NBA Offseason: The Phoenix Suns Make Blockbuster Trade for Bradley Beal

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  • Beal was traded to the Suns for Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, and future picks
  • The Suns are now pushing to trade center Deandre Ayton
  • Phoenix is now +650 to win next season’s NBA Championship

The NBA offseason got started with a bang on Monday as it was announced that the Phoenix Suns had traded for Wizards’ star Bradley Beal. The deal gives the Suns a third star to go along with Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, but also leaves a lot of questions about what this team will look like next season. 

We will try to answer some of those questions below by covering the details of the trade, what to expect for the Suns going forward, and how NBA betting sites have reacted to the news.

What Was Included in the Trade

Here is a breakdown of what we know each team will be receiving: 

The Suns will get: 

  • Bradley Beal 
  • Jordan Goodwin 
  • Isaiah Todd 

The Wizards will get: 

  • Chris Paul 
  • Landry Shamet 
  • Multiple second-round picks & pick swaps

While Beal was the highlight of this deal, it also involves legendary point guard Chris Paul. Many people expected the future Hall-of-Famer to be moved in the offseason, and his trade to Washington means he could be a part of another trade package this summer.

What is Next for the Phoenix Suns

The Suns now have a third former All-Star on their roster, but they still have very little depth behind them. Last season saw the Suns fall apart in the postseason as the lack of support behind Durant, Paul, and Booker led them to make a second-round exit. While they are receiving two promising young role players in Jordan Goodwin and Isaiah Todd, Phoenix also sent away one of their top reserves in Landry Shamet. That means the team will now have to find a way to build a bench after adding Beal and his massive contract. 

One way the Suns could add depth is by trading away center Deandre Ayton. The 24-year-old has been great through his first five seasons in the league, and he averaged an impressive 18.0 points and 10.0 rebounds last season. Ayton has had some issues with the Suns front office regarding his contract over the last couple of seasons, which is why many expect the team to attempt to move him during the offseason. Given Ayton’s age and career numbers, he could help the Suns get some of the depth that they so badly need.

How Bookmakers View the Trade

According to BetMGM Sportsbook, the Suns are now +650 to win the league and +340 to win the Western Conference. That makes gives them the fourth best odds to become NBA Champions and the second-best odds to win the West. 

While many fans and bettors are immediately making the Suns the favorite, US sportsbooks are clearly not sold. One reason is the Suns lack of depth, which could be addressed via trade this summer. Another reason is that we are still waiting to see what some of the other contenders will do in the offseason. We have heard Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving being mentioned in several trade rumors, which could potentially change the NBA landscape.

Until the Suns make another move, expect to see them remain outside of the top three favorites to win next year’s NBA Championship.

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