Stanley Cup Finals Betting in NJ

NHL champions each season are awarded hockey’s most prestigious trophy – the Stanley Cup. Regardless if you’re a New Jersey Devils fan or root for another team, the betting opportunities are excellent. We let you know all the best-and-tested Stanley Cup Finals betting sites in New Jersey in the table below.

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We put all the NJ betting sites through a set of stringent sportsbooks reviews criteria to safeguard they are the best selection for NJ players. For the range of testing criteria, please check our sportsbook review page and click on “review” for unequivocal information on each sportsbook brand.

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are hockey’s biggest annual event and showpiece the sport played at its highest, toughest and most competitive level.

With so many Stanley Cup Finals betting sites in NJ, deciding which betting apps are best-and-safest can bewilder bettors with the enormous selection on offer. Unearthing which sportsbook offers the best Stanley Cup odds 2021 or the best NHL bonuses and promotions can astonish even experienced bettors.

We have thoroughly examined and reviewed all the sites for Stanley Cup finals betting in NJ and recommended just the top-notch sportsbooks for your Stanley Cup betting pleasure and security.

What are the Stanley Cup Finals?

Wondering how many games for the Stanley Cup Finals?

Following hockey’s regular season and the NHL playoffs 2021, the Stanley Cup Finals are best-of-7-games series, with the winner being declared as the first to win 4 games in the series.

Although dating back to the 1892-3 season, the Stanley Cup (named after a former Canadian Governor-General) finals best-of-7-format was only introduced for the 1986-87 season.

The team that makes it to the Stanley Cup Finals with the best regular season record hosts four home games to the other team’s three.

How to bet on Stanley Cup Finals in New Jersey

If you are seasoned Stanley Cup Finals betting campaigner or making your debut with NHL Stanley Cup Finals, either way there is a standard step-by-step process for New Jersey bettors to follow in placing wagers on your favorite betting apps;

1. First step – register with more-than-one of the recommended Stanley Cup Finals betting sites in NJ in the table above. The best odds to win Stanley Cup 2021 or Stanley Cup Finals betting line are frequently accessed through a range of different online sportsbooks. By registering with a collection of online sportsbooks, you give yourself the best chance to never suffer disappointment in Stanley Cup Finals betting odds.

2. Once you’ve joined several sportsbooks from the above alternatives, head to their respective ‘Hockey betting’ sections, or it may be phrased ‘NHL’ or “Stanley Cup’ or ‘NHL Playoffs’. Check out the current odds to win the Stanley cup 2021 and full range of betting markets whether it be match betting, parlays, futures betting, prop wagers etc. to unearth what you consider to be the best betting value (For learners – a full explanation of bet types is available in the ‘Popular Types of Stanley Cup Bets’ section below. See our odds guide if you need assistance to understand odds).

3. Determine the form of wager you’d like to place;

  • Match Betting (money-lines, puck-lines etc.)
  • NHL Stanley Cup Finals Prop Bets
  • Totals (Over/Under)
  • Futures Betting (e.g., Stanley Cup Finals winner etc.)
  • Parlay Betting plus more

4. Select your favored betting amount, paying close attention if you can afford it. Smart bettors only bet what they can afford to lose. Any win should be considered a nice surprise rather than an expectation.

5. Having followed the steps above on your Stanley Cup Finals predictions, it’s time to deposit funds into your accounts. NHL Stanley Cup Finals sites offer a vast selection of secure-and-convenient payment methods. Follow the prompts by clicking ‘deposit’ and you’ll be ready-to-wager real money on the very best Stanley Cup betting line within a matter of minutes.

6. In terms of futures betting on the Stanley Cup Finals, the sooner you place your bets, the better odds you will receive for your wager. Odds usually fluctuate downwards the closer you get to the Stanley Cup games.

