New MGM Policy Will Allow Patrons To Use Phone Cameras On Casino Floor

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  • The new policy is a breakthrough in the casino space
  • MGM has nine Vegas casinos that will be the subjects of the test-drive
  • Different restrictions for cameras apply depending on the location inside the casino

MGM Resorts International is rolling out a new policy regarding camera phones as it and other gambling companies attempt to attract a larger crowd of younger patrons. 

The updated ruleset will allow visitors to take selfies and short videos while playing table games, poker, or slot machines, whereas they previously could not. This comes after they added pools, clubs, and special zones within their casinos that specifically appeal to the next generation of casino players.

The policy will be rolled out at MGM’s nine Las Vegas casinos. Pending its result and impact, it could become standard practice at all MGM locations nationwide.

A breakthrough change

The nine Vegas locations that will test-drive the new set of standards are: the MGM Grand, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Bellagio, Aria, New York-New York, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and Park MGM.

MGM’s previous camera policy was created for several purposes: maintaining the regular flow of table and card games, protecting the privacy of visitors, and creating a more immersive atmosphere inside the casino.

The global entertainment giant hopes that the updated ruleset won’t affect those principles but will still allow visitors to stay connected online. 

“We’re thrilled to see the excitement of our players as they enjoy our gaming options and strive to be a social media-friendly environment,” says MGM’s policy. “However, we are mindful of the privacy and safety of all our guests, and our policies reflect that balance.”

There is early concern that allowing patrons to capture camera footage will slow down table games and disrupt the experience for other visitors, though not enough to dissuade MGM from metaphorically and literally rolling the dice.

There is also a specification in the new policy that any use of camera phones that intentionally or unintentionally interrupts other customers’ experiences is not allowed. For example, the use of tripods and external lighting is considered disruptive and is prohibited.

MGM officials have the authority to advise gamblers not to use their phones if they notice or are made privy to disturbances and may reprimand them further if necessary.

Restrictions and rules

On top of being limited in how the cameras can be used inside MGM casinos, there are also different restrictions depending on which activity users are participating in.

For example, slot machine players can only take pictures or short videos for personal use. The videos also may not be too long, or else they require the casino’s consent. Live streaming is also prohibited without the casino’s approval.

MGM casino-goers also may only record during table games with the permission of the staff on hand. Any filming or picture-taking must be centered on that person’s hand and not on the other guests’. Live streaming is also banned at all times.

Although there are restrictions, MGM is clearly trying to keep up with the times. On top of opening more properties and jumping into legal sports betting with its BetMGM brand, it is ingratiating itself with the younger generation of gamblers, a decision that could pay dividends over the next couple of decades.

Depending on the success of MGM’s policy update, other competitors within the casino space could look to become more internet-friendly to patrons.

Las Vegas is a town that is already built on tourism and mystique. Adding the ability for visitors to broadcast their experiences on social media and to their friends will only serve to draw in more visitors every year, even as the town’s recent tourism success is beyond that of even the days before the pandemic.

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