NFL Betting: How Aaron Rodgers Has Boosted the Jets’ Super Bowl Odds

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  • The Jets acquired QB Aaron Rodgers vis trade this spring
  • New York started three different quarterbacks’ last season.
  • Bookmakers now have the Jets in the top ten of Super Bowl favorites

After a promising 2022-23 season, the New York Jets promised fans they would finally get back to competing for Super Bowls. They took a major step towards that by trading for former MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers’ legend has fans excited and sports betting sites quickly adjusting their Super Bowl odds.

NFL experts praised the trade, with many believing he is the missing piece for this talented Jets team. However, Rodgers is coming off his worst season where he also dealt with a major thumb injury. While his thumb will be improved, the quarterback will also be turning 40 this season. Those are some real risks, but the upside is too good for the Jets to pass up.

Below we will be discussing how the Jets did last season, how Rodgers can help, and how bookmakers reacted to the trade.

Reviewing the New York Jets 2022-23 Season

The Jets have been one of the worst franchises in the NFL over the last decade, but they showed signs of turning that around last season. New York impressed NFL fans and sports bettors alike by starting the season with a 6-3 record. Their defense was elite, and their offense was filled with young playmakers.

Unfortunately, things changed after their Week 10 bye week. They would go just 1-7 for the rest of the season, dashing their hopes of a playoff berth. The defense was still fantastic, but the Jets fell apart on offense. One big reason was the injury to talented rookie running back Breece Hall, who picked up a season-ending injury during their Week 7 game.

While the loss of Hall was tough, the Jets were hurt more at the quarterback position. They started Zach Wilson, Mike White, and Joe Flacco over their final eight games. White looked the best of the group, but injuries held him back. Given the Jets talented receiving corps, fans were not shy about sharing their frustration over teams’ long-term failure at the position.

The front office promised to fix it, and they did just that by trading for Rodgers.

How Aaron Rodgers Makes the Jets Better

The biggest reason the Jets brought in the 39-year-old Rodgers was to stabilize the quarterback position. We saw their defense is great, and the talent on offense was certainly there. While Rodgers is likely a short-term solution, he does give this team a major upgrade at the most important position in football.

Rodgers struggled last season thanks to injuries and a questionable Packers receiving corps. However, he was the NFL MVP in the two previous seasons. Now he will have a very talented receiving corps, a good backfield, and an incredible defense to help keep them in games.

The former MVP is a great fit as the Jets offense is filled with young talent. His veteran leadership and playoff experience will be as invaluable as his arm. Plus, the Jets hope Rodgers may help Zach Wilson take a step forward and be able to take over the team once the veteran retires.

It’s too early to tell how this will work out, but bookmakers are signaling they believe it will. 

How Bookmakers View the Trade

Jets’ fans and NFL experts have generally praised the move. While it is a long-term gamble to give up assets for an older QB, it does help them start winning now. 

Bookmakers have shown they believe Rodgers will massively help this team. BetMGM Sportsbook had the Jets at +2500 to win the Super Bowl before the trade. With Rodgers now officially on the roster, they have dropped those odds all the way to +1400. That is a massive jump, especially considering the Jets 2023 Draft was panned by many experts.

The poor draft results mean this major line jump is solely due to Rodgers, showing bookmakers clearly believe he immediately makes them a top ten Super Bowl contender. We will be watching how that line changes as mini-camps start up and teams prepare for the preseason.

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