Colts’ Isaiah Rodgers Sr. Apologizes for Breaking NFL Gambling Policy

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  • Rodgers Sr. allegedly placed hundreds of bets last season, including ones on his team and from the team facility
  • The NFL endorses gambling but does not allow its players to bet on NFL games
  • Five other NFL players were recently suspended for gambling violations

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr. has apologized for his actions amid an investigation into infringements of the NFL’s sports betting policy.

According to initial reports first shared by Sports Illustrated, Rodgers placed hundreds of bets during the 2022 campaign, including ones involving the Colts. He also submitted a fair amount of the bets from Indy’s team facility.

“I know I have made mistakes and I am willing to do whatever it takes to repair the situation,” Rodgers said in a statement posted to social media. “The last thing I ever wanted to do was to be a distraction to the Colts organization, my coaches, and my teammates. I’ve let people down that I care about.”

Addressing the rumors

News broke Monday afternoon that the NFL was investigating a mystery Colts player. The front office acknowledged the ongoing investigation into one of their players in a statement.

“We are aware of the NFL's investigation and will have no further comment at this time,” the Colts said Monday.

Around an hour after reports broke it was revealed that the unnamed player was Rodgers Sr., a 25-year-old and third-year pro from UMass that started nine games last year.

The investigation revealed that Rodgers Sr. placed bets on an account created under an associate’s name. Most of the bets that were submitted were between $25-50, although at least one was in the four-figure range.

“Placing, soliciting or facilitating any bet, whether directly or through a third party” is outlawed by the NFL’s gambling code. Players can bet on games and events in other sports but may not participate in NFL betting and may not place bets from team facilities or during team events.

Although the investigation’s alleged findings have not been wholly confirmed, Rodgers Sr.’s apology seems to serve as an admission of guilt.

The former sixth-round pick in the 2020 draft also accepted full responsibility for his actions and is working towards a return to the field.

“I made an error in judgment and I am going to work hard to make sure that those mistakes are rectified through this process,” Rodgers’ social media statement said. “It’s an honor to play in the NFL and I have never taken that lightly. I am very sorry for all of this.”

More NFL gambling problems

Rodgers is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal and is due to make $3.4 million. He was also expected to start at right cornerback opposite Kenny Moore II following former AP Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore’s departure for the Dallas Cowboys in the offseason.

Second-round pick and rookie corner Julius Brents of Kansas State figures to be the man to fill the void, if Rodgers Sr. is suspended.

The NFL has been busy doling out punishments recently. Calvin Ridley is the poster boy for NFL gambling crimes after he was suspended for the entire 2022 season as a member of the Atlanta Falcons, and five other players, including the Detroit Lions’ Jameson Williams, were recently suspended for various violations.

As the amount of gambling crimes increases, the league has some soul-searching to do. It actively endorses and promotes gambling and has legal sportsbook sponsors on display but does not tolerate it from its players. The result has been a growing mishegas of athletes, some confused and others conniving.

Several players found to have been gambling in the previous sweep were released from their respective teams. If Rodgers Sr. faces a similar fate, it will have a large impact on an Indy team that was already bereft of a veteran secondary presence. Rodgers Sr. was also the team’s primary kick-returner to start 2022 before Dallis Flowers assumed the role later in the year.

The Colts’ season starts on September 10 with a home divisional matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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