Best UFC Betting Sites

As UFC betting is so popular now, USALegalBetting leaves no stone unturned to assist in cutting out the confusion and through the spin to deliver you simply the best quality options for UFC betting sites, where you’ll get the best UFC odds and UFC predictions, to be left without any doubt the best UFC betting site that suits your individual style.

Top Bookmakers for Betting on the UFC

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BetMGM Sports Review
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Unibet Sportsbook
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Sports Illustrated Sportsbook
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How to Choose the Best Betting Site to Bet on the UFC?

Whilst you’re wondering ‘where can I bet on UFC fights’, our team of researchers are frantically tracking down the best UFC betting predictions and where betting on UFC fights online can make you the most profit.

We crunch the numbers of many factors to help you choose where to bet on UFC flights

Betting Markets

Which UFC sportsbooks complement their fight betting services by offering free advice and a range of UFC betting predictions and blog articles on how to read UFC betting lines.

UFC Odds

It is important to check to see which sportsbook has the best odds for the UFC Fight you to bet on, different bookmakers will have different odds on the fights, so it is important to check to see who has the best odds.

UFC Live Streaming

Does the sportsbook offer live streaming of the event? Many online bookmakers live stream UFC events for free to their members

UFC Betting Markets

Fight Winner

The simplest and most popular UFC bet is wagering on which fighter will have his hand raised after the fight, whether by decision, KO, submission or DQ. If your fighter wins, then your wager wins. Usually in money line format.

Total Rounds

Another popular UFC bet is the over/under on how long the fight lasts. The over/under for total rounds is frequently set (but not always) at 2.5. If the fight lasts 3 rounds, then ‘over’ is paid out. If the fight is over in 2 rounds, then the ‘under’ bets win.

Method of Victory

A fight can end in many ways; by TKO/KO (technical knockout/knockout), submission, decision or DQ (disqualified) win for either fighter. A draw is also possible.

First knockdown

Place a wager on which fighter will be knocked down first in a UFC fight.

Round of Victory/Fighter of Victory

If you think you know exactly when the fight will finish, then you can wager on which fighter will win and in which round.

UFC Betting Specials

To add another dimension to your online gaming experience, a selection of special betting markets reflecting the dynamic characteristics of the NFL are available

  • UFC Parlay Betting – are an accumulated number of bets taken over a selection of UFC games. Odds accumulate with each successful fight outcome prediction. Enormous wins are possible if all legs of the bet a successful.
  • UFC In-play Live Betting – Bet on UFC fights live as they are fought with odds being reset in real time. Usually only offered in between rounds.
  • Complementary Pairing UFC Betting – Bet on a fighter to win, by what method and in which round to win big money at long odds.
  • Unconfirmed Fights – Get massive UFC odds on fights that are yet to be confirmed as definite. An example of a UFC unconfirmed fight would be Conor McGregor versus former boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather in a UFC octagon.
  • Fight of the Night Prop Bet – Bet on which fight will be the best and most competitive of the evening of any UFC event. Judged by an independent panel.

UFC Betting Outrights

UFC Men’s World Champion – Bet on which fighter you believe will be crowned World Champion across 8 different weight divisions; heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, lightweight, featherweight, bantamweight, flyweight.

UFC Women’s World Champion – Bet on which fighter you believe will be crowned World Champion across 4 different weight divisions; featherweight, bantamweight, flyweight, strawweight

Best UFC Newcomer – Bet on which fighter will be adjudged best newcomer to the circuit in a calendar year.

UFC Fight Night Best Fighter – Bet on which fighter will be adjudged the best fighter on any particular UFC Fight Night event.

Best UFC Betting Strategy

Throughout the year, USALegalBetting’s team of UFC betting site experts undertake frequent and ongoing checks of online betting sites offered across the United States examining which of them consistently offer the best odds across a range of selected UFC betting markets.

By way of example, frequently our experts discover that for any one UFC fight better odds for different victory outcomes can be found on different betting sites.
We see it every day and that’s why that the best online UFC Betting strategy is to

Join more than 1 online UFC betting site to ensure receiving the best odds for each-and-every UFC fight.

Ensuring the best UFC betting value possible for each bout, you will give yourself the best chance to win some money and always get the best UFC betting markets.

UFC Schedule & Dates

Regular weekly UFC fight nights are scheduled across the world each week throughout the entire calendar yea.

UFC fight nights usually take place on weekends.

Quality online UFC betting sites will always keep you updated, with dates of upcoming fight nights, the special bouts, and of course, their odds.

See the UFC betting schedule snapshot from 888Sport

UFC betting FAQs

What kind of wagers can I make on UFC??

There are a myriad of bet types in UFC, ranging from simple single money line bets on the winner of a bout, through to big parlay bets which encompass many different fights. You’ll also find that there’s the chance to bet live on UFC as well as many different types of prop betting.

Which are the best UFC betting sites?

USALegalBetting’s recommended UFC betting sites are the best sites in the United States. All of the USALegalBetting recommendations have been thoroughly tested and examined in order to offer you the best possible UFC wagering enjoyment and ways to win money.

Can I place wagers on a UFC fight after it has begun?

Yes. USALegalBetting’s recommended UFC betting sites offer live in-play UFC betting (usually in-between rounds at adjusted betting odds).

Can I bet on UFC on my cell phone?

Yes. USALegalBetting’s range of quality online UFC betting sportsbooks all offer betting markets accessible from your cell phone and other mobile devices in addition to betting from your PC and/or laptop.

Which UFC fighters should I bet on?

This ultimately depends on the two fighters in the octagon, and what their form is like. Generally, however, you should bet on the fighter who has consistently shown an ability to win matches on the big stage. Of course, consulting the blogs and UFC tips on the recommended UFC betting sites and using any expert knowledge you have gathered will give you an added edge when betting on UFC.