Jake Paul’s Betr Launches Betr Picks Fantasy Sports Ahead of Nate Diaz Fight

Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
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  • Betr Picks resembles Prize Picks and asks users to pick “More” or “Less” game lines
  • Betr already thrived as a micro-betting platform and is expanding its reach
  • Paul has a boxing match with retired MMA staff Nate Diaz Saturday

Jake Paul’s micro-betting-focused legal sports betting platform Betr announced Monday it expanded to fantasy sports with the launch of Betr Picks. 

Betr Picks was described in the company’s press release as “pick ’em style fantasy games,” making it akin to the popular betting platform Prize Picks. Betr’s new vertical is already available in 24 states despite Betr’s sportsbook being restricted to Ohio, Massachusetts, and soon, Virginia.

Notably, Betr Picks is in key states such as California, Florida, and Illinois.

Another breakthrough

This is the first time that an online sportsbook and fantasy betting platform will be housed under the same app. Betr hopes to expand its offerings to at least 30 states before the end of the year.

Monday’s reveal was not only a major deal for the company, but also marked another savvy move by the company. Despite only forming in 2022, Betr built up lots of noise online thanks to Paul’s internet popularity and quickly became a premier destination for micro-betting.

Betr also has a media arm in addition to its sports betting platform, where podcasts (including one hosted by Paul) and other multimedia content are stored and published.

Betr CEO and co-founder Joey Levy delivered glowing remarks after Monday’s announcement that Betr Picks was live.

“We are thrilled to expand the Betr Gaming business by introducing our real money fantasy sports vertical with the launch of Betr Picks,” said Levy. “Betr Picks allows us to acquire and engage real money gaming users across the United States, enabling Betr Gaming to more fully capitalize on the nationwide presence of Betr Media for the first time.”

Betr Picks users will be able to pick their favorite entries from a long list of markets. Users will select “More” or “Less” when given a betting line—for example, LeBron James to score 27.5 points—and will either win or lose depending on if their pick accurately represents what happens.

Bet slips can be anywhere from two to eight picks long. Users will have the opportunity to win up to 100x their stake depending on how many entries they make and how many of them are correct.

Always on the go

One of the main goals that Levy has in launching Betr Picks is to simplify the initiation process for non-sports bettors looking to get involved. He shared a personal story of how the first time he went to bet on a game, he had no idea how to read the odds or find his favorite bet—that’s why having the “More” and “Less” selection boxes is so important for simplicity.

As part of Betr Picks’ entry into the market, Betr is launching a free-to-play game where users can take home a cut of $1 million in prizes. The game revolves around Paul’s Saturday, August 5 boxing match against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz, whom Paul has a longstanding beef with.

Paul began his foray into boxing a few years ago and has built lots of recognition within the sport, defeating former UFC fighters Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, several YouTubers, and retired NBA Slam-Dunk champion Nate Robinson. However, his last bout against Tommy Fury ended in defeat, and he’s now on his revenge tour.

Diaz has long been critical of Paul as a fighter and a person. The two have had plenty of back-and-forths online, but the latter has been critical of the former’s sudden lack of interest in their pre-fight build-up.

Betr raised around $50 million in 2022 and recently completed a Series A2 round of funding, which brought in $35 million and valued the company at $300 million.

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