FanDuel NJ & Simplebet Team Up to Bring You NBA Microbetting

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FanDuel NJ & Simplebet Team Up to Bring You NBA Microbetting

New Jersey sports bettors now have a new form of sports betting to look forward to, as betting technology company, Simplebet, recently launched its NBA InPlay product through its partnership with one of the Garden State’s leading online sportsbooks, FanDuel. FanDuel, in combination with its partner, PointsBet just last week retained their position of state market leader in New Jersey raising $41.8 million in gross revenue for the month of January.

The Simplebet technology allows for microbetting for all NBA games. Automated market mechanics of each betting market allow for real-time odds updates of any particular occurrence throughout live play such as possessions, 3-point play plays, steals etc. While the format was originally designed to be a part of FanDuel flagship Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) set-up, the technology has been re-worked to allow for the engagement of sports bettors through microbetting on the FanDuel sportsbook.

Simplebet’s Cutting-Edge Microbetting Experience

The technology itself is groundbreaking, as Simplebet’s proprietary pricing engine combines live betting markets mechanics (through creation, repricing etc.) with odds generated for each potential play outcome in real time.

The latest FanDuel – Simplebet offering follows the two companies similarly joining forces in presenting NFL microbetting to their clients for the recently completed 2020/21 season. That arrangement was a trial for this NBA microbetting product and the bugs have been ironed out to produce a flawless user experience for potential NBA microbettors.

“We’re thrilled to expand our offering into the NBA and power the InPlay game with our ground breaking technology that will turn possessions throughout the course of the game into betting opportunities,” announced Chris Bevilacqua, Chief Executive Officer and Simplebet’s Co-Founder.

“Micro-Markets have proven to boost fan engagement and drive longer watch times, and the sport’s popularity across the globe presents an exciting pathway for the evolution of in-play betting” he concluded.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, Senior Vice President, the NBA’s Head of Fantasy & Gaming remarked;

“We are excited to be working with FanDuel and Simplebet to innovate together around the future of in-play betting for the NBA. NBA InPlay was built around engaging fans in real-time, and with the accelerated roll out of sports betting across the country, this is a natural evolution of the product.”

How FanDuel’s Microbetting will Work

When using the FanDuel NBA InPlay tool, every quarter of every NBA game featured on FanDuel Sportsbook will be transformed into a free-to-play live betting contest with site credit payouts up for grabs.

The object of NBA InPlay will be to predict the outcome of possessions and other in-play occurrences against a range of odds that be updated in real-time throughout the game. Online sports bettors will be awarded 2000 tokens at the start of each quarter of the featured games and will have the possibility to wager up to 100 tokens on each featured prediction throughout the game, including a range of wagers like how many potential points a player might score in the upcoming quarter, or even what will happen on the next possession of the game.

The AI technology uses advanced machine learning and automation to generate fast betting opportunities throughout a sporting contest, quick results delivered by intuitive user-experiences.

Until now, micro betting on the outcome on every play of a game has been something totally new, and now, the innovative concept is finally a feature that sportsbooks have the technology to be able to offer successfully.

“As the legal sports betting market continues to expand nationwide, we’re engaging NBA fans with a free way to get in on the action by reintroducing NBA InPlay on FanDuel,” said Kelley Walker, FanDuel’s Vice President of Integrated & Product Marketing.

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