Borgata Sportsbook Review + Bonus Code For $100


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Borgata Review

✅Fact Checked by: Michael Savio

Borgata Online Sportsbook arrived in 2018 shortly after the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey, adding to the world-class casino of the same name that operates out of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It’s a partnership of gargantuan proportions made all the bigger due to Borgata merging with MGM in 2016, creating an even greater presence for both its land-based casino and the associated Borgata Online Casino.

With the arrival of the superb Borgata Sportsbook, the site offers players an opportunity to enjoy online sports betting along with its online casino and online poker all on one site. The site provides excellent Borgata mobile sports betting options readily available in New Jersey and soon to be also available in Pennsylvania.

Borgata Sportsbook Info

  • Established Date - 2018
  • Headquarters Location - Las Vegas
  • Minimum Deposit - $10
  • Maximum Bonus Amount - $100
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Imaginative Promotions
  • Borgata Boosted Odds
  • In-person withdrawals
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • Customer service available in English Only
  • Online Sportsbook Available Only In NJ

All Borgata Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions Review

Borgata Sign Up Bonus 

The Borgata sportsbook offers all sorts of special deals to its customer base. The first deal comes during registration and can be unlocked via a Borgata sportsbook bonus code.

The deal is simple: make your first bet at least $20 in value, and you will receive $100 in free bets. Free bets are essentially tokens of native currency that can be applied to betting lines as a stake.

Customers can access the promotion via the web or Borgata Sportsbook mobile app.

Borgata Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus Terms

The welcome bonus only applies to players using new accounts, meaning that returning customers will, unfortunately, miss out on the opportunity. Qualifying bets must be placed on betting lines with -200 odds or better in any sport.

Customers also have to be at least 21 years old and in New Jersey. Redeeming this offer also means that you cannot accept the welcome bonus for the Borgata casino, which we will go over in more detail later.

Only one welcome bonus can be redeemed per household. Players may also only redeem one welcome opportunity, regardless of their location. The free bets will be awarded in two $50 amounts and will be accredited within 24 hours.

A full list of the terms and conditions can be found in the details of the Borgata bonus code. Use the Borgata Sportsbook customer service to answer any further questions.

Other Ongoing Borgata Sportsbook Promotions and Bonuses

Borgata has ongoing sportsbook promos and bonuses separate from the registration bonus to help service its frequent customers, though not as many as its other top sportsbook apps. These deals are subject to change over time but will almost always be available in some capacity and can be used for a variety of sports.

We have aggregated and analyzed current Borgata promotions into a list below.

Borgata Casino Welcome Bonus

Okay, this one is still for new customers, but it is for online casino players. We have included it because new customers can only pick one welcome bonus to redeem, so it is important to understand.

The welcome bonus has a total value of $1,020. The first part is a $20 free bet, which is essentially a voucher of native currency worth $20 that can jumpstart your career as a bettor.

The second part of the welcome bonus is a 100% deposit match up to $1,000. This means that Borgata will match your first deposit in full up to $1,000—if your first deposit is worth $50, you will then have $120 to play with, thanks to the extra $50 from the deposit match and a $20 free bet. If you deposit $600, you will have $1,220 to bet.

The $20 free bet will be yours as soon as you finish creating your account but must be used within three days, or else it will expire. Any earnings unlocked through the deposit match will expire after 30 days and can only be used in the online casino, not for poker,

Baccarat (all games), Roulette (all games), or online sports betting. Players must also make a minimum deposit of $10.

How to Register to Borgata Sportsbook

Registering with a sportsbook can seem intimidating—however, we have broken it down so that you know exactly what to do.

  • Visit Borgata: Travel to the Borgata sportsbook and click “Register.”
  • Create a sign-in: Enter a valid email address and password to set up the basics of your account.
  • Enter your information: Borgata will ask you for a variety of personal details, including name, last four digits of your social security number, birthday, phone number, and address.
  • Finish registration: Review all of your information to make sure that it is correct, review the terms and conditions, and then finish the account creation stage.
  • Make your first deposit: Many welcome bonus offers hinge around customers meeting a minimum requirement for their deposit—we expand on different methods for depositing money later on.
  • Customize your account: Go into your account and explore the different settings and personalization details that are available to give you the most immersive experience possible.

