NFL Betting: Our Three Favorite Bets To Win Super Bowl LVIII

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  • The 49ers are the only team to have secured a division title
  • The Ravens lead the league in opponent scoring and sacks (50), while ranking fourth in offensive scoring (27.4 PPG)
  • The Bills have beaten the Chiefs and Cowboys over their last two games

The NFL Season is about to enter its final three weeks, and only one team has locked up their division. That shows how close the league’s top teams are, and it should result in one of the most exciting playoffs in recent memory. 

With the top of the league all competing for playoff positioning, now is the time to get your Super Bowl bets in. NFL betting sites still have great prices on some of the best teams, but those will drop each week as the playoff picture begins to clear. Below, we will share the three bets we love to win Super Bowl LVIII, giving you the odds and insights to bet confidently.

San Francisco 49ers 

+250 to win Super Bowl LVIII at BetRivers Sportsbook

There is no denying that the Niners have looked like the best team in football since November began. They have now won six straight games by at least 12 points or more. They are now 11-3 and are the only team to have secured a division title. Their success has come from the incredible balance between their offense and defense, ranking third in scoring (30.4 PPG) and second in opponent scoring (16.7 PPG). 

The price isn’t great, but it still offers value, given how much better the Niners have looked than the rest of the league. They have a ton of playmakers on their roster, which leads them on both sides of the ball. They have impressive wins against great teams both at home and on the road, making them the safest bet on the board.

Baltimore Ravens 

+550 to win Super Bowl LVIII at BetRivers Sportsbook

 While no one can match the balance of the Niners, the Ravens come close. They lead the league in opponent scoring (16.1 PPG) and sacks (50) and rank fourth in offensive scoring (27.4 PPG). Their pass rush has been their best weapon, allowing them to disrupt even the best offenses in the league. Considering their price and those stats, this is an easy bet to make.

Baltimore has now won four straight games and eight of their previous ten, though that run includes some close games). Injuries have hit the Ravens hard, but Lamar Jackson and the elite Ravens defense have made up for them. We will learn just how good this team is as they head across the country to take on the Niners this weekend.

Buffalo Bills 

+1100 to win Super Bowl LVIII at BetRivers Sportsbook

If you are looking for a big payout on your Super Bowl bet, look no further than the Buffalo Bills. This is a far riskier bet than the above, considering that the Bills currently sit outside the AFC playoff picture. A rough October and November hurt their record, but Buffalo has shown they can be elite and demonstrated that on Sunday with a 31-10 win against the Cowboys. 

A mid-season collapse bogs down the Bills' season stats, but they looked like the best team in football over the first month of the season. Their defense has been great, and their offense has returned to their form from earlier this year. Buffalo’s remaining schedule sets them up well to roll into the postseason, with games against the Chargers and Patriots and a Week 18 matchup as the Dolphins remain.

While this is our riskiest bet, the current price allows a ton of value, considering how much talent the Bills have on both sides of the ball. 

Michael is an avid sports fan and a veteran bettor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He learned the trade from his grandfather in Las Vegas as a kid. As an adult, Michael started picking games for a small sports betting site and has built it into a career. His experience allows him to provide tips and information to help other bettors improve their game. Michael cheers for all Wisconsin pro teams, the Arizona State Sun Devils (his alma mater), and the Ottawa Senators. He specializes in baseball betting but has extensive experience in football, basketball, and hockey. When he isn’t pouring over stats, he’s spending time with his two young children or hiking and enjoying the outdoors.