Jamie Foxx, BetMGM Tease New Collaboration Following Hospital Release



  • Jamie Foxx and BetMGM have been partners since 2020
  • Foxx was hospitalized earlier this year with mystery health complications
  • There are several major sporting events coming to Vegas this year

Jamie Foxx is teasing a new project with BetMGM after being recently released from the hospital.

Foxx partnered with BetMGM, a famous gambling and legal sports betting leader, in 2020 and starred as the face of their “King of Sportsbooks” campaign. The move was a response to a slew of stars and celebrities signing with different gambling companies amid the rise of American sports betting.

The 55-year-old actor, singer, rapper, and comedian did not expound on the details of what was in the works between him and BetMGM but did say there were “BIG things coming.” 

Back in action

Foxx’s tweet included a picture of him sitting on top of a BetMGM-branded race car that looks like an F1 car. That’s noteworthy because later this year, Las Vegas, Nevada, is hosting its first-ever F1 Grand Prix, which will see drivers race a 3.8-mile course down the strip and alongside some of the most famous landmarks and attractions the city has to offer. 

BetMGM has 13 resort hotels and 10 sportsbooks on the Vegas strip including the Bellagio, BetMGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. 

Erik Umphery, the photographer that captured Foxx on top of the car, said that it was a delight working with the “Ray” star. 

As much as Foxx has been actively involved with BetMGM recently, he had to step away from all of his regular activities earlier this year to deal with health complications. It is still unknown exactly what led to Foxx’s hospitalization, but popular reports indicated that he was dealing with serious issues. He also said that he went “through hell and back” in his return to good health. 

Foxx also poured cold water on rumors that he had been left permanently disabled with blindness and paralysis in a video posted to his social media. He also said that he kept his condition a secret so that his fans and the general public did not have to see unflattering images of him in the hospital. 

According to his daughter, Foxx was helped by the responsiveness and attentiveness of the medical staff that helped treat him. He also thanked his daughter and the hospital staff for helping him work his way back to full health.

Sports flock to Vegas

Now that Foxx is out of the hospital and back at centerstage—where he has spent so much of the past few decades—the question turns to what exactly are he and BetMGM cooking up. 

A visit to BetMGM’s online sportsbook and a few clicks will be enough to reveal Fox’s face, which is plastered all over the company website. He’s also been active in different campaigns, including television commercials and promotions. 

The college football and NFL season are both right around the corner, which is one potential for Foxx’s return to the company. Any time of the year when football is on television is the busiest for all sportsbooks, ultimately leading to the public’s perennial record-setting Super Bowl betting sprees. Uncoincidentally, the next Super Bowl will be held at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. 

There is also the aforementioned F1 Vegas event, which will bring the best drivers in the world down to America’s gambling capital for the first city’s first Grand Prix. Tickets for the event start at $500 per person in the standing room and can run up to $15,000 per person for the Paddock Club, or $5 million for a complete Caesars weekend package.

The NBA is also debuting its in-season tournament this December, which will conclude with a championship match in Vegas. 

Vegas is enjoying its largest-ever tourism boom and visitation to Harry Reid International Airport, signifying the economic effects of the global pandemic are well in the past. 

Foxx and BetMGM will likely reveal more about their future plans soon.

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