If you have any questions throughout the account creation stage, you can use the Borgata customer service number to speak to a trained expert who will help walk you through the process. We have included help desk information in the sections below.

Borgata Sportsbook: Deposit Methods

There are many different banking methods that can be used to send money to the Borgata sportsbook, no matter if you are using the Borgata app or a traditional web platform. Each method has its pros and cons, and we have highlighted them all to provide you with the fullest understanding.

You can deposit money in a variety of manners and are not restricted to one way once you have made your first deposit.

VISA/Master/Amex/Discover Credit/Debit

Borgata customers can use VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover credit and debit cards to deposit money.

The advantage of credit cards is that you can easily check your banking app to monitor the flow of your funds and also check the progress—however, some banks charge fees for transfers (Borgata does not). Many people also have their card information saved to their phone or computer, which can speed up the process.


PayPal is a prominent e-wallet that can send money all over the world, including to Borgata.

Users can send money directly from their PayPal accounts or use it to direct funds from a credit or debit card, depending on their preference. PayPal has a ton of security measures to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity, although it does impose charges that will take away from the balance you are sending to Borgata.


PayNearMe is an innovative solution to paying for a variety of purchases or, in this case, covering a deposit. Users simply indicate how much they want to deposit and then confirm that amount—once that happens, they will be texted or emailed a code.

Customers then take that code to a gas station, such as a local 7-eleven, scan it, and then pay for it with their preferred method.

PayNearMe has a flat-rate fee and demands that customers leave the confines of wherever they are to visit a local store.


Skrill is another popular online e-wallet that is very similar to PayPal. Skrill customers can send money for lower fees than they would on PayPal, although it is somewhat exclusive amongst sports betting sites. That being said, Borgata accepts Skrill transfers.

Borgata Prepaid Play+ Card

A Borgata Prepaid Play+ card is one of the simplest ways to send money to your account. Essentially, the prepaid card is filled to a desired amount via an online cashier and then can only be spent on the Borgata sportsbook. The money that it holds is stored in a bank until you decide to use the card.

Be aware that the card company could charge fees—check Borgata’s deposit details for more information. You can use prepaid cards to keep easy track of your money or to stick to a budget.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are one of the most common methods of making deposits with Borgata and all sportsbooks. Customers can easily monitor where their money is going, already have intimate knowledge of the process, and know who to contact if there is an issue.

On the downside, there can be hefty fees for sending money, depending on the bank. Read into your bank’s fees before routing money to Borgata so that no surprises pop up fees.

ACH E-Check

To send money via an e-check, you will need to provide your account and routing numbers as well as your ID number. Once you have that squared away, you will be able to freely move money back and forth between your account and the Borgata sportsbook.

Cash: The final method of deposit is cash. Obviously, this is restricted to in-person sports betting at any Borgata properties. Just bring your cash to the clerk on duty and they will make the deposit for you.

MethodMinimum DepositProcessing FeeProcessing Time
Visa Credit/Debit$10No Borgata fees1-2 Minutes
Mastercard Credit/Debit$10No Borgata fees1-2 Minutes
Amex Credit/Debit$10No Borgata fees1-2 Minutes
Discover Credit/Debit$10No Borgata fees1-2 Minutes
PayPal$10No Borgata feesInstant
PayNearMe$10No Borgata fees15-20 minutes
Skrill$10No Borgata feesInstant
Borgata Prepaid Play+ Card$10No Borgata fees1-2 Minutes
Bank Transfer$1,000No Borgata fees1-2 Minutes
ACH E-check $10No Borgata feesInstant
Cash$10No Borgata feesInstant

Borgata Sportsbook: Withdrawal Methods

Borgata sportsbook has many withdrawal methods available to customers, just like it has diversity in deposit methods.

