Rapper “Executed” in Parking Lot of Caesars Casino in Indiana 


  • Williams was out with friends and family 
  • The victim had just performed a few hours earlier
  • Indiana police also found a man on the run for a separate murder

A Louisville rapper was “hunted down and executed” in the parking lot of Caesars Southern Indiana Hotel & Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana, around 4 a.m. local time on Sunday. 

According to a news release from the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, “Young Block,” real name LilDon Williams, 32, was fleeing on foot from two masked men with rifles when he was fatally shot. Williams performed in the Park Hill neighborhood just hours before.

The incident marked the first time a homicide occurred on the property in its 25-year history, Harrison County Sheriff Nick Smith said.

An isolated attack 

Williams arrived at the casino just before 1:00 a.m. on Sunday with family and friends. He was unknowingly followed by another vehicle into the casino parking lot, but the men driving the vehicle did not follow him inside.

After staying for around three hours, Williams and company left the casino. As everyone else departed in their respective vehicles, Williams walked alone to his 2013 Dodge Charger. 

That’s when the two men who followed Williams to the parking lot left their vehicle wearing masks and holding firearms. They approached Williams, who attempted to run away after taking notice of his attackers.

The pair shot Williams and left him behind as one of them hopped into his Charger and the other returned to the vehicle they arrived in. 

Indiana State Police and the Indiana Gaming Commission are handling the investigation, which has not returned any public results as of the last update on Monday, March 18.

"It is believed that Williams was targeted by the masked individuals, followed to the business and executed for reasons unknown at this time," Smith said, also sharing that investigators believe it to be a standalone attack.

Williams’ wife revealed that her husband planned to release his first album soon. He also had a clothing line called Culture Vibes Clothing. 

“He was a good man; he was a good dad,” Williams’ wife said. “He was hard-working. He didn’t deserve this. We have a six-year-old daughter together who I now have to prepare her that she’s not going to see him again.”

Another murder suspect found 

Williams, who claimed to blend new and old-school rap in his music, said during a 2020 interview with VoyageATL that he dealt with “obstacles and struggles” during his journey through music. 

He also said his clothing line was designed for “underdogs” and was a way for people to “represent their personalities through clothes.”

A family member claimed that Williams “did not live that life at all” and said he worked full-time at a Ford plant while also pursuing his dreams as a musician.

“We offer our deepest condolences to this individual's loved ones during this tragedy,” the casino said in a statement after Williams’ murder. “We will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities' ongoing investigation and urge anyone with information to contact the Harrison County Sheriff's Office.”

Anyone with information about Williams’ murder or the investigation is encouraged to contact the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department at 812-738-3911.

Indiana police have had a busy week investigating murders and casinos. Shelbyville Police arrested and charged 32-year-old Dalton Leach with two counts of murder after he was found at a local casino. 

Leach was on the run for murder in Ohio, which police became privy to after family members of a 55-year-old woman residing in Madison Township reported they could not get ahold of her. 

Police approached Leach in the casino parking garage and asked him to stop, but he decided to run. He was eventually tased and detained inside a stairwell.