Borgata Sportsbook NJ now offers ‘Cash Out’ Betting

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Borgata Sportsbook NJ now offers ‘Cash Out’ Betting

Live in New Jersey and you’re looking to take further control of your sports betting wagers? Look no further than Borgata Sportsbook.

  • Are you tired of your sports betting wager getting off to good start, only to see it slip away by an upset comeback from an underdog team?
  • Or did your team concede an early touchdown and you just want to cut your losses?
  • Did your selected team bolt out of the gates and you want to protect your wager and lock it in as a definite win without waiting for the final whistle?

For these and other sports betting scenarios, sign up with Borgata Sportsbook today and try their Cash Out option for yourself.

How the Borgata Sportsbook Cash Out Feature Works

Borgata have firmly established themselves as an innovative online betting site for New Jersey sports bettors with introduction of their Cash Out feature. It’s a great product for sports betting fans who are looking to collect their winnings before the event has finished.

The Borgata Cash Out feature is available on the following bet types;

  • Parlay Bets
  • Straight Bets

The amount of the cash out will be determined on the live result at the moment of cash out and will update as time passes or the result changes.

Pros of the Borgata Cash Out Feature

  • Increase your bankroll without being required to make another deposit.
  • Minimize your losses
  • Safeguard your winnings before the final result. This is extra useful for parlay bets when your bet is fully dependent on the last game of a parlay series and the cash out feature can safely secure you from a losing bet.

Cons of the Borgata Cash Out Feature

  • Cashing out of your wager could potential lower your winnings if eventually concludes as a successful bet (Risk versus Reward)

Cash out feature NFL examples

For everyday examples of how the Cash Out feature functions, imagine the following two possible betting scenarios;

You place a $20 pre-game bet on the New York Giants at -3.5 over the Dallas Cowboys;

  • Scenario 1: At the end of the first half, the Giants lead the Cowboys 24-0. Since this increases the likeliness of your bet being won, a Borgata Cash Out of $12 is on the table for you to take. You have the option to either take that certain $12, or you might decide to wait until the end of the game to collect your full amount, hoping that the New York Giants will still cover the -3.5 spread.
  • Scenario 2: After three quarters, the Dallas Cowboys take a huge 31-6 lead. Now it seems more likely that your bet will be lost, you might decide to take the Borgata Cash Out option of $4 before the game concludes. Either you decide to take $4 now to make sure that your entire wager isn’t lost, or you wait until the end of the game and hopes the Giants will make a huge and unlikely come back.

Check out the CASH OUT feature for yourself when visiting Borgata Sports

The Cash Out option can be found in the MY BETS section of the Borgata Sportsbook bet slip (live betting) or in the CASH OUT section (pre-game).

It is worthwhile to mention that not all bets will always have the Cash Out feature available. Remember to check the ‘My Bets’ and ‘Cash Out’ sections before finalizing your wager. Cash Out can also potentially be rejected if the bet is already closed or if the bet is frozen.

There are no hard and fast rules about when to use Cash Out, however, the best advice is to not be swayed by emotion. If you have a large wager which seems to be a winning one, (but could still be lost by a sudden swing of fortune), forget about the amount you could have won, and realise the profit that is on offer now.

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