There is a lot of overlap between the two categories, although it is important to understand what is available to you, the processing times and fees, etc. Most transfers will be completed quickly and all will be within a week maximum, although the exact speed varies for each method of withdrawal. 

Each method has different benefits, which we hinted at during the deposit section and will expound on further. 

You can use different withdrawal methods to check the status of your money and see if the withdrawal request has been processed. This will let you know if the money is in transit and if it is in your account. Consult the chart below to figure out which deposit method is the best for your personal needs.

MethodMinimum WithdrawalProcessing FeeProcessing Time
Skrill$10None1-5 business days
PayPal$10None1-5 business days
Borgata Prepaid Play+ Card$10NoneWithin 24 hours
PayNearMe$10None15-20 minutes
Bank Transfer$1,000None1-5 business days
VIP Preferred Program $10None24-48 hours
ACH E-check$10None3-5 business days
Check by mail (NJ only)$0None7 to 21 business days
Cash$10None10-12 hours

Borgata Sportsbook: Leagues and Markets to Bet on Review

Borgata has a ton of opportunities for bettors of all backgrounds and interests. Customers will find betting lines in all sorts of markets, including spreads, moneylines, futures, props, totals, parlays, exotics, and more.

Within each of these markets, users will find tons of sports and leagues available to them. This includes both the nationally televised events, such as the Super Bowl or World Series, and the smaller niche events that don’t traditionally get as much air time.

This gives the user full control and guarantees full satisfaction when it comes to Borgata sports betting.

Here are some of the leagues that bettors can start their betting experience with


NBA betting sites, which Borgata qualifies as, devote a ton of resources to creating and maintaining a variety of betting lines, including all of the ones we mentioned above. Some of the most popular futures include NBA champion, MVP, and scoring title winner. 

Basketball parlays can be as simple as two moneylines or six predictions on the first basket scorer in a game. Users have tons of control and a customizable experience whenever they are betting on NBA games with the Borgata sportsbook.

Promotions run pretty much non-stop throughout the NBA season, although they also proliferate during the playoffs and especially in the NBA Finals. Customers can check the promotions section of the Borgata sportsbook or their inbox to keep up to date with what extra opportunities are available to them.


MLB betting sites such as Borgata take advantage of the league’s lengthy 162-games regular-season schedule with a variety of opportunities. Just like the NBA, the major markets are ever-popular, as are futures on outcomes like the next World Series winner, MVP, and Cy Young winners.

Luckily for baseball bettors, the fun starts long before the first pitch is even thrown. Fans can wager on spring training games, giving them a fix early and also preparing them for what is to come during the regular season.

The MLB also creates one of the most tension-filled environments for bettors in the postseason, whether that be the one-and-done play-in games to kickstart each league’s playoff schedule or game seven of the championship-deciding World Series.

One swing of the bar can win a team a world title, which is why bettors are so heavily invested in the sport.


NFL betting sites have a more structured betting schedule, with a majority of games coming on Sunday and (usually) one on Thursday and Monday. Football fans frequently bet against the spread, which “spots” underdogs points, but can also create exotic parlays or indulge in any other area of the market.

The growth legal online sports betting in America has leaked over to social media, and as a result, the pursuit of life-changing parlays has inspired many people to create accounts. You will frequently see people placing low-stake, high-payout parlays that could turn them into the next viral sensation if all of the dominoes fall into place.

The Super Bowl, the NFL’s championship game, is also the most bet-on event in American sports. Sportsbooks, including Borgata, frequently run promotions in the build-up to the event and will raise the stakes on game day in a demonstration of effort reciprocal to what the customer base has shown.

It is important to invest in sportsbooks that invest in their customers, and that is a great way to describe this paradigm.


NHL betting sites do a great job of serving their target audience which, more times than not, is just like real NHL players—spirited, committed, and feisty. NHL spreads (also known as the puck line) are almost always set t + and -1.5, forcing bettors to take a guess at which line will come through while considering the value of the bet.

