Fanatics Online Sportsbook and Casino Go Live in New Jersey

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  • Fanatics online sportsbook and casino are now live in New Jersey
  • Fanatics Sportsbook is no available in 20 states
  • The change marks the official exit of the PointsBet brand

Fanatics continued its expansion of legal betting states across the US by launching their sportsbook and casino in New Jersey.

The Garden State has been one of the premier sports betting markets in the country, making this a big victory for Fanatics. They were able to gain access to the market through their acquisition of PointsBet, which they are replacing with the Fanatics Sportsbook and Casino in New Jersey.

Since they are taking over for PointsBet, they will gain an existing user base to work with. All PointsBet players will have their accounts migrated over to Fanatics for both the sportsbook and casino, ensuring they don’t lose out on reward points, bonus bets, etc. While PointsBet’s market share is small, it gives Fanatics a foothold among the other 20+ online New Jersey sportsbooks and 30+ online casinos.

“The acquisition of the US businesses of PointsBet has super charged our expansion plans,” said Fanatics Betting and Gaming CEO Matt King last month. “In addition to our migration of PointsBet customers and technology to the Fanatics Sportsbook and Casino platform, we have also added an incredibly talented team of passionate leader from the ranks of PointsBet USA that have already made an impact on our business.”

It is worth noting that PointsBet Sportsbook did finish second in New Jersey in gross revenue in March, though that was mainly driven by one high roller who many believe is one of the biggest legal players in the US.

Fanatics Sportsbook Now Available in 20 States

It’s hard to believe that Fanatics is one of the newest players in the industry given their availability nationwide. Now in a total of 20 legal betting states, the acquisition of PointsBet has proved to be well worth it, giving them access to some of the top casino and sports betting markets in the country.

While expansion into New Jersey is a big victory, Fanatics still need to find a way to succeed where betting apps like PointsBet failed. The good news is that they have two advantages over PointsBet. The first is their brand name, which is well known across the US. The other is their unique rewards program that can let bettors win official gear for their favorite teams.

PointsBet Officially Out of US Market

With the changeover to Fanatics now complete, PointsBet is no longer available in any US states. That includes the sportsbooks that were rebranded to “PointsBet: a Fanatics Experience”.

Their brand’s officially exit from the market has been a long process. Though the Australian-based operators initially found some success and expanded across the US, they found it too hard to compete. They are far from alone in this as more and more operators find it impossible to compete with over 80% of the market share belongs to FanDuel and DraftKings.