Massachusetts Police Officer Stole from Wallet at Encore Boston Harbor

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  • Rebecca Leo stole an unspecified amount less than $250
  • Encore Boston Harbor conducted a majority of the investigation
  • Police officers regularly spend long hours at Encore Boston Harbor, per a local news report

A police officer in Boston, Massachusetts was suspended for allegedly stealing money from a wallet she found at Encore Boston Harbor casino.

Rebecca Leo, a member of the Boston Police Department's (BPD) Bureau of Administration and Technology, accepted a 90-day suspension without pay for an August 7, 2022 incident. Leo is accused of swiping money from the wallet before she turned it in as a lost item.

The suspension runs from July 3 to October 1. Leo will also be on probation with the department for three years.

What happened at the casino?

Leo, off-duty at the time, was caught by a camera removing money from the wallet at Encore Boston Harbor before returning the wallet. The total figure was less than $250 which allowed her to “last-chance settlement agreement” for conduct unbecoming and larceny under $250, per a report.

“Employees shall conduct themselves at all times, both on and off duty, in such a manner as to reflect most favorably on the department,” reads the Boston police conduct policy. “Conduct unbecoming an employee shall include that which tends to indicate that the employee is unable or unfit to continue as a member of the department, or tends to impair the operation of the department or its employees.”

Casino personnel report the offense the day it happened last August. They noted that a female guest had taken money from a lost wallet and later turned the empty wallet in to the casino staff.

Massachusetts police could not confirm the name of the victim because they did not press charges.

The investigation was conducted primarily by the casino’s security team, according to local police. A member of the Gaming Enforcement Unit also reviewed the camera footage and agreed with the casino security’s findings.

The Gaming Enforcement Unit opted not to initiate an internal investigation into Leo, who has now been banned from entering Encore Boston Harbor via a trespass order.

BPD has not concluded its investigation into Leo despite agreeing on punishment terms.

About Encore Boston Harbor

Encore Boston Harbor is a massive $2.6 billion casino in Everett, MA that opened in June 2019. It has a huge gambling floor, slot machines, a hotel, a five-star spa, restaurants, and much more.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission reported $100.5 million in taxable gaming revenue in June. Encore Boston Harbor contributed a majority of that revenue, reaching a total of $65.4 million.

Encore Boston Harbor is also sponsored by WynnBET and offers a fully-functional retail sportsbook to patrons. WynnBET recently announced that it was withdrawing from a majority of its jurisdictions, but it is holding firm in Massachusetts because of the success and ties to Encore Boston Harbor.

The Boston Herald reported early this year how police officers were earning lots of overtime pay working at Encore Boston Harbor. According to the report, two officers earned over $315k in salary, and another two more than $200k, largely because of their overtime hours at the casino.

“[Encore Boston Harbor] is a major player in the whopping overtime pay,” Everett City Councilor Stephanie Martins said, as quoted by the Herald. “A lot of the times, the officers do choose to still work regular shifts and pick up the overtime … [at] the casino. They want to make as much as they can. They fully embrace those hours.”

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