This is special to the NHL and MLB (which also uses 1.5 for spreads), whereas spreads in other sports usually balance the game with much less variability on odds.

NHL parlays can include outcomes such as anytime goalscorer, winner of a certain period, or which player will end up in the penalty box. There are also futures and exotics, just like you would expect to find in any major sport. 

Borgata customers can redeem promotions from the promotion section or their inbox related to hockey whenever they pop up. Check in during the build-up to the Stanley Cup for a near guarantee to earn some extra prizes by betting on NHL games. 

NCAA Football

NCAA Football betting also targets another very passionate section of sports fans. The NCAA offers the top level of amateur football in America, playing out a regular-season schedule before hosting conference championships, bowl games, and the four-team (soon to be expanded) single-elimination Collge Football Playoffs.

Because of the pull of several major institutions, there is not as much parity in college football as there is in professional sports or even less-marketed collegiate sports, but that also sets up elite matchups with teams chock-full of future NFL talent. NCAAF bettors are usually in action on Saturdays when a vast majority of the games take place.

Unlike professional sports, some states do not allow player-prop betting in college games so as to alleviate strain and concerns related to individual performances in amateur sports. You can consult our state pages for your state of residence to see if it allows player prop betting on college sports.

NCAA Basketball

NCAA Basketball betting sites are very similar to NCAA Football sites, though their schedule lasts longer and has a much different postseason dynamic. Bettors can gamble on spread, moneylines, and all of the usual markets, but player props are also restricted in certain states.

The meat of NCAAB betting occurs during March Madness, a 68-team, single-elimination bracket used to determine which team is the best in American college basketball. The tournament was given its affectionate name because of the plethora of upsets that happen every year and because stars can be born overnight. 

NCAA Basketball bettors can find tons of promotional opportunities throughout the season and especially in March Madness, including free-to-play pools that help measure customers’ bracket-making skills against other Borgata users.

Other Sports

Whether it be UFC betting, soccer betting, boxing betting, MMA betting, or NASCAR betting, Borgata will also have betting lines available. Just because these are grouped in “other sports” does not mean that they do not receive priority with Borgata or are sparsely found in the sportsbook.

The list of betting options also extends to Super Bowl betting, March Madness betting, tennis betting, PGA, and practically everything that you can think of. You can check out the Borgata sportsbook menu to see a full list of options but beware that new options may pop up depending on where the sporting calendar is at. 

Unfortunately, horse betting and TVG betting are excluded from the list of betting opportunities.

Borgata Sportsbook: Odds Review

Borgata odds are competitive with other sportsbooks and offer users plenty of opportunities to maximize their profits. Customers can pick from any of the markets that we have spoken about, whether they be major or exotic, or they can parlay multiple bets into one for a shot as a massive payout.

Those who are new to online sports betting and may not totally understand how the odds work are free to check out our other reviews and guides on sports betting. A general rule to keep in mind is that everyone has different preferred methods of betting, and it is important to take your time to figure out which part of the market is the best for you.

Borgata customers can utilize promotions to improve their chances of winning bets or the size of their payouts, depending on the details. Promotions will be advertised in the promo section of the sportsbook and in your account inbox.

Borgata Sportsbook Live Betting Review

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is a form of betting which occurs while events are taking place. The variable here is that odds are ever-changing and move in conjunction with the event, which can increase or decrease the odds for particular betting lines.

The benefit of live betting is that the user can artificially create better odds for their preferred outcome, although that usually involves the team or player they are supporting falling behind. You also run the risk of the team or player you want to bet on pulling ahead and making their odds even less profitable, decreasing the risk-reward ratio

Betting odds are updated frequently with Borgata, which is of top-tier importance for live bettors. Live betting odds can be found all over the sportsbook, though they may be updated at different intervals depending on the popularity of the sport or event.

Borgata Sportsbook Live Streaming Review

Borgata offers live streaming of select events in a variety of sports. This allows customers to stay in one central location both as a bettor and sports fan and can increase the ease of live betting. However, Borgata does not have access to all of the headlining events, so you will not want to cancel all of your streaming plans without first checking the upcoming schedule.

