Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Committed Accused of Robbing Oklahoma Bank

Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
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  • The fan, Xavier Michael Babudar, is known online as “ChiefsAholic”
  • Babudar was placed in Tulsa County jail with a $200,000 bond
  • The Chiefs have no direct affiliation with their accused fan

A Kansas City Chiefs superfan known for wearing a wolf costume to games allegedly robbed an Oklahoma bank last Friday.

Xavier Michael Babudar, known online as “ChiefsAholic,” was arrested on charges of armed robbery, wearing a mask in the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and threatening a violent act by Bixby police.

Babudar is currently in custody at Tulsa County jail and has a $200,000 bond. Needless to say, it doesn’t appear as if he’ll make it to this weekend's Chiefs game.

Details from the crime scene

Babudar is well known throughout the Chiefs’ kingdom for his iconic costume, online presence, and sports betting endeavors. He posts endlessly about the Chiefs and is always talking trash about their opponents, which is why it was such a surprise he went silent during last Sunday’s 30-24 overtime win over the Houston Texans.

According to FOX 23, Babudar is accused of robbing the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union. Officers caught the suspect fleeing with cash and a weapon and arrested him around 10:15 a.m. local time.

"We are so very appreciative of the witness [who reported the robbery], the bank employees, and the officers that responded to capture this person,” said Bixby police Chief Todd Blish in a statement. “I am especially proud of our officers who were able to respond quickly and set up a perimeter and make the arrest.”

It is unknown if the superfan’s iconic mask was the mask he was wearing during the robbery—however, it is safe to say that that will not impact his case status.

The ChiefsAholic Twitter page has accrued 36.8k followers since it was created in December 2019. Despite registering 15.6k tweets during that time, or an average of roughly 14 tweets per day, the account has been inactive since December 16—last Friday, the day of the robbery. His last tweet was a Chiefs-centered joke made towards a Kansas City-based online influencer.

The Chiefs are not directly involved with the superfan and have not issued a comment on the situation.

Surrounding developments

Retired NFL pro-turned-media sensation Pat McAfee ripped into Babudar during his self-titled show. Among other titles, he referred to the Chiefs stan as an “insurance fraud, armed robber, and petty thefter.”

It’s been a tough time for die-hard Chiefs fans. Earlier this year, another supporter that worse costumes to games known as “X-Factor” was banned for fighting another Chiefs fan during a 38-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills last October.

“God bless and God speed,” he wrote in a statement posted to his Twitter after the announcement.

Regardless of the turmoil off the field—that is, in the stands (and Oklahoma banks)—the Chiefs look ready for another deep playoff push. They hold the joint-best record in the AFC and will move into first place with a win and a Bills loss.

Many online sportsbooks also have KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes as a heavy favorite to win the MVP award now that his main competitor, Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, is dealing with a shoulder injury.

The Chiefs close out their 2022 regular season schedule with matchups against the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos and then finish on the road against the Las Vegas Raiders. They will have to pursue their fifth-straight AFC Championship appearance and third Super Bowl in five years without their wolf-masked fan, who will be howling for a much different reason.

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