearMe mobile app is available to manage your payments and electronic payslips to present to your local 7-11 or CVS.

Disadvantages of using PayNearMe

  • Other online sportsbook payment methods offer less fuss and can be done on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.
  • No withdrawals or payouts with PayNearMe, it is a deposit only system.

Ways to transfer money to PayNearMe

  • Use your PayNearMe pay slip, card or App to your local CVS or 7-11 to pay by whatever method they accept in-store including;
Apple Pay Credit Card/Debit Card Cash Check ACH
Visa Accepted Visa Accepted Visa Accepted Visa Accepted Visa Accepted

PayNearMe Sportsbooks NJ FAQs

  • How do PayNearMe fees work?

    PayNearMe charges a service fee in the $1.99 to $3.99 range per transaction on top of the amount you are depositing to your online sportsbook. The exact amount of the service fee should be supplied by your online sportsbook and displaying on your payslip.

  • Are PayNearMe deposits accepted by all online sportsbooks in New Jersey?

    Yes. At time of writing, all New Jersey online sportsbooks accept PayNearMe deposits (see table above).

  • Is the PayNearMe deposit method subject to any limits?

    Usually, there are no limits to the number of deposits you can make to NJ PayNearMe Online Bookmakers accounts. However, there are regular transaction limits that you should check at your online sportsbook.

  • How much can I transfer in a month with PayNearMe?

    There are no limits to the total number of PayNearMe payments that you can make in a month. However, PayNearMe can only accept up to $500 per 24-hour period and $10 000 per rolling 30-day period.

  • What is the age limit to use PayNearMe for sports wagering in New Jersey?

    When using PayNearMe to pay for your online sporting wagers, the age limit in New Jersey is 21 years of age and above.