Borgata Sportsbook: Parlay Bets

Borgata allows customers to place a variety of parlays. The first is just a regular parlay involving outcomes within games or matches across different events in that sport or multiple sports, which can be a real test for true sports fans.

Another type of parlay is a same-game parlay which asks bettors to pick multiple outcomes within a single event. Same-game parlays can create better odds than regular parlays if selected outcomes oppose each other, though that also increases the risk.

Bettors can also create futures parlays, which are predictions of outcomes that are going to happen in the long term. An example of a future parlay would be predicting the championship winner in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, though it can extend to many different sports, events, and timelines.

Borgata Sportsbook: Early Cash Out

One of Borgata’s alluring features is that it allows bettors to opt for an early cash-out, which means that they can withdraw money from a bet before it has even finished.

The benefits to this are that it can protect against losses if you see that an event is now unfolding the way you wanted and you don’t want to take any more losses, or it can let you guarantee a profit if your team is ahead but you are unsure if they will win the bet.

Early cash-outs are not always available— if you want to see if it is, open your active bets, and you will see a “Cash Out” option if one is ready. Cash-outs also change in value as the odds change and can momentarily disappear as the oddsmakers adjust the odds.

Bettors can cash-out on single bets or parlays, again, depending on the circumstances. If a bet is a foregone conclusion, there is usually no cash-out option.

Borgata Sportsbook: Edit My Bet

Customers can use this feature to amend their bets even after they have been placed, and sometimes even after they have begun. If cash out is available, and the event has not yet finished, customers will be able to edit their bets as they please.

Users can edit bets to reflect different monetary amounts, include different boosts, or even completely flip which side of the event they are on. Edit my bet also applies to parlays and can be used even if other legs of the parlay have been settled, again, as long as the criteria are met.

Promotional offers are always changing and could look completely different in a matter of weeks or months. Check the Borgata promotions page as well as your account inbox to keep up to date with what is going on. Use sportsbook promos to maximize your earnings and entertainment as a bettor.

Borgata Sportsbook User Experience

The Borgata sportsbook has several different landing pages available for sports bettors. These include a web app, Borgata sports betting app, and a mobile betting page. 

Borgata users can access all of the vital tools, including betting lines, deposits and withdrawals, and Borgata customer service by using any of these methodologies—however, each has its pros and cons, which we will go over in more detail below. 

Mobile App


The Borgata sportsbook mobile app is very presentable, clean, and put together. Our Borgata review found that it looks exactly like you would want a sports betting app to look, with a section of sports and events on the side, a majority of the screen devoted to betting lines, and easy access to bet slips. The text is also big but aesthetic, making it easy to take in everything in front of you.


We noticed during our Borgata review that the odds were very much in line, if not ahead of what other top sportsbooks were providing. While we considered it as a possibility because of the company’s ties to BetMGM, we did not fully expect it since it is a smaller-scale operation. We were happy to be proven wrong and ultimately find all sorts of odds with real betting viability—and, of course, the frequent promotions make the experience even better.


We were floored by the responsiveness and navigability of the Borgata sportsbook mobile app. Every section opened with lightning speed, and the areas within the app were very easy to understand and move through. Another very big plus for Borgata mobile app was how easy it was to understand, which is great for new and experienced users alike.

Customer Service

The Borgata sportsbook has a customer service section in its mobile app where customers can get all of their questions answered. Many people undervalue the importance of a quality customer service section, but Borgata does not. You can even get live support to answer in-the-moment questions.


We did not come across any problems when testing out the Borgata sportsbook. Everything went as planned without the app dropping out or freezing, so we are happy to report yet another great performance in this respect.


We talked earlier about all of the different betting markets, including types of bets and sports, that are available on the Borgata sportsbook, and the same holds true for the mobile app. You can also easily see your bet slip on the screen without changing pages, making keeping track of your bets all the easier.


