FanDuel Introduces Innovative New ‘Cash Out’ Option

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Last week, FanDuel launched to its mobile app and also released on its website, a ‘Cash Out’ option that will give sports bettors the opportunity to cut-their-losses and increase their winnings.

Can it really be true?
Can I really cash out of my wager if it looks like its going to turn sour?

The answer is a definitive ‘yes’.
Let’s see how the ‘Cash Out’ feature works.


What is The Fanduel Cash Out Feature?

Simply put, ‘Cash Out’ allows you to get money back on your bet before the event on which you have placed a wager is over. The amount of money you will get back will be determined at the time of cashing out and naturally, the amount will depend upon the current likelihood of that bet winning or losing – it could potentially be greater or less than the initial stake.

The ‘Cash Out’ option will be offered as part of ‘in-running betting’, also known as ‘in-play’ or ‘live betting’. These types of wagers are usually placed while the event to which the bet relates is actually taking place. Examples include, placing a wager on a football match that has already kicked off or betting on a horse race while the race is being run.

Cash out before the end of the event if you feel your bet is not going to work out. As the status of bets made updates in real time, sports bettors can wait for the next pass rush, basket made or strikeout or any ensuing play to determine the best and most opportune moment to cash out.

You’re not always going to get it right, however, you’ll certainly end up winning more bets than you did previously without the ‘Cash Out’ option.

FanDuel’s ‘Cash Out’ option will not be available for every bet. If you decide it really is your thing, you can literally choose to make only ‘Cash Out’ wagers if you so desire. The ‘Cash Out’ button on the bottom of the FanDuel Sportsbook page allows sports bettors to choose when they may wish to take advantage of the feature. For more details about the Fanduel cashout rules Visit our Fanduel Casino Review

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‘Cash Out’ Puts the Power in your Hands

 FanDuel’s ‘Cash Out’ does more than simply enable you to cut your losses. ‘Cash out’ aims to make sports betting a far more interactive experience than has ever been possible before. The interactivity of the ‘Cash Out’ feature, allowing customers to take full control of their betting destinies might well be the biggest selling point of the FanDuel initiative.

Players love the “Cash Out’ betting feature. It makes betting far more entertaining, and enables the player to ‘close’ their bet, so they can bet on another game. It’s a win-win. Players get to bet again and FanDuel gets to buy back the bet at better than market value.

Don’t be annoyed by a last second 3-pointer, ‘Hail Mary’ touchdown pass or bottom of 9th game slam ever again.

FanDuel Sportbook’s Introductory ‘Cash-out’ Promotion

FanDuel have introduced a ‘Cash In With Cash Out’ promotion limited to one wager-per-person (physically located in New Jersey) for those sports bettors looking to capitalize on a potentially losing wager, cash out their winnings and earn $10 in site credit.

Simply by clicking the Cash Out button whilst in live betting mode, users can receive the free site credit.

This Cash Out option is New to Fanduel but is not new to the industry other operators like the Borgata Online Sportsbook in NJ also offers their own cash out option