Tom Brady Sends Message Regarding NFL Gambling Policy in New Video

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  • Brady said that players betting on NFL games ruins the integrity of the sport
  • Players can bet on other professional sports but not the NFL, from team facilities, or during team events
  • Several players were recently suspended for violating the gambling policy

As the NFL continues to struggle with the pervasiveness of sports betting, it has enlisted the help of its G.O.A.T. to discourage other players from crossing the boundaries.

Brady, a 45-year-old, 23-year veteran of the league, recorded an introductory video to the league’s gambling policy on behalf of the league. He discusses his personal attitudes and beliefs regarding the game he once dominated and stamps the league’s position on active players not being allowed to bet on games.

The video will be shown to all players before next year in an effort to curtail the growing number of problems.

Getting in front of the camera

The video is not available for public consumption—however, there have been several reports regarding its message and content.

Brady supposedly said “Playing in the NFL was a privilege of a lifetime” and players betting on games strips the league of its integrity. He also said that the actions of one player reflect negatively on the franchise as a whole and bring a cloud of controversy that is just unnecessary.

The longtime New England Patriots star also made it clear that players should follow the league’s procedure for the safety and betterment of themselves, their team, and the league. He then said the rules and regulations would be explained shortly after his introduction.

NFL players cannot bet on any NFL games without risking punishment but can bet on other professional sports. Unfortunately, that has been a sticking point for several players, including, most recently, Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr.. The rising fourth-year pro was found to have placed hundreds of bets on games, including ones he played in, and often submitted wagers from his team’s facility.

There was a sweep earlier in the offseason that led to the suspension of five players, including exciting rookie and Detroit Lions wideout Jameson Williams. And, of course, there was the incident with Calvin Ridley, which led to him being suspended for the entire 2022 season prior to being traded by the Atlanta Falcons to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The NFL is clearly coming down hard on players that violate the gambling policy. The next months and years, during which sports betting will surely continue to grow in popularity, will be pivotal to the league’s longevity and success.

Lots of gravity

One might be asking themselves “Why are players proving themselves unable to follow the gambling policy?”

Part of the problem comes from the mixed message. Players can be on other professional sports such as the NBA, MLB, and NHL, but cannot bet on NFL games—not even ones they don’t participate in. That includes, for example, playoff games, even if a team did not qualify for the postseason.

Players also cannot make wagers on any sports or event once they step foot onto a team facility or at a team-sponsored event.

NFL betting is the largest draw in American sports as it stands. The American Gaming Association said during the build-up to the Kansas City Chiefs-Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl that it expected 57 million Americans to wager $16 billion on the big game, both representing new records.

States often target the start of the NFL season as the dates for the launch of their legal sports betting market whenever they can. And as a fallback, they attempt to get everything up and running before the Super Bowl. That’s where North Carolina, which just voted to expand its sports betting market to the online and mobile realms (pending the Gov.’s signature), is at.

The 2023 NFL season gets underway on Thursday, September 7 with a showdown between the defending-champion Chiefs and the Lions.

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