We already hinted at it, but the Borgata mobile app has a ridiculously fast response rate. This is great for bettors who are on the go and don’t have time to dilly-dally, or live bettors who want to jump in before the odds change. Overall, testing this app was a great success.

Mobile Web

It must be said that using a mobile web page is never ideal for anything, including sports betting. However, we made sure to investigate what it looked like and how it compared to other sportsbooks’ mobile web pages. 

The appearance is very similar to that of the mobile app (and desktop web page), though the response time is not as snappy. Customers can still find the menu headings and subheadings for different sports, bet slip, and other areas of the site like promotions and customer service.

Users can use the mobile web page frequently and not encounter any major issues---everything is still right there, just not as optimized as you would find with other mediums. All in all, consider the mobile web page and option, but not the preferred destination if others are available.

Borgata Web

The Borgata web page is the number-one spot for bettors. It has the fastest response time (assuming you have a stable internet connection), the widest layout, and every feature that you could ask for.

The layout is one of the most attractive parts of the web page. The menu headings are on the left, the sheets of odds are in the middle, and the bet slip is on the right. Everything is put together in a way that fits without crowding out another section.

We also liked how easy it was to find whatever it was you were searching for—there was even a search bar for mini-games on the side! Customers can also see featured games or events at the top of the screen, which can bring you into a major draw or shorten the length of time you spend searching for that event.

The process of placing a bet is the same as it would be anywhere else: deposit money into your account, find the lines you like the most, add them to your bet sheet, and confirm your selections by assigning stakes to them.

All in all, our Borgata sportsbook review passes with flying colors, and we recommend it to interested players.

Borgata Customer Support Review

Borgata customer support is available to visitors of the mobile app, web app, or online website. You can get in contact with them via a live chat option that is open 24/7, email, or by calling from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. ET.

Support agents will be able to answer a variety of questions regarding betting procedures, deposits and withdrawals, and rules for promotions, as well as many others.

Consult the support desk after you have checked the website’s terms and conditions to see if you can get an answer there. We have attached their contact information below. 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat: available 24/7
  • Phone: 877-448-5833
  • Support languages: English
  • Twitter: @BorgataSports 

Borgata Sportsbook Security, Licenses and Reputation Review

The Borgata sportsbook is licensed to operate in New Jersey (DGE) and Pennsylvania ( Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board) and complies with regulations established by governing bodies in each state. Sports bettors in these states will not have to worry about fraud or any other legal issues as they are protected through the sportsbook’s license agreement.

Unfortunately, interested gamblers outside of NJ and PA (retail only) will not be able to access the Borgata sportsbook legally—however, if they are taking trips to those states, they will be able to use them during their stay.

All states oversee voting on and then setting up their sports betting markets. Once this has happened, states can decide which sportsbooks receive licenses. This process does not guarantee licenses to all applicants, which reinforces the fact that Borgata is a trusted sportsbook.

If you believe that there are any issues involving your sportsbook, you may contact the state regulator via a variety of mediums to file a complaint or speak to an official. However, that is a worst-case scenario that is unlikely, given that there are thousands of positive Borgata sportsbook reviews posted on the internet.

Borgata Online Casino Review

As we hinted at earlier, Borgata also has an online casino feature attached to its sports betting arm. Visitors can check out the online casino for traditional games such as slot machines, card games, roulette wheels, and more.

Online casinos are only available in a few states, so make sure that your state is included in that list before you make a visit. After that, you will also have to verify that the Borgata online casino is legal in your state.

Borgata Online Poker Review

In addition to a sportsbook and online casino, Borgata serves as a poker site to interested players. These games range in entry fee and prize money and type of poker game, giving users all of the choices in the world.

Just like online casinos and sportsbooks, states with legal online poker rooms vary, so you will have to see if your state has legalized online poker before you begin playing. The good news is that your currency is centralized and can be used in the poker room, casino, or sportsbook, depending on your preference.

Borgata Sportsbook Future Plans

Borgata’s most likely path into the future involves expansion into other states. They only just got into Pennsylvania this summer after launching in New Jersey and are expected to continue their progress as their success continues.