Popular Types of Stanley Cup Finals Bets

There is a vast range of bet types available with the Stanley Cup Finals betting sites in NJ. As with most team sports end-of-season finals, you can wager on the Stanley Cup winner on futures betting markets, include it in a parlay wager, bet on each game individually or place props wagers;

  • Money line – Wager on which team will win each individual game or the finals outright. No victory margin is needed, it is simply a bet to win or lose.
  • Puck Line – An NHL Puck Line is a goal line spread and is similar to a points-spread wager in NBA or NFL. Bets are based on a 1.5 Goal Spread – you can either take a 1.5 goal margin on the favorite or take a 1.5 goal margin with the underdog team. Taking the example of a favorite New Jersey Devils vs an underdog Carolina Hurricanes team, for you to win your wager, the Devils must win by two or more runs or the Hurricanes not lose by more than one run for either of the Puck Line Bets to be winners.
  • Total points (over/under) – Wagering on the combined goal totals of the two teams competing in a Stanley Cup match are over-or-under the number determined by NHL Stanley Cup Finals sites.
  • Prop bets – Stanley Cup Finals prop bets are can vary from the Finals MVP, goalies with most saves per game, the number of assists, goals or points for a team or player, or which conference will produce the winner plus much more.
  • Future bets – Simple betting using money line (win/lose) odds usually placed on the team you believe will win the Stanley Cup, or props may also be available. Best placed as far as possible out from the Stanley Cup Finals to receive better odds.

Betting option beginners should avoid

The bet type with the odds most in favor of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals sites (and therefore, against you!) is parlay betting. With their accumulative characteristics, parlay bets are demanding to win, and as such, best avoided by new bettors unless a parlay promotion is available.

Stanley Cup Finals Parlay wagers are a collection of 3-or-more bets – each individual bet in a parlay wager is known as a ‘leg’ – taken over a selection of finals games, or a number of in-game bets offered in any one of the 7 Stanley Cup Finals games (known as a ‘Same Game Parlay’).

With each successful leg in the parlay wager, the odds accumulate, BUT, should only one-leg of your parlay wager be a losing one, the parlay wager is lost outright.

For newcomers looking to cut their parlay betting risk and gain experience in sports betting’s trickiest type, check your NHL Stanley Cup Finals sites for parlay promotions, many of which pay out your bet as a winner even should you lose one leg of your NHL Stanley Cup Finals parlay wager.

For a more detailed explanation, see ‘Stanley Cup bonuses and promotions’ section below.

Live Betting

Live betting on the Stanley Cup Finals has become exponentially more popular over the last couple of years where live in-game odds re-set after each period or real NHL game time etc. are providing NJ bettors with the most realistic sports betting experience possible.

During the Stanley Cup Finals, most sportsbooks usually have more live in-play options than usual with money lines, puck lines, and live totals betting (over/under) during games.

Watch for sportsbook ‘cash-out’ options to couple with live wagering options to back out of your bet if you are considering to collect your win early, or on the other hand, minimize any potential loss if it appears that your bet will lose.

Keep in contact with live betting action conveniently anywhere/anytime, with the majority of Stanley Cup Finals betting sites in NJ providing live betting on the NHL’s ‘big dance’ on their mobile betting apps.

Who is the Favorite to Win the Stanley Cup Finals?

If you’re placing a wager on who will win the Stanley Cup Finals from the list of favorites, or if you’re picking an underdog at the best odds to win Stanley Cup Finals, we have all the best information for you and the Stanley Cup Finals betting odds on contenders;

Colorado Avalanche

FanDuel –+550
Borgata – +450

Having recently taken over favoritism from the Lightning, the Avalanche lead most experts’ Stanley Cup 2021 predictions. A deep attacking roster and excellent goaltending from Philipp Grubauer.

Tampa Bay Lightning

FanDuel –  +600
Borgata – +500

One of the NHL’s best defensive units and tough to breakdown, the Lightning boast no shortage of attacking options in front-of-goal in Steven Stamkos, Anthony Cirelli and Yanni Gourde.

Vegas Golden Knights

FanDuel –  +750
Borgata – +800

Yet another outstanding defense, the Golden Knights lack the offensive weaponry of teams above them in the odds. Cal Petersen, the Golden Knights outstanding goalie, marshals his defensemen with superb communication like few else in the NHL.

Toronto Maple Leafs

FanDuel –  +800
Borgata – +900

Canada’s best team of 2020/21 are powering through a soft North Division this season. Built on roster depth and excellent defensive recruitment, the ‘Leafs may shock a few teams above them in the odds.

