FanDuel, Gronkowski’s “Kick of Destiny” Returns for 2024 Super Bowl



  • Gronk missed last year’s kick, but FanDuel users still won $10 million in bonus bets
  • Users must correctly pick if Gronk will make or miss the kick to win their prizes this time
  • Gronk will attempt the kick in front of a live Las Vegas audience just before the Super Bowl

FanDuel Sportsbook is running it back with legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski in a sequel of his attempt to make a 25-yard field goal during last year’s Super Bowl.

Last year, FanDuel users could win a share of $10 million in bonus bets as long as Gronk attempted the field goal. This time, users must pick in their mobile sportsbook app whether or not the four-time Super Bowl champion will split the uprights or push his kick wide.

The “Kick of Destiny 2” campaign will feature three promotional commercials and will culminate with an attempt at the kick, which will air just before the Super Bowl gets underway.

A shot at redemption 

Kick of Destiny 2 picks up following a devastated Gronkowski, who is still a wreck over missing his big kick during the 2023 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

As he fights his demons, he’s inspired and trained by his new coach, actor Carl Weathers (best known for playing Apollo in the Rocky movies).

However, not everyone wants Gronk to make the kick. Former WWE superstar John Cena is not chosen to take the kick and is rooting for Gronk to go 0/2 and experience another year of despair.

Gronkowski is excited to be back with the FanDuel team. He said that the success of the first Kick of Destiny combined with his missed kick made him eager to rejoin the team for another go. 

"I can't lie, when I missed the Kick of Destiny during last year's Super Bowl, it was devastating,” said Gronkowski. “I told the team at FanDuel I knew I could do better and needed a shot at redemption this year. I'm going to show America I can make that kick, even with all the pressure of doing it live in front of the entire country.”

FanDuel saw a huge spike in attention during the Super Bowl when Gronk (contentiously) missed the kick, though the company reassured customers that they would receive their cut of bonus bets since he successfully attempted the kick. 

"Last year's Kick of Destiny campaign saw tremendous engagement from our customers as they were captivated with what would happen during our live Super Bowl commercial," said FanDuel Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Sneyd. "With the introduction of the Make or Miss free pick function and Rob's desire for redemption, this year will be even more exciting for FanDuel customers.”

Gronk preparing for second kick  

The first chapter of the new story, called “Desert,” was released on Tuesday, Jan. 9. It portrays a disheveled Gronkowski stumbling across the desert as he narrates his feelings of anguish and desire for redemption. 

At the end of the one-minute commercial, Weathers picks him up on a motorcycle, and FanDuel officially announces the new edition of the Kick of Destiny.

Unlike last year’s pre-recorded tape, Gronk’s kick will happen in Las Vegas, Nevada, in front of a live audience just before kick-off in the Super Bowl. It will be commentated over by Kay Adams, host of fanDuel TV’s “Up & Adams.”

Users who correctly choose whether Gronk makes or misses the kick will win an even share of $10 million in bonus bets. Both new and returning customers are able to submit their picks for free.

Anyone interested in tracking Gronk’s progress can do so by following FanDuel on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and TikTok, or by subscribing to the FanDuel YouTube channel. 

Purchasing a Super Bowl ad spot is no easy task. According to reports, the average 30-second time slot during Super Bowl LVIII costs roughly $7 million—that’s more than 2/3 of what the entire Kick of Destiny is being played for. 

Fellow gambling company BetMGM will also air a commercial during the Super Bowl as the NFL’s crowning event heads to the nation’s gambling capital for the first time.

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