Gambling in Colorado

Colorado Online Sports Betting

Gambling in Colorado is diverse and the state is one of only 5 states to offer six major types of gambling (charitable, horse racing, lotteries, commercial casinos, tribal casinos and daily fantasy sports, i.e. DFS).

However, Colorado Gambling Laws took almost 170 years to fully legalize casinos, and online casinos in Colorado are still fictional for-the-time-being.

2019 was a landmark in Colorado’s gaming history, as State lawmakers finally secured legal sports betting (online and land-based). Perhaps even online casinos like may enter the mix for further discussion and something like New Jersey Online Casinos be introduced in the future.

Colorado Casino Gambling

The State of Colorado has a hybrid mix of Tribal & Commercial Casinos. From larger casino resorts, to tribal casinos and smaller ‘boutique’ casinos, the range of casinos in Colorado is vast.

After legalization in 1991, the number of casinos (both Commercial and Native American) Colorado has snowballed to almost 40. At these Colorado casinos, you’ll find more than 14,300 slots and gaming machines and over 220 table games.

The popularity of Colorado’s Casino gambling has soared since it’s legalization in 1991 and it’s not only residents of Colorado that frequent the state’s casinos. The casinos are also a major hot-spot for tourists, especially those who come to ski the majestic slopes of the Rockies. Colorado’s Casino business is significantly increased by those who visit on skiing and hiking vacations in the Mile-High-State.

As a result, many smaller Colorado gambling casinos are located throughout the state, contributing to a large assortment of slot machines and casino table games. An ever-increasing number of tourists looking to avoid the crowds of the larger casinos are discovering that the amenities the smaller Colorado casinos are excellent and surprising options.

Online Casinos in Colorado

Residents and visitors to Colorado do not yet have access to play at fully legal online casinos in the same way that online players in New Jersey and Nevada do.

Whilst there are no specific online casino laws, gambling online in Colorado is assumed to be banned under the broad definition of ‘gambling’ in the State that outlines that specific gambling-types require to be licensed by the State.

Poker in Colorado

Other than the state’s poker rooms (see below), Colorado Laws provide for social poker games to be legal for gambling that is “incidental to a bona fide social relationship” and that no one other than the players themselves can profit from the poker game or activity.

These two criteria – a no profit motive for organizers and a bona fide social relationship – must be present for any gambling activity (including Poker) to be legal ‘social gambling’ in the state of Colorado.

Poker Rooms

There are 4 dedicated poker rooms in the Colorado State area and most of the state’s casinos also offer poker. In total, you will find slightly more than 120 live poker tables to play at in Colorado. In Colorado casinos and Poker Rooms you will find access to the following games: No Limit Texas Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, High Five Poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Crazy Pineapple, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and Four Card Poker.

Online Poker Laws

No online poker is available in Colorado at this time. See above section regarding the future implementation of ‘Online Casinos in Colorado’.

History of Online & Land-Based Gambling in Colorado

1882 – First Casino in the U.S, ‘Brown’s Saloon’ built on the intersection of the Colorado, Wyoming and Utah state lines.

1950 – Horse Racing Betting introduced.

1983 – Colorado State Lottery begins and access to inter-state lotteries opened up in 2001.

1991 – Commercial Casinos open for the first time in Colorado and Tribal Casinos follow in 1995.

1999 – Charitable Gaming becomes legal.

2016 – DFS legalized in Colorado.

2020 – Sports Betting Legalized in Colorado. Online Casinos in Colorado to follow?

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