Online Casino Gambling in Nevada

The state has built an impressive gambling industry that is the envy of many other states with sports betting (online and land-based), in-state unique Daily Fantasy Sports competitions, horse racing betting, poker (online and live), land-based casinos and charitable gambling.

Nevada Casino Gambling

More than 320 casinos are spread throughout the State of Nevada, with Las Vegas itself housing more than 100 casinos alone.

Other casino cities in the Silver State include Laughlin, Carson City and Reno. Of these, Reno is the most notable of these, housing 20 casinos along with ski resorts and other tourist attractions.

Nevada’s casino industry is not just profitable for players and casinos, it is pure, unadulterated fun! Where else can you find slot machines virtually anywhere, whether it be a bar, gas station, an airport, a train station or a restaurant? It’s a hoot!

Online Casinos in Nevada

Poker in Nevada

Poker is absolutely 100% legal for play in both the state of Nevada’s land-based and online casinos, and the states many licensed and regulated Poker Rooms.

Poker Rooms

Nevada licenses card-rooms in addition to the state’s 320 casinos.

Additionally, you can play poker (or any gambling game for that matter) at home as long as there is no game organizer taking a cut or making a profit from running the games. Charity poker events are also allowed. All of these forms of poker are licensed and controlled by the Nevada Gaming Board.

Online Poker Laws

Nevada has licensed online poker games for real money for players who are located within the Silver State’s borders. In February 2014, Nevada and Delaware signed the first ever Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement to share online poker liquidity. New Jersey joined this agreement in 2017 – see a copy of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement here.

Nevada's Online Gambling History

1931 – ‘Wide Open Gambling Bill’ passed in Nevada giving counties power to license gambling institutions and collect taxes and fees. The Bill was enforced to stabilize the State Economy after the effects of The Great Depression and allowed Las Vegas to become what it is today.

1949 – Bill passed to legalize gaming on Horse Racing and Pro Sports.

1955 – Nevada rid the State of undesirable elements including ‘The Mob’ by instituting the Nevada Gaming Board to collect license fees and taxes, administer the industry and apply oversight.

The Nevada Gaming Board has been such a success that Nevada’s Gaming is run perfectly cleanly without any crime association and all of Nevada’s gambling establishments are now corporately-owned, family-friendly locations.

1974 – Sports Betting tax lowered to 2% and Vegas Casino’s boom as a result creating plush facilities for city’s sports bettors, later lowered to 0.25% in 1983.

2010 – Sports Betting Apps introduced in Nevada.

2013 – First online casinos (online poker only) open in Nevada.

2014 – Online poker Liquidity-Sharing agreement signed between Nevada and Delaware with scope to introduce other states in the future.

2015 – DFS deemed ‘gambling’ and a requirement applied that DFS sites be licensed in Nevada. DFS evolves into a different form in Nevada.

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