Washington Capitals

FanDuel –  +1200
Borgata – +1300

The biggest movers in the odds in recent times on the back of a recent 8-2 run. No-one will want to face the Capitals in the first-round of the playoffs with Ovechkin, Backstrom and Carlsson leading the attack, and an effective goalie found in Ilya Samsonov.

Stanley Cup Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Come the time the NHL Playoffs begin in mid-May 2021, the Stanley Cup Finals betting sites in NJ will release a range of Stanley Cup betting promotions and bonuses.

Looking at what was on offer last year, you should expect some-if-not-all of the following;

  • Profit Boosts each day on Stanley Cup Finals matches when logging-on.
  • Stanley Cup Finals money-back on games going to overtime.
  • Odds Boosters
  • Stanley Cup Finals In-Game Prop Parlay Specials -Refunds applies when losing 1-leg of your in-game prop parlay wager of 3+legs.
  • Stanley Cup Parlay Insurance – Up to $100 Money Back if losing just 1-leg of a 4+-leg multi-game parlay bet on Stanley Cup matches

Important note

To view all available bonuses and promotions, NHL Stanley Cup Finals betting aficionados will need to join and log-on with the sportsbooks to see all deals on offer.
H2: Tips and strategies for Stanley Cup Finals betting in NJ Developing a successful Stanley Cup Finals Series Betting Strategy is not dependent on any sole factor. However, there are a selection of Stanley Cup betting tips that you can use to mitigate the betting risks and bet smart;

  • As the best teams in hockey are on-the-ice, the differences are thin and the best defenses win games. When money-line betting, study the starting goalie match-ups.
  • For futures wagering, bet on deep rosters (all our favored teams above feature a strong bench) that can cover injuries.
  • The Stanley Cup is almost always close. A deflection into the net can decide the title. Totals rarely blow out. Betting the under is smart.
  • Don’t follow your personal bias. It’s business, not personal.
  • Place wagers early to get the best futures odds.
  • Read the betting news – Follow our Stanley Cup Finals predictions articles to discover the best bets.
  • Wager with money you can afford to lose. Consider it fun – your betting decisions will be astute as a result.

Statistics and Useful General Information

Stanley Winners Last 10 years

  • 2020 – Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 2019 – St Louis Blues
  • 2018 – Washington Capitals
  • 2017 – Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2016 – Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2015 – Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2014 – Los Angeles Kings
  • 2013 – Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2012 – Los Angeles Kings
  • 2011 – Boston Bruins

Most Stanley Cup Wins

  • 24 – Montreal Canadiens
  • 13 – Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 11 – Detroit Red Wings
  • 6 – Boston Bruins & Chicago Blackhawks
  • (The New Jersey Devils have won 3 Stanley Cups, most recently in 2002-3)

Stanley Cup’s Biggest Underdog Victory

The 1980 New York Islanders won the Stanley Cup as +8500 outsiders over the Philadelphia Flyers.

Dates & Places

Unlike 2020, the Stanley Cup Finals locations this year will be determined by the two teams that qualify, and they will play out of their home arenas.

Whilst the exact dates are not yet known, the NHL has announced that the Stanley Cup Finals must conclude by July 9 2021.

That means that the Finals may be held in the last week of June and through the first week of July 2021.

Stanley Cup Betting in NJ FAQ's

Is Stanley Cup Finals betting in NJ legal?

Yes. You can place legal wagers on any online sportsbook licensed-and-regulated the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (all those listed in table above).

What are the odds for New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup?

While the Devils are not having their best season, you can get odds of +25000 for the Devils to win the Stanley Cup with FanDuel.

What are the odds for New Jersey Devils to win the East Division and make the playoffs?

It is still unlikely, but diehard Devils fans can also get odds of +25000 for their team to win the East Division in 2021.

Who is favorite to win the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP) in 2021?

The Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid is runaway favorite with FanDuel to lift the Hart Trophy in 2021 at odds of -210.

Which team is favorite to win the Presidents Trophy (NHL most regular season points) in 2021?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are heavy favorites to win the Presidents Trophy in 2021 at odds of +200 with FanDuel.

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