NBA Betting Sites in NJ

Betting on the NBA online in NJ is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in New Jersey today. At, we assist you with the best unbiased NBA betting picks and advice on finding the very best online NBA betting sites through to independent advice in developing your own personalized NBA betting strategy that is customized and works for you.

Top Bookmakers for Betting on the NBA

Betting Site
Bet Now
888Sport New Jersey
Risk Free First Bet up to $500

SugarHouse Sportsbook Review NJ
Sugar House Sportsbook
100% Up to $250

FanDuel Sportsbook Review NJ
Get A $1000 Risk Free Bet

Borgata Online Sportsbook Review NJ
Borgata Sports
Get $100 When You Bet $20

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Choosing the Best Betting Site to Bet on the NBA in NJ

Not all NBA betting sites are created equal.

At, we’re here to assist you spot the differences between the NBA online betting pretenders and contenders.

On many occasions, there are NBA sports betting sites in NJ with the exact the same odds with a match they we want to wager on.

What additional value-adding factors parameters should you look for when assessing an NBA sportsbook?

Range of Betting Lines & Options

The best NJ NBA sportsbooks have wide variety of competitive odds for each-and-every game available and usually allow you to bet before and live betting categories during games that are updated in real time.

The best sportsbooks also provide opportunities for you to wager on season-long events, known as “futures,” usually including everything from player awards to the East or West Conference Champion or the NBA Championship. Great NBA sportsbooks update betting markets regularly and often release one-off bets known as “props” to reflect the latest player and team developments from around the league.

Great Sportsbook Platform

The best NBA online sportsbooks in NJ have intuitive user-friendly interfaces with uncluttered and tidy layouts with clearly defined drop-downs and links to make your NBA betting a breeze.  They’re specifically designed to make your NBA betting experience as quick and trouble-free as possible and the best of them don’t confuse you with a mountain of useless data and annoying pop-ups.

Live In-Play Betting Options

The best NBA sportsbooks in NJ offer an opportunity to place wagers on NBA games that are already underway. Much like a regular pre-game bet, Live In-Play Betting Options permit betting on the moneyline, points spread, and over/unders. New betting lines can also be generated at the end of every quarter and at halftime.

Mobile NBA Betting in NJ

The best operators fully comprehend that you want to place your wages wherever and whenever you are. The best sportsbooks have created mobile-friendly sites and apps to allow you to bet on any NBA basketball game on the go on simply from the comfort of your favorite armchair at home.

When selecting your NBA mobile betting site (options are usually supplied in both Android and iOS (Apple) versions), ensure that the site loads and processes quickly on your mobile device and that the information is easy-to-read, clearly laid out and easy to access.

Always read our independent reviews of NBA tipping sites and sportsbook reviews before signing up to an NBA betting site in NJ or anywhere else.

Popular NBA Betting Markets in NJ

Regardless if it’s an NBA regular season game, a play-off game or even on the NBA Finals that you are placing wagers on, a range of betting types and special betting markets will be available for you;

  • Most Points – Bet on which NBA player or NBA team will score the most points.
  • Points Spread – is one of the most popular ways of enjoying NBA betting. For example, if betting on the Celtics vs the Lakers, this may involve giving the Lakers a head start (+4.5) or handicapping the Celtics (-4.5).
  • Moneyline – A straight out win or loss bet on any single NBA game at set odds.
  • Triple/Double – A triple double won’t occur in every single NBA game; however, you can place a wager on whether any NBA player can achieve the rare feat on any given NBA match night.
  • Over/Under – Bet on whether the combined point totals of the two NBA teams competing in a single NBA match are over or under the number offered by the NBA betting site.
  • Points per quarter – Bettors can either make this bet by NBA team, or a combined effort of the two NBA teams
  • First Points – Place a wager on which player will score the first basket of any NBA game.
  • Parlay – An accumulated number of bets taken over a set series of NBA games. Odds also accumulate which makes huge wins very possible.

