Gambling in Missouri


Missouri first developed a gambling history in the heady-days of riverboat casinos during the 1800s. While the static-boats no longer sail, gambling in Missouri acknowledged its riverboat heritage and brought back-the-boats in 1992. It’s no surprise the casino industry is flourishing in Missouri.

Missouri has a growing mixed rural-urban population, a representation of what a future of America may resemble, socially and politically. What happens in Missouri is a crystal-ball for what transpires nationally on casinos online, online gambling, sports betting laws and betting on sports moving forward. many predict Missouri will move forward and legalize online casinos much like in NJ and Nevada.

Meanwhile, gambling in casinos, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), a great state lottery, charitable gaming and poker rooms in all the state’s casinos are all part of the Missouri gambling tapestry.

Missouri Casino Gambling

Missouri state legalized casino gambling in 1992 following the approval of the state’s voters after a state-wide referendum. Only riverboat casino gambling was legal at that time and the water-based casinos were limited to simple two-hour gaming cruises and the players were limited to $500 in losses per trip. After four years, the law changed to allow land-based casinos. Astonishingly, the $500-per-session loss limit lasted for more-than-a-decade, and was abolished in 2008 as part of casino law reforms. All of Missouri Casino Gambling is administered by the Missouri Gaming Commission.

The big gambling attraction in Missouri are the 13 riverboat casinos on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and they’re open 24 hours a day. There is no requirement to leave the docks anymore, and as such, they are standard Missouri casinos that just happen to be located on the state’s iconic waterways. There are no restrictions on casino games and players can enjoy video poker, blackjack, slots (the state’s favorite with more than 20 000 slots on offer in Missouri), craps, roulette, baccarat and live poker.

Online Casinos in Missouri

Gambling online is not yet legal in Missouri and the debate drafting of legislation in the State Legislature, will come before lawmakers can enact online gambling laws. Concurrently, legislators will additionally be required to create a regulatory system to ensure player and operator gaming security in Missouri, much like what already exists back East for the best online casinos in NJ.

As yet, there has been little need nor opportunity to address the legality of online casino games and create online casino laws in the state of Missouri.

Poker in Missouri

According to Missouri Law, Live Poker is readily available in Missouri, as long as it takes place in a licensed and regulated environment, such as a state riverboat casino.

Home poker games are permitted in the state of Missouri if the organizer is not profiting from the games.

Poker Rooms

Live Poker in Missouri is legal and readily available in the state’s Casinos. Different poker variants can be played without fear of breaking any of the state’s laws (including Casino Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Omaha 8 or better, No Limit Hold’em etc.).

Online Poker Laws

Missouri’s gambling laws clearly specify if a particular game, or game type is not specified in the state’s statues and is not regulated and licensed, it is considered to be illegal. That is precisely where online poker rest in the Missouri Law, illegal until ruled upon.

We will let you know of any potential alterations in the status of legal online poker in Missouri as they occur.

Missouri’s online gamblers can, however, participate online in the state’s legal real money DFS competitions.

History of Online & Land-Based Gambling in Missouri

1800’s; Riverboat Gambling flourishes.

1980; Charitable Gambling (Bingo and Raffles) legalized in Missouri.

1984; Horse Racing Betting legalized in Missouri.

1986; State Lottery begins in Missouri with profits going to education.

1992; Riverboat gambling re legalized in Missouri.

1993; Missouri Gaming Commission established.

2008; Casino betting limits raised.

2016; DFS legalized with the passing of Bill HB 1941.

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