Sports betting is sweeping the nation, and states are constantly debating and drafting legalizing documents. Look for Borgata to capitalize on that momentum, as well as its connection to BetMGM, to build a brighter future.

We encourage you to stay up to date with the latest developments by frequently checking our legal sports betting states page.

Conclusion: Borgata Sportsbook Review spent hours and hours going over every detail of the Borgata sportsbooks. We covered betting markets, deposit and withdrawal options, customer service, Borgata promo codes, and everything else of importance, and we were very impressed with what we found.


Borgata may not have as large of a name as sportsbooks like FanDuel or DraftKings, and it may not have the widest state-by-state availability, but it was a very solid sportsbook. The mobile app, web app, and website were well laid out, responsive, and easy to use.

Promising future

Borgata also has a promising future because of sports betting’s rising popularity and the link to BetMGM, as we mentioned in the previous section. If Borgata can correctly use these different forms of momentum, it could bubble into a leader in states with legal sportsbooks.

Inviting nature

Borgata also has a good technology base and checks all of the boxes in terms of ease of access and aesthetics, both of which are crucial in building a comfortable landing page.

Final thoughts

All things considered, our US Legal Sports Betting experts recommend the Borgata sportsbook to new and experienced sports bettors. Its variety of betting lines and impressive set-up make it a great destination for players of all levels.

Borgata Sportsbook Review FAQ

Is Borgata Sportsbook Legit?

The Borgata sportsbook is definitely legit. We have researched its background, offerings, and regulations and found nothing but positives. Borgata is fully legal in New Jersey and Pennsylvania (Retail only) and is a great option for sports bettors, online casino players, or poker players.

Can I join Borgata in the States?

Yes, you can use the Borgata online sportsbook in the United States in New Jersey. It is not yet authorized to operate in other states, but with its recent retail expansion to PA and the growth of sports betting, it figures to appear in other markets at some point in the future. 

Can I use Borgata in different states?

The Borgata online sportsbook can only be used in New Jersey. However, it is free to create an account from other states. Players also do not have to be residents of the Garden State to use the sportsbook and can use it during travels to those states. 

Do I need a new Borgata account to bet in a different state?

Borgata's online sportsbook is only available in New Jersey, so only one version of the platform is available. If you download and sign up for the app in one state, you can still use it when inside New Jersey state lines. 

Do I get a welcome bonus when I first sign up with Borgata?

You can redeem a welcome bonus by using a Borgata promo code during sign-up. Registration promotions change over time, so check the latest offer in the promotions section of the sportsbook. Terms and conditions apply. 

What are Borgata deposit limits?

Borgata deposit limits vary depending on the method of deposit. For more information on this, scroll up to our section and chart regarding the different deposit methods that are available to customers. 

What are Borgata withdrawal limits?

Borgata withdrawal limits also depend—just like the deposits, we created a section and chart on the different methods of withdrawal and the limits that are connected to that, which can be found above. 

What is Borgata's withdrawal time?

Borgata withdrawal times also depend on the medium being used to transfer money. Some methods, such as PayPal, are faster, while others, like checks, take longer. This information is also available in our chart above. 

Can I deposit Bitcoin to my Borgata account?

Borgata does not accept Bitcoin as a valid method of payment. However, as cryptocurrency’s popularity continues to rise, it is popular that there is an integration one day, but there are no plans for it at the time of writing. 

Does Borgata offer horse racing?

Horse betting is not currently available on the Borgata sportsbook, though that is an area of the market that exists and could eventually gain access to Borgata betting lines if the company chooses to move in that direction. 

Does Borgata offer DFS betting?

Borgata does not offer Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) as part of its offerings on the sportsbook. However, bettors can find traditional and live odds to hold them over.

How do I contact Borgata customer support?

Borgata customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the live chat option. There are also several other methods, including phone and email, which users can get into contact with customer support. We have included those contacts below. 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat: available 24/7
  • Phone: 877-448-5833
  • Support languages: English
  • Twitter: @BorgataSports