NBA Betting Specials & NBA Leading Scorer Markets

 Other than the NBA regular season of 82 matches per team for each of the 30 NBA teams, there a range of additional markets, props and side bets each season available through quality sportsbooks;

  • NBA Finals MVP – Bet on which player you believe will be voted as the best and most valuable player of the NBA Finals.
  • NBA Rookie of the Year – Place your wagers on which young NBA star will make his mark and be voted NBA Rookie of the Year.
  • NBA Season Leaders Betting Markets – Leading NBA sportsbooks almost always offer a range of betting markets at competitive odds of the NBA’s leading players across a range of stats categories including leading points scorer, most assists, most rebounds, best free-throw percentages, best-3-point percentages, minutes played etc.
  • NBA All Star Game– The NBA’s star players line up against each other in the annual ‘East vs West’ exhibition match. These matches are almost ‘defense-free-zones’, so top scorer betting markets are usually exciting and offer great odds.
  •  NBA Draft Lottery– The Draft Lottery is based on the result of the previous season, (i.e. the worse a team’s record, the better their odds of securing a high draft pick). Betting on the NBA draft outcome has developed into an exciting annual tradition.
  • NBA Playoffs & NBA Finals– The culmination of the NBA season, the NBA playoffs are made up of 8 teams from each conference playing for the right to play in NBA Finals for the NBA Championship.

The three rounds in the NBA playoffs are each comprised of a best-of-7 series, making for 2 months of the best NBA betting opportunities of the season.

 NBA Season Schedule

  •  The NBA regular season comprises all of the 30 teams playing 82 regular season matches from October until April each year.
  • The NBA playoffs comprise 8 teams from each of the two conferences playing 3 rounds of best-of-7 knockout series from April until June each year.
  • In June-July each year, the NBA Finals feature the winner of each of the two conferences, playing each other in a best-of-7 winner-take-all series for the NBA Championship.

How to bet / Best NBA Betting Strategies in NJ

With so many NBA games and betting markets available, it’s always good to try and get the edge on the sportsbooks however you can, by hook or by crook.

You’re never going to win each and every NBA wager you place, but you can maximize your chances of winning most of the bets you make by doing your homework.

At, we highly recommend that you study the following criteria before you bet on the NBA;

  • Check out the daily NBA tips and predictions available through the best unbiased and independent NBA betting preview sites.
  • Research how the NBA teams playing each day have done in their past 10 games and how have they performed against the points spread?
  • Which NBA teams are affected by player trades and injured players?
  • Just like the legendary Celtics-Lakers rivalry of the 80’s, or the infamous Bulls-Pistons rivalries of the early 90’s, is there any history of a grudge or extreme rivalry between the two teams you are assessing? Upsets are common when underdog teams are highly motivated.

NBA Betting has certainly evolved and simply betting on the team with a better record won’t cut the mustard if you’re looking to win your wagers on a regular basis.


NBA Betting FAQs

Can I cash out on a potentially losing NBA Bet in NJ?

Yes. Many online sportsbooks that specialize in NBA betting offer a service where you can cash out of your bet before its completion if it looks as if your wager will be a losing one.

Is overtime included in my NBA Bet?

Different NBA betting sites may vary, however, generally speaking, overtime is included in all bets that span the duration of an NBA match (note, 4th Quarter Total Points usually do not include Overtime).

What are parlays and teasers in NBA Betting?

With NBA parlays and teasers, NBA bettors must correctly predict the winners of two or more NBA games. NBA parlay bettors have the option of betting using the money line or against the point spread, while NBA teasers are made using the point spread and players can adjust the point spread in their favor. All of your teams must win or the entire parlay or teaser bet is lost. Still, even if you pick 4 of 5 games correctly, a parlay or teaser wager is still lost.

How do I bet on the NBA from my cell phone in NJ?

After signing-up to one of our independently reviewed and recommended online sportsbooks available in your state, simply download the sportsbook’s app (usually available in both Android or iOS (Apple) format) for your chosen device.

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