Underdog Investing $1 Million into Responsible Gaming Fund GuardDog

Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
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  • Underdog is also making five sports betting officials available as resources fro companies
  • GuardDog will focus on young startups with breakthrough technology
  • Companies can also receive a share of $1 million of initial funding

Underdog Fantasy announced Monday its plans to invest in responsible gambling with the creation of the “investment initiative” GuardDog.

GuardDog will help identify and fund solutions dedicated to creating and cultivating responsible gambling.  It will focus primarily on the technological space but will also offer mentorship from a variety of high-ranking individuals in the legal sports betting industry.

The new project will begin with $1 million in funding and will focus on creating safe gambling behaviors and environments.

Underdog pushes responsible gambling

The company revealed its plans in a press release Monday. Underdog founder and co-CEO, Jeremy Levine, said that the aim is to push the boundaries without compromising responsible gambling practices.

“At Underdog, we always look to adopt best in class and then innovate further. With GuardDog, we intend to spur innovation to help companies that help people play the games they love — including all our games on Underdog — responsibly,” said Levine.

Responsible gambling has been a concern of lawmakers across the country. It is also a prominent feature on top online sportsbooks, the majority of which offer pop-ups with session timers, deposit and wager limits, and other safeguards against problem gambling.

FanDuel, for example, allows users to put themselves in “timeout” and will lock their account until the prescribed period ends. It also has the number to a problem gambling hotline at the top of its web page.

Underdog will focus primarily on young startups with cutting-edge technology that could benefit from GuardDog’s resources.

“We know there are tons of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and builders out there that can help build a stronger, more responsible ecosystem for all,” said Levine. “We want to help those innovating in responsibility by providing capital, mentorship, and valuable connections. We’re really excited to launch GuardDog and we can’t wait to help some amazing companies.”

GuardDog’s resources

Aside from the financial investment, companies will also have the opportunity to receive guidance from several well-respected individuals, including:

  • Brianne Doura-Schawohl, renowned responsible gaming advocate
  • Chris Grove, partner at Acies Investments
  • Dan Hartman, former director of the Colorado Division of Gaming
  • Sara Tait, former executive director of the Indiana Gaming Commission
  • Adam Warrington, former vice president of Responsible Gaming at FanDuel

Warrington will also join Underdog as a consultant for responsible gambling in addition to his role with GuardDog.

“I’m incredibly excited to partner with Underdog to identify and execute opportunities to drive innovation and measurable outcomes in responsible gaming,” said Warrington. “Daily fantasy and online sports gaming are a fast-moving and dynamic space. It’s critical the pace of innovation and advancement in responsible gaming keep up. I truly admire Underdog’s commitment to this important topic, and I’m pleased to be working with the team to further their mission.”

Companies interested in receiving financial injections or mentorship from GuardDog can apply for consideration via their website. 

Underdog was founded in 2020 and is the self-described “fastest growing paid fantasy sports company ever.” It allows users to play a variety of fantasy games, including the “More” or “Less” method of wagering that helped PrizePicks become so successful.  

The company’s Daily Fantasy Sports games are available in 41 states, and its Pick ‘Em games are live